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Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm is Iowa's most progressive personal injury litigation law firm located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Founded by Attorney Cory Gourley, Attorney Robert Rehkemper & Attorney Matthew Lindholm to protect the rights of those injured in accidents, GRL Law has taken on cases involving the largest insurance companies in the state of Iowa, the most severe damages and injuries, and the strongest corporate insurance attorneys.

While some firms and personal injury lawyers prefer to focus only on personal injury cases that they can work-up from home or their offices without the need of going into court, at GRL Law we have made a conscious and calculated decision not to strictly limit our caseload to representation of individuals injured in car accidents or by the wrongful acts of others. We do this with a specific purpose in mind; keeping our trial and courtroom skills sharp. By representing clients charged with criminal offenses or in need of assistance in domestic relations or business ventures, our attorneys ensure that we are consistently in court, in front of judges and juries arguing both points of law and fact in the furtherance of our client’s best interest.

At GRL Law, we represent people. When a potential case comes through our doors, we see an injured person or family in need of our assistance not simply another pay-check. We view personal service and a commitment to our clients as people as our foremost responsibility. Our only concern is the best interest of our clients. We represent people not paychecks.

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