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iLex Law Firm Armenia Overview

iLex Law Firm Armenia is located in Yerevan, Armenia. This full-service law firm concentrates in corporate and business law including mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, debt collections, inheritance, litigation and arbitration, public procurement, personal legal services, and more. The firm serves a diverse set of clients ranging from international and local market-leading businesses to private companies and individuals to non-profit organizations.

Although the lawyers have experience with a variety of legal matters and claims, they tailor their approach and strategy in line with their clients' needs. They seek to develop relationships with clients to understand their particular needs and deliver quality services.

Fully equipped to handle a variety of legal matters, iLex Law Firm Armenia cares about clients, their families, and their business. The legal team utilizes its experience, knowledge, and skills while working to go above and beyond in helping clients achieve their objectives.

Year this Office was Established: 2010

Languages: English, Russian, Armenian, Spanish.

iLex Law Firm Armenia Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Company Registration; Branch &. Representative Office; Contractual Disputes; Debt Recovery; Copyright and Trademark Disputes; Insolvencies and Insolvent Trading Actions; Shareholder Disputes; Unfair Dismissals; Family Provision Claims; Debt Collection; Investment and Business; Leases and Rental; Due Diligence; Insolvency; Public Procurement; Property Distribution & Asset Division; Spousal Support/Alimony; Temporary Residence Status and Citizenship; Visa, Entry, Certificate of Return, Residency; Military Law; Apostille and Notary Public Services; Bank Account in Armenia; Rules of Intestate Succession in Armenia.


Aram Khachatryan Mr. Aram Khachatryan
Business Law, Corporate Law, Estate Planning, Insurance, International Law

Hasmik Ohnikyan Mrs. Hasmik Ohnikyan
Business Law, Divorce, Employment, Family Law, Immigration

Shavarsh Petakchyan Mr. Shavarsh Petakchyan
Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law

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Articles Published by iLex Law Firm Armenia

Armenia: Service of Document as a “Tool” to Delay Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award

Very often, when discussing the merits of arbitration as an effective way of solving commercial disputes, quick recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards in foreign countries is considered as a main advantage. Is that statement axiomatic, or there are “underwater rocks” that the arbitration practitioners may face? This manuscript will analyze one of the issues that parties of international arbitration may face during recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral award.

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Starting From 2015 Armenian Legislation Contains Special Legal Regime of Tax Privileges for IT Startups

According to “Armenian law on state assistance to IT sector” Armenian companies (or sole entrepreneur) (hereinafter “IT startups”) within 3 months after registration may apply to special certification committee to get certificate and enjoy tax privileges for the next 5 years.

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Child Alienation from the Parent in Armenia

Children’s position during their parents’ divorce remains a delicate matter. A variety of reasons can result in a child refusing contact with a parent in response to the challenging situation. Objective reasons can lead to a child’s decision, such as a parent’s aggressive or indifferent behavior.

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Do You Plan to Drive a Vehicle in the Republic of Armenia?

If you are travelling or planning to reside in Armenia, where you also plan to drive a vehicle, then this information below will be interesting for you.

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Marriage Annulment in Armenia

The Family Code of the Republic of Armenia defines some barriers to marriage. When both or one of the couples ignores even one of these barriers, the marriage may be considered invalid. The marriage can be recognized as invalid only if the interested party applies to the court for its nullity; otherwise, it will remain valid.

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Parallel Import Will Be Prohibited in Armenia

Under the contract to join the treaty about the Eurasian Economic Union on 29.05.2014, there is the regional principle of exhaustion of exclusive right to trademark in EEU territory.

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List of Countries Treated as Offshore Zones for the Republic of Armenia

The Government of the Republic of Armenia has defined the list of offshore zones (countries) according to Decision No 595-N of June 1, 2017 (the decision comes into force from January 1, 2018).

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Armenian Taxpayers Will Be Classified in High, Middle and Low Risk Groups

According to Article 336 (2) (1) of the RA Tax Code, taxpayers are classified into any of the following three categories: High risk (up to 20 percent of taxpayers are included in the category per risk reduction); Middle risk; and Low risk.

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The Necessity and Some Problematic Aspects of the Choice of Law Clauses for International Transactions

In their day by day practice business entities very often conclude transactions that have cross border nature for example a company may conclude a contract with the entities from deferent country and even from different legal system. In this context, the important issue that need to be considered is which law would be applicable to the contract concluded between such entities.

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"Failure to Use" as a Legal Ground to Cancel the Registration of the Trademark ‘’McDonald’’ in Armenia

In 2014 WEST LLC company registered in the Federation of Russia, has submitted a number of applications to the Administrative Court of RA, requesting to cancel the registrations of the trademarks owned by McDonalds Corporation and registered by the Agency of the Intellectual Property of the Republic of Armenia (McDONALD'S).

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Non-payment of a Fine Can Lead to the Prohibition of the Entrance to Armenia

If a foreigner commits an offense by a vehicle not registered in the area of RA. Have you committed an offense by a vehicle not registered in RA?, do you think a video camera fixed it, but don't you receive the administrative act of offense?

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Business Registration in Armenia: Registering a Company

To conduct a business activity in Armenia registration of a company, basically of an LLC is required. The expediency of a business activity, by means of a LLC registration, is firstly conditioned by the legislative opportunity of incurring limited liability. The founder of a company, as compared to the registration of a PE, does not put his/her property at a risk in the case of suffering losses.

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Armenian Citizens Will Not Pay VAT on the Cars Imported from the EEU Countries

An amendment was made to the RA Law on "Value-Added Tax" on March 17, 2016. The citizens will no longer pay VAT on the cars imported from the EEU countries (such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan) for their personal use. The amendment was signed by the President of the RA on March 26, 2016 and it entered into force on March 31, 2016.

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