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Harvey Law Group (HLG) is an immigration and business law firm headquartered in Hong Kong and serving businesses, individuals, and governments across Canada, Asia, Middle East, and South America.
With offices notably in Montreal, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Bangkok, Yangon, Singapore, Manila, Phnom Penh, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis & Grenada, along with a regional and international network, Harvey Law Group can provide exceptional legal representation to businesses and individuals around the globe. HLG practice in various areas including investment and business immigration, residence and citizenship programmes, business and corporate law, company formation, labor and employment issues, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, tax planning and structuring, real estate, contracts and agreements, intellectual property, environmental law, and cross-border trade issues.

The firm was founded in Montreal, Quebec in 1992 by Attorney Jean Francois Harvey, who completed a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Ottawa. The team of lawyers have decades of combined legal experience, along with substantial education and professional credentials.

With its multinational presence and expertise in business and immigration matters, HLG’s service is built on the cornerstones of strength, reliability, and integrity. Embracing change, a global presence, and a 25-year history, HLG combines world-class acumen with local insight to deliver exceptional legal advice and representation.

Year this Office was Established: 1992

Languages: French, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog, Filipino & Urdu.

Areas of Law


Jean François Harvey Mr. Jean François Harvey
Business Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship

Bastien Trelcat Mr. Bastien Trelcat
Business Law, Corporate Finance, Corporate Taxation, Immigration, Investment Law


David Comtois Mr. David Comtois
Business Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Immigration

Elisabeth Dumais Ms. Elisabeth Dumais
Estate Planning, Family Law, Immigration, International Law, Tax

Guillaume Matz Mr. Guillaume Matz
Business Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Investment Law

Pinyapa Pichaipalakorn Ms. Pinyapa Pichaipalakorn
Business Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Investment Law

Amelia Polisano Mrs. Amelia Polisano
Family Law, Immigration, International Law, Labor, Probate

Chonnacha Saengsai Ms. Chonnacha Saengsai
Business Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Investment Law, Property Law


Steve Corbin Mr. Steve Corbin
Commercial Law, Employment, Family Law, Labor

Samuel Harvey Mr. Samuel Harvey
Advertising, Communication, Marketing Law, Media


  • Quebec Bar
  • The Law Society of Hong Kong
  • Ministry of Justice of Vietnam
  • Lawyers' Council of Thailand

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Articles Published by Harvey Law Group

 Thailand Joins the Madrid System on Trademark Registration and Protection

The Madrid system, established in 1891 under the Madrid Agreement, is a protocol which offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for the registration and the management of brands around the world. It allows the request of protection in up to 115 territories for now on, of the System’s other 98 members.

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 Citizenship by Investment in 5-Star Luxury Hotel Park Hyatt on St. Kitts

The luxurious Park Hyatt brand marked its newest development in the Caribbean by opening the Park Hyatt on St. Kitts island on 1st November 2017. On 17th November 2017, Range Developments, the developer of this luxurious 5-star hotel, will host an opening ceremony with the shareholders who have invested in the project under the St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program.

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 ASEAN and Hong Kong Sign Free Trade & Investment Agreements

On November 12, Hong Kong signed free trade and investment agreements with the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in a clear vote against the rising regional and international trade protectionism.

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 Harvey Law Group Named Global Representative of the Development Support Program of the Republic of Vanuatu

(Bangkok, October 6, 2017) – Multinational immigration law firm Harvey Law Group (HLG) has been named the first global representative of the Development Support Program (DSP) of the Republic of Vanuatu, a program that offers individuals the opportunity to obtain a Second Citizenship in a tax-free member state of this State of The Commonwealth.

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 Thailand Parliament Makes Business More Friendly

This year Thailand was ranked 46th in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report, which is three spots higher than last year, and is ranked 9th in Asia, trailing only Singapore and Malaysia in ASEAN.

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 Harvey Law Group named “Immigration Law Firm of the Year 2017”

(Hong Kong – 14th September 2017) Harvey Law Group (HLG) is delighted to be named “Immigration Law Firm of the Year 2017” at the annual Macallan Asian Legal Business (ALB) Hong Kong Law Awards held at the Conrad on September 8, 2017, and presented by Thomson Reuters.

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 France Investors’ Program: The New Competitive Stream Among EU States

France is becoming more competitive both immigration and business wise. On November 15th, 2016, we announced you that the French Investor Program or “Passport Talent”(renamed “French Tech Visa” by newly elected President Emmanuel Macron) – had gained in attractivity.

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 Harvey Law Group (HLG) to Launch in Cambodia

After the successful launch of its office in Manila this year, the multinational law firm is expanding to Phnom Penh. HLG is now offering Khmer citizens and residents of Cambodia 2nd citizenship by investment options and residence planning while helping Cambodian companies to facilitate their business expansions overseas.

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 Collecting a Second Passport

More high-net-worth individuals acquire second passports; collectors take note.

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 Acquiring a Franchise under the E-2 Visa: An Alternative to EB-5 Enabling Mobility into U.S.?

Applying for a green card under the current EB5 program will become longer and longer and inevitably more expensive this year (all professionals agree that the minimum investment could be raised at any time in 2017 up to 1.6 mil. USD while the current stream starts at 500,000 USD). What are the alternatives?

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 Investing in Real Estate Overseas

Insights on how to combine Real Estate & Citizenship

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 Harvey Law Group Launches new website

(Hong Kong, 15th May 2017) Harvey Law Group (HLG) , a global law firm, has unveiled its new website. The new website highlights the firm’s expertise and its client-focused values, which provides users with an interactive and unique experience.

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 Border Crossing: Jean-François Harvey on Immigration Law

Helping businesses and employees cut through the red tape. With globalisation has come a greater diffusion of people, including professionals, moving across borders to work. Negotiating the niceties of immigration law is an often arduous task, resulting in an even greater call for competent immigration lawyers. Jean-François Harvey of Harvey Law Group gives an overview.

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 Common Reporting Standard: Are We Finally Seeing the End of Tax Evasion in Participating Countries?

The Common Reporting Standard (the "CRS") was developed in response to the request of the G20 to fight against tax evasion and call on jurisdictions and their financial institutions to automatically exchange information among them on an annual basis. CRS was finally approved by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Council on 15 July 2014 and came into force on January 1, 2017 among most of those jurisdictions which decided to implement it.

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 The Irish Immigrant Investor/ Entrepreneur Program: A Path to Permanent Residence & European Citizenship

The European market remains one of the leading alternatives for foreign investors wishing to expand businesses.

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 US sanctions on Myanmar lifted: Effects on the EB-5 Visa

The US has finally lifted all remaining sanctions against Myanmar on 7 October 2016. President Obama signed an Executive Order terminating the national emergency with respect to Myanmar, revoking the Myanmar sanctions Executive Orders, and waiving other statutory blocking and financial sanctions on Myanmar.

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 Update on France Investors’ Program: One Additional Year Granted to Investors

On March 7, 2016, the new law “Droit de Séjour des Etrangers” was enacted and created the “Passport Talent”. The new law sets out new conditions for foreign investors to obtain a resident card to settle down with their family in France.

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 Update on Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

There are immediate changes to the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program that will be of benefit to all applicants.

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 Thailand Board of Investment– International Headquarters and International Trading Centres

Thailand’s reputation is that of a business-friendly country and together with foreign investment has made it a leading centre of trade in Southeast Asia. Thailand has emerged as an internationally recognized destination for service and industry sectors with tax incentives, well-developed infrastructure, cost-effective workforce as well as ideal geographic location.

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 Thailand Elite Programs – New Long Stay Visas

Thailand Elite has launched new long stay visa programs.

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 Studying Abroad, More than an Investment

Crossing borders leads to many opportunities. The world is nowadays a smaller place where you can emphasize mobility and have a multi-cultural life, consequently improving your background and your possibilities.

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 The Importance of an Overseas Education – the EB-5 solution for Southeast Asia

Thinking “out of the box” in a globalized world is a vital asset in understanding the diversity of client needs. The cornerstone of our current business market, either national or international, is based on efficiency. New challenges are coming up every day and there is increasing competition in many fields.

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 Myanmar Opening to the World

In November 2015, Myanmar had held a successful national election, which was a significant milestone towards a transparent and stable government.

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 Start-up Visa Program Growing and Successful

As of May 2, 2016, 51 entrepreneurs are now Canadian permanent residents through Canada’s Start-up Visa Program. These individuals (and their designated organizations) are responsible for 26 new start-up ventures in Canada.

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Videos Provided by Harvey Law Group

Jean-Francois Harvey on Bloomberg TV Philippines

Interview with Quintin Pastrana from Bloomberg TV Philippines about how Harvey Law Group (HLG) and it's founding partner, Mr. Jean-Francois Harvey, made it all happen.

Cyprus: A Real Estate Investment and an Open Door to Europe

Interview between Mr. Jean-Francois Harvey, HLG's Managing Partner, and Mr. Tasos Stavrou regarding the Cyprus real estate market, and Cyprus' economy in general, in connection with the Citizenship-by-Investment (CIP) programme.

The Start up Visa program - An alternative path to Canada

The interview between Jean-Francois Harvey and David Comtois outlines different factors, variables and requirements for the Start-up Visa program.

Investing in EB-5 – minimizing the risk

The interview outlines different factors and variables to take into consideration when one plans to invest in a EB-5 Project, as well as different ways to minimize the risk of investing in the United States through the EB-5.

Investing in EB-5 – minimizing the risk (Vietnamese)

The interview outlines different factors and variables to take into consideration when one plans to invest in a EB-5 Project, as well as different ways to minimize the risk of investing in the United States through the EB-5.

Investment Immigration Summit 2016 - Bangkok Edition

Investment Immigration Summit 2016 - Hong Kong Edition

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