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Law Firm Overview

Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP is a full service law firm located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and serving clients in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Waukesha, Racine, and throughout the state.
Our practice areas for individuals and businesses encompass civil and criminal appeals in state and federal appellate courts, business law, civil and commercial litigation, criminal defense, employment law, estate planning and probate, family law, government relations, insurance coverage litigation, health care law, product liability defense, personal injury, professional licensing and disciplinary defense, both residential and commercial real estate, white collar criminal investigations, and local counsel services

Our firm has handled complex legal issues for more than 40 years, and our experienced attorneys can develop strategies to help you reach comprehensive resolution to your legal matters.

We believe that clear lines of communication are an important, integral part of accomplishing what we need to do for our clients. We will assess your concerns and situation and remain in touch with you throughout the process of professionally resolving your issue.

Year this Office was Established: 1968

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Drug Charges: Distribution, Possession, Trafficking; Impaired Driving; OWI/BAC; Property Crimes; Armed Robbery; Vandalism; Sensitive Crimes; Campaign Finance Violations; Conspiracy; Health Care Fraud; Political Graft and Bid Rigging; Business Formation: Limited Liability Corporations, Partnerships, Corporations; Commercial Contract Review, Drafting and Negotiation; Employment Contracts and Non-Compete Agreements; Internal corporate investigations; Operating Agreements and Shareholder Agreements; Day care and child care neglect and abuse; Federal Charges; State Charges; Probate Litigation; Insurance Coverage Litigation; Professional Licensing and Disciplinary Defense; Real Estate Litigation; Governmental Licensing.

Areas of Law Description

Civil Litigation
Commercial Litigation
Criminal Defense
Employment Law
Estate Planning and Probate
Family Law
Governmental Licensing, Compliance and Administrative Review
Healthcare Law
Insurance Coverage Litigation
Land Use & Zoning
Local Counsel
Personal Injury
Product Liability Defense
Professional Licensing and Disciplinary Defense
Real Estate
White Collar Criminal Investigations


Raymond Dall'Osto Raymond M. Dall'Osto
Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Employment, Licensing Law

Kathryn Keppel Kathryn A. Keppel
Appellate Practice, Civil Litigation, Product Liability, Product Liability Litigation

Patrick Knight Patrick J. Knight
Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Health Care, Regulatory Law, White Collar Crime

Denis Regan Denis J. Regan
Business and Industry, Estate Planning, Real Estate

Christopher Strohbehn Christopher L. Strohbehn
Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Defense, Insurance, Personal Injury

Erin Strohbehn Erin M. Strohbehn
Civil Litigation, Employment, Personal Injury


Franklyn Gimbel Mr. Franklyn M. Gimbel
Founding Partner
Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Employment

Joshua Gimbel Mr. Joshua L. Gimbel
Agency and Distributorship, Land Use and Zoning, Litigation, Municipal and State Law, Real Estate

D. Michael Guerin Mr. D. Michael Guerin
Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Personal Injury


Max Stephenson Max T. Stephenson
Divorce, Family Law



  • State Bar of Wisconsin
  • American Bar Association
  • Milwaukee Bar Association
  • Wisconsin Association of Justice

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Corporate and Business
Civil Litigation
Commercial Litigation
Criminal Defense
Personal Injury
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Articles Published by Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP

 Border Crossing Implications with an OWI

The restrictions imposed by an OWI conviction can be quite burdensome. Some restrictions, however, are not known to individuals that have been charged with an OWI.

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 Concealed Carry Permit Holders and Public Transportation in Wisconsin

Milwaukee’s newest form of public transportation, the downtown street car, aims to connect commuters to Milwaukee’s thriving business district. The street car will bring more flexibility and choice to Milwaukee’s public transportation.

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 Textalyzer to Help Combat Texting While Driving. But Is It Constitutional?

The dangers associated with texting and driving have prompted some states to take direct action to combat the issue. With the aid of Cellebrite, a technology company, police departments may soon be able to use a handheld device to determine whether a person has been using his or her cell phone while driving a car.

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 Proposed Dark Store Legislation in Wisconsin Puts a Thumb on the Scale of Fairness

Max Baucus once said that “Tax complexity itself is a kind of a tax.” That statement is true in many ways.

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 Are the Police Tracking My Phone

Stingray cases are working their way through the courts now. If you or others you know face a prosecution involving Stingray evidence or invasion of cell phone privacy, you need to retain experienced legal counsel who are knowledgeable in Constitutional Law, technology and who regularly use forensic computer experts.

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 Preparing Yourself for an Examination Under Oath

In Wisconsin, when you file a fire loss claim, water damage claim, or other property damage claim against your insurance company, your insurance policy most likely allows your insurer to take your examination under oath. What is an examination under oath, and why would you have to attend one if you were filing an insurance claim?

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