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Greg S. Law, PLLC Overview

At the offices of Greg S. Law, PLLC, we have dedicated our practice exclusively to criminal defense, and, more specifically, to aggressively defending individuals against all criminal charges. Our approach has enabled us help our clients minimize and even avoid the consequences associated with serious criminal charges, time and again.

Greg Law is a former police officer and a former DRE (drug recognition expert). Greg Law knows what the State needs to prove to make a case against you because he was once on the other side. Let Greg Law assist you in fighting the uphill battle. Do not hire a cheap "mill" lawyer whose goal is to plead you out and be done.

Greg Law will fight for you and is not afraid to go to battle with the State in trial. Do not talk to the police until you have spoken with Greg Law to determine what your legal rights really are. Let him help you.

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