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Articles Published by Ince & Co LLP

 Airport Premises - Traps for the Unwary

Taking a tenancy of airport real estate may at first appear little different to leasing any other type of commercial property. This article highlights some of the traps that may occur.

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 The Recast Brussels Regulation: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Jurisdiction Agreements

We consider how the recast Brussels Regulation is aimed at reinforcing exclusive jurisdiction agreements within the EU.

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 The Jackson Reforms: A Sea Change in the Conduct of Civil Litigation in the UK

Why the one-year old Jackson civil litigation reforms need to be taken seriously by everyone involved in English litigation, including parties, experts and lawyers.

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 Ship Managers Find Port of Refuge Before the Hong Kong Courts

A review of three recent decisions dealing with a ship manager’s right of arrest under Hong Kong law.

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 The Equality Bill 2010, New Fit Notes & Sickness during Holiday - UK

The Equality Bill received Royal Assent on 8 April 2010 and became the Equality Act 2010. Under the Social Security (Medical Evidence) Regulations 2010, with effect from 6 April 2010, the traditional sick note will be replaced with a ‘fit note'.

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 US Presidential Order on Payment of Ransoms and Recent Developments - UK

At the time of writing the shipping and marine insurance industries are still trying to digest and understand the full ramifications of the US Presidential Order signed on April 13th 2010.

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 Is There a Claim where Wrongful Termination of a Contract Results in a Windfall for the Innocent Party? - UK

This case involved an appeal to the High Court from an arbitration award and related to the appropriate measure of damages recoverable by the owners as a result of the wrongful termination of a charterparty.

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 Court Favors Commercial Construction of Time Deadlines in Advance Payment Guarantee - UK

It is common for shipbuilding contracts to provide for a builder to be paid in installments at key points during the construction.

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 Express Warranty in the Charterparty - UK

This decision of the Court of Appeal highlights the elements of a claim that charterers need to prove in order to succeed in an action against owners for breach of express warranty by the owners.

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 Commercial Court Provides Further Guidance on Remoteness of Damage in Breach of Charterparty Cases

This recent decision of Mr Justice Hamblen in the Commercial Court provides further useful guidance on the measure of recoverable damages in breach of charterparty cases.

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 Justice Overruled in the UAE?

The Federal Supreme Court of the UAE has ruled in a recent case that the Ministry of Justice has the power to overturn any Court ruling which it deems to be “improper”.

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 Piracy – a Review of 2009 - United Arab Emirates

The author looks at the key themes from 2009 and considers the development of the piracy phenomenon, the global response and the successes the industry has achieved in responding to acts of piracy and hijackings.

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 Rome I Regulation on Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations Comes into Force - European Union

On 17 December 2009, the Rome I Regulation (EU Regulation 593/2008) on the law applicable to contractual obligations comes into force and will be directly applicable in all EU Member States with the exception of Denmark. It will apply to all contracts concluded as from 17 December 2009.

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 Piracy off Aden and Somalia: an Overview of Legal Issues

Humanitarian concerns aside,the economic need for a response is indisputable: 22,000 ships transit through the Gulf of Aden each year. Keeping that waterway free of obstructions is vital.

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 Trainee Recruitment Placement Scheme – Deadline is 31 January 2009

Unlike some other vacation schemes, the Ince & Co scheme offers potential trainees the opportunity to spend two weeks at Ince & Co doing real work. Successful candidates will be sitting with a Partner and will have a trainee to support them while they’re here. They’ll get the opportunity to work on real cases which could mean attending court and hearings, meeting clients, drafting correspondence and undertaking legal research.

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 New Greek law team for Ince & Co Piraeus joins on 2 January 2009

International law firm Ince & Co is responding to market needs with the appointment of a team of experienced and respected Greek lawyers to its Piraeus office. The firm’s new Greek legal team comprises litigators and advocates George Iatridis and Dimitris Kapsis, together with Greek lawyers Dimitris Ghiomelakis and Donatos Apostolou. George Iatridis, together with Dimitris Kapsis, will join Ince & Co’s Piraeus office on 2 January 2009.

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 Middle East shipping 'riding out' the storm

One of the Middle East's leading maritime business leaders today expressed confidence that the region's shipping industry is riding out the global economic storm. United Arab Emirates: Sunday, December 14 - 2008 Ince Al Jallaf & Co

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 Successful night of Ince & Co

Last night two members of our editorial & news team were delighted to attend a series of short presentations focusing on three different, but vitally important aspects of the superyacht industry, namely broking, crewing and registering with flag states at Ince & Co's 'Turning the dream into reality II' event in London.

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