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At Halliday Campbell WS, we are Signet Accredited Specialist Commercial Litigation Solicitors and Scottish Legal Awards Litigation Team of the Year finalists in both 2011 and 2012. We provide a commercial and contractual dispute resolution and avoidance service to local, national and international

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 Can You Really Become a Lord of the Scottish Highlands for Less than $50.00?

Some would have you believe that Scots law allows anyone to be the Lord of, if not all he surveys, at least a square foot of the Scottish Highlands. One site advertises souvenir plots “from just £29.99” and claims that, in return, you can use a clan crest, coat-of-arms and tartan. By “Scottish tradition”, it says, ownership of the plot “legally allows” you to use the courtesy title of Laird, Lord or Lady. But what is the legal truth behind these offers of instant ennoblement?

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 Watch Your Name: Protecting Your Brand in the UK

The UK's Company Names Tribunal deals with objections by brand holders to the bad faith or opportunistic registration of company names. Consideration of the emerging body of CNT decisions highlights the importance to brand protection of a combination of a company name watch service and a readiness to deal with any abusive registration by a speedy, and appropriate, application for an order.

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 Rangers Football Club: Not Entirely Directionless

The overwhelmingly common theme to the reports of Lord Hodge’s ruling in the ongoing Rangers administration case was that he refused to give any directions: the BBC’s “'No ruling' on Rangers administrators' Ticketus challenge” was pretty typical. In fact, the court provided a careful and useful analysis of the law and, in particular, highlighted once more the dangers of failing to appreciate that the Scottish and English jurisdictions, laws and legal traditions are quite separate and distinct.

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 How to Register an English Judgment for Enforcement in Scotland

English solicitors are used to being instructed to raise proceedings against opponents who are based in Scotland, very often by clients who don't see there's a problem. We lawyers know that, as legal jurisdictions, Scotland and England are quite distinct. There's really little reason, though, why our clients need know or care, at least until they have to consult us.

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 Law and the Scottish Independence Referendum

It can be tricky to separate law from politics. Some politicians claim sincerely to believe that any Act passed by the Scottish Parliament which provided for the holding of a referendum on Scottish independence would be unlawful. Some lawyers claim to agree with them. In Scotland, we are living in exciting times and the politics may be genuinely intriguing but is the law not actually, and drily, beyond any real debate?

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