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Glusing & Muher, LLC is an experienced and dedicated law firm in Maryland. For years, Baltimore personal injury lawyer, Frank Muher, worked as an attorney for an insurance company fighting claims of those injured on the job and in automobile accidents. It was through fighting the claims of those

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 Most Motorists Worried about Erratic Motorists on Roads

A recent study by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers found that the number one concern for most American drivers is the presence of erratic or careless drivers.

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 Faster Diagnosis Could Lead to Effective Brain Injury Treatment

A hand-held diagnostic tool that can help administer a blood test to diagnose brain injury could speed up the way these catastrophic injuries are diagnosed and subsequently treated in the US. Scientists at the University of Lincoln-Nebraska have announced that they are continuing work on the development of a handheld brain injury detection device. The device would check for the presence of a specific protein that is released when an injury occurs.

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 Employers Must Prevent Eye Injuries on a Construction Site

Every year, more than 10,000 construction workers suffer eye injuries, that are serious enough for them to miss work. In fact, this industry has a much higher rate of eye injuries compared to other workplaces. Flying debris, nails flying off nail guns, and welding sparks - all of these can increase the risks of an eye injury on a construction site. Workers may be at risk from tiny bits of splinters and metal, as well as debris that is generated as a result of grinding and chipping activities.

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 Determining Workers' Compensation Eligibility

Have you been seriously injured at work? Learn about how workplace compensation disability eligibility is determined, and how to properly file your claim.

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 When Does a Burn Injury Mean I Need a Lawyer?

Have you suffered from a burn injury? What types of burns are most common, and how do they happen? What can be done to help take care of the medical bills? Whether serious or minor, if the incident was caused by another person, you might want to seek the assistance of a lawyer.

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 Responsibility in Personal Injury Cases

An exploration of the typical "damages" that an individual can be compensated for.

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