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Hughes Pfiffner Gorski Seedorf & Odsen, LLC, “The Alaska Law Firm,” serves a diverse clientele whether conducting business or residing in the state. Founded in 1939, the firm is anchored in the bedrock of Alaska’s history. We have grown and developed with Alaska -- from its days as a territory, through statehood, into the period of oil resource development, to the present.

Today the geographic location of Alaska positions our state as a strategic hub for global business and commerce. As an aggressive, forward thinking, full service law firm, Hughes Pfiffner Gorski is strategically positioned to provide legal services in an environment increasingly influenced by the laws, politics, and economic realities of a global economy.

Our legal expertise and areas of practice support the needs of individuals in addition to a broad spectrum of business and industry, from small family enterprises to international conglomerates. We serve clients in Europe, the Pacific Rim, Canada, and the contiguous United States, as well as in Alaska. We are committed to meeting the needs of all clients by providing quality legal service with professional integrity.

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