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 Connecticut Rules For The 'Spite Fence'

Neighborly interactions can be less than neighborly at times.

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 Before You Fight the State of City Hall Ė Give Them Notice

The time and requirements to take legal action against municipalities may vary considerably depending on the exact case.

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 Save Yourself the Hassle: Call BEFORE You Dig

Digging even a few inches in the wrong spot may impact your health and wallet.

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 Underinsured And Dangerous

How not complying with your policy's provision could result in the dismissal of your case...

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 How Using Social Media Can Harm Your Case

An innocent "tweet" could cost you big money.

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 Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

Here are important facts about Motorcycle Accident Prevention. Remember to Share the Road with Cyclists and Motorcycles.

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 The Ins-and-Outs of the Connecticut's Motor-Vehicle Point System

Have you ever wondered how many points you receive on your driver's license for rolling through that stop sign?

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 Preventing Medical Errors Related to Prescription Medication

Take the proper steps to avoid becoming a victim of medication errors.

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 Strategies for Dealing with Insurance Company Claim's Adjusters

How insurance companies try to deny or not pay you full value for your claim and what you can do about it.

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 Sobriety Checkpoints in Connecticut - Rules and Obligations

What police must do to make DUI spot checks constitutionally permissible.

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 Issues in Connecticut Dog Bite Cases, Liability and What You May Do

A surprising liability twist in dog attack cases and who may be responsible for the damages.

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 Dram Shop Liability in Connecticut and Drunk Driving Accidents

Obtaining additional compensation in certain cases when hit by a drunken driver.

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 How to Protect Yourself from under Insured and Non Insured Drivers When You Are Injured in an Accident

How to get money when you are injured in a motor vehicle accident case when the at fault driver has little or no insurance.

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 Parental Liability In Alcohol Cases Involving Minors

What problems does a parent face in hosting a party for minors where alcohol is served?

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 Avoiding Hazardous Springtime Driving Conditions

April showers and melting snow bring hydroplaning situations and accident conditions.

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 Secrets Lawyers Want to Keep from You When Committing Legal Malpractice

Unfortunately a small percentage of any type of profession whether legal, medical or otherwise commit professional malpractice. So what secrets does your attorney want to conceal from you while committing professional negligence.

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 The Most Common Causes of Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death can occur in a number of circumstances, which include.

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 Preserving Your Evidence to Increase the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

Determining who was at fault in your personal injury, accident or injury case can sometimes be determined by physical evidence-something you can touch, see, or examine, as opposed to just describing or talking about it. There are a number of things that should be done to help improve the value of your case.

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 Preparing to Testify for Your Connecticut Personal Injury Case

No matter how well prepared you are, it is impossible to predict what will happen when you give sworn testimony under oath for your personal injury lawsuit. The best advice you can have is to relax, be yourself, take your time and give all answers truthfully and to the best of your knowledge.

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 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Personal Injury Case

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an emotional illness that affects men, women and children of any age. PTSD originates when a person endures a horrific or life-threatening event in which they experience intense fear, horror and helplessness.

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 Spinal Cord Injuries in Connecticut

Usually injuries to the spinal cord, as opposed to a spinal fracture, do not result in a cut through the spinal cord but instead they crush the thin extension of nerve cells that are surrounded by the vertebrae.

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 How You Can Bolster Your Loss of Income Claim

One of the many elements of your personal injury case or accident claim is the amount of income that you lose as a result of the negligence of another. The calculation of your loss of income can be either very easy or extremely complicated, so it is a good idea to follow the following suggestions:

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 How to Properly Document Your Personal Injury Case to Maximize Your Financial Recovery

Document all evidence and matters related to your car accident, motor vehicle accident or personal injury case so that the information can be reviewed and used by your attorney in helping to properly develop your case to get you more money. Specifically, you should at least do the following:

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 How to Get Better Health Care Concerning Your Connecticut Personal Injury Case

When you are a patient with a serious injury, medical malpractice case, condition, or other health care challenge, there are many things you can do to get the best care from your medical providers. What you must remember is that you are the captain of your health care team, and, ultimately, it is you who makes the decisions that affect your care and treatment.

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 How Returning to the Site of Your Accident Can Get You More Money for Your Connecticut Personal Injury Case

If you have been involved in some kind of accident-whether it is a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall accident, or an accident whereby you received some type of injury through someone else's fault-you should return as soon as possible to the site where you were injured (preferably by the next day).

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