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Harris Kyriakides LLC, Advocates & Legal Consultants has proudly and successfully provided Cyprus with a full range of legal services since 1976, helping all manner of individuals, businesses, families, and entrepreneurs with a truly massive range of practice areas and specialties.

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 Guidance by the Ministry of Justice on Apostille and Cyprus Public Documents

The Ministry of Justice and Public Order, which is the public authority designated as a Central Authority for the purpose of implementation of the Hague Convention of the 5th of October 1961 on the Abolition of the Obligation for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents (enacted in Cyprus through Laws 50/72 and 91/72) (the “Hague Convention”), has recently issued informative guidelines regarding the placement of apostille on Cyprus public documents.

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 Taxation trends in the European Union in 2014

The Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) and the European Commission's Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union has issued a detailed statistical and economic analysis of the tax systems of the Member States of the European Union, which presents an overview of the tax system in each of the 30 countries covered (EU countries, Iceland and Norway), the revenue trends and the main recent policy changes.

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 Council Adopts European Account Preservation Order

The Council of the EU adopted yesterday the regulation establishing a European Account Preservation Order.

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 European Commission Tightens Key EU Corporate Tax Rules

The European Commission has put forward certain amendments to key EU corporate tax legislation, in order to significantly reduce tax avoidance in Europe. The proposal will address deficiencies in the Parent-Subsidiary Directive, which may allow the operation of structures that will benefit from reduced taxation.

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 Current Status of Temporary Capital Restrictions in the Cyprus Banking System

Cyprus continues to implement a series of temporary capital restrictions measures, with the aim to support the banking sector and safeguard the stability of the Cypriot banking system. The temporary Cyprus restrictive measures were implemented through decrees issued by the Minister of Finance pursuant to the provisions of the Restrictive Measures on Transactions in case of Emergency Law of 2013.

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 Deflation Trends in the Assessment of Damages Under Cyprus law

The guidance of the Cyprus Supreme Court in the assessment of damages in accident claims has traditionally been founded on certain principles.

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 Central Bank of Cyprus Publishes Code of Conduct on Defaulting Loans

Having regard to the financial difficulties faced by Cyprus bank borrowers and the increased number of non performing loans in Cyprus, the Central Bank of Cyprus has published a Code of Conduct for the treatment of borrowers that face financial difficulties.

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 Exaggerated Claims in Motor Accident Cases Under the Microscope of the Supreme Court - Cyprus

It is a usual phenomenon for claimants in motor accident claims to claim for ‘a little something extra’ following a genuine loss. This practice stems from the perception that there is nothing to lose in making an inflated or exaggerated claim. This perception has now been verified judicially.

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 Buying Property in Cyprus Made Easier for Non EU Citizens

In an effort to boost the property market and enhance the attractiveness of Cyprus for foreign investment, Cyprus has implemented measures that allow for citizens of non EU countries to acquire more than one property in Cyprus, provided that certain conditions are met.

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 Cyprus Implements New EU Directive on Combating Late Payment in Commercial Transactions

In order to protect European businesses, in particular SMEs, against late payment and to improve their competitiveness, a new Directive 2011/7/EU on combating late payment in commercial transactions was adopted on 16 February 2011 and must be integrated into national law by Member States by 16 March 2013 at the latest.

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 Cyprus Introduces Investor Scheme Leading to Cyprus Citizenship

The government of Cyprus has now implemented a new immigration initiative aimed at facilitating (non EEA) migrant entrepreneurs and investors who, in return for obtaining Cyprus citizenship, are prepared to invest in Cyprus. The new scheme has been established pursuant to amendments to the Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Law.

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 EU Proposal for a European Bank Account Preservation Order

The European Commission has recently proposed to introduce an EU-wide freezing order known as a European Account Preservation Order (EAPO) to ease the recovery of cross-border debts for both citizens and businesses.

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 Private Investments Funds (ICIS) in Cyprus: the New Trend

Cyprus is definitely on the map as a prominent forum for the establishment of private investment funds, also known as private International Collective Investment Schemes (private ICIS). An ICIS can also be formed as a public fund, however the purpose of this brief is to provide a general overview of the primary advantages of a private ICIS.

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 Cyprus Company Formation

The Cyprus Limited Company is currently one of the most popular and efficient corporate structures for doing business locally and internationally. This is primarily due to the attractive corporate legislation of Cyprus and its significant tax benefits.

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 Modernisation of Cyprus Mortgages Law

The Republic of Cyprus has now introduced amendments to the laws governing mortgage of immovable property, which simplify the process of re-mortgaging and minimising the costs involved in such transactions.

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 Amendments to Cyprus Companies Law

The Republic of Cyprus has now introduced important innovations in the Cyprus Companies Law (Cap. 113), with a view to clarify, modernise and facilitate Cyprus corporate practice. As highlighted in the explanatory note accompanying the adopted legislative bill, the rationale behind the amendments is to enhance business efficiency by saving time, simplifying processes and increasing competitiveness at no additional cost.

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 Telecommunication Laws and Regulations - The Cyprus Aspect

Following public consultations and public hearings, Cyprus had undertaken all necessary initiatives in order to complete the liberalization process in the telecommunications sector and the harmonization with the acquis communautaire within the period of 2002 and 2003.

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 Trademark Protection in Cyprus

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented expansion in the volume of foreign trade mark applications in Cyprus, revealing the increased importance of the Cyprus market for foreign economies.

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 Compensation for Vehicle Accident Victims in Cyprus

One of the major challenges following a road accident is recovering damages for sustained injuries.

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 Cyprus Direct Investment Policy Applicable to Non-EU Nationals

The basic prerequisites for the approval of applications by non-EU nationals wishing to undertake a direct investment in Cyprus are highlighted by a recent circular by the Cyprus Central Bank, elaborating on the provisions contained in article 10 of the Capital Movement Law 115(I)2003.

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 Buying Property in Cyprus

In recent years, Cyprus has become a popular place for the acquisition of holiday houses. This increase in demand is attributed to many factors: Cyprus' inherent beauties and attractive climate, low cost of living, hospitality of local population, low tax jurisdiction. Property booming had a particular effect at seaside locations, such as Ayia Napa, Protaras, Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca.

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