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 Nuances of the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction Application in Ukraine

If you married a foreigner and live with him abroad, if your child was born on the territory of the other state, and if the marriage relations became worth, morally you must be ready that in the future you can run into such concept as an illegal moving of children.

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 Marriage Agreement in Ukraine

A marriage agreement is an agreement of persons, incoming in marriage, or it is an agreement of the married couples, determining property right and duties in marriage and in the case of divorce. By its nature it is the variety of civil legal agreement, possessing a certain specific. This specific is that a document consists in the field of marriage-domestic relations and has certain subjective composition.

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 Private Ownership in Land for Foreigners - Ukraine

In accordance with the Land Code of Ukraine, land legal relations are public relations governing the use and disposal of land in Ukraine. This article briefly explains legal regulations in this regard.

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 How to Start a Business in Ukraine?

As a consultant to foreign investors on business risks in Ukraine, the author is frequently asked about the best ways to start a business in that country. In this article, he highlights the key issues.

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 Matrimonial Relations in Ukraine

We used to live in the swiftly developing society. Puritanical rules have been replaced by morality liberty. A person is burdened by the freedom of choice. We are free to choose religion, place of sit and solemnization. In this article we shall answer the most frequently asked questions covering all crucial issues of international marriage. If you make the most out of these materials, it will help you to make an easy choice.

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