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INTEGRITES is an international full-service law firm operating in CIS region that provides a wide range of highly qualified legal and risk management services for business.

INTEGRITES Team handles large-scale deals in spheres of investments, M & A finance securitization & structuring,

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 The Legal Regulation of the State Geological Studies of Subsoil Use in Kazakhstan

As stated by the government, geological study is one of the priorities of industrial development of Kazakhstan. Despite the rich mineral resources, replenishing the mineral resource base remains as an urgent and serious problem for the state.

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 Current Issues of the Subsoil Use Legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Law on Subsoil and Subsoil Use dated 24 June 2010 (The Subsoil Use Law) regulates one of the most important areas of social relations in modern Kazakhstan. The Law on Subsoil is targeted to protect interests of the country and to achieve rational and comprehensive study and use of subsoil.

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 Kazakhstan Tax Inspections: Tax Authorities' "Sword of Damocles"?

Any state cannot exist without taxes and control over the timely treasury reimbursement and taxes are conducted by state revenue bodies. One of the instruments of tax policy is tax inspections. Our last dispute practice between tax authorities and entrepreneurs on the additional charges based on the results of the tax inspections shows that entrepreneurs in general are always "at gunpoint" of the tax authorities and they are not protected from repeated for the same period inspections.

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 Voluntary Liquidation of Branch and Representative Offices of Foreign Legal Entities in Kazakhstan

Many legal entities, including non-resident legal entities (hereinafter the "Legal entities") while conducting their business activities often face the necessity of expanding their businesses not only within their country of incorporation but also by the presence of in different regions as well.

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 Dispute Resolution in the Eurasian Economic Union

On 29th of May 2014, the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan), the Russian Federation (Russia) and the Republic of Belarus (Belarus) have signed the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union.

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 Peculiarities of Cross-Border Contracts under Ukrainian Law: Key Points to Consider

This article aims to highlight the most essential legal requirements of Ukrainian legislation to foreign economic contracts which should help foreign companies to identify certain principal points subject to negotiations between the parties.

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 Resolving Conflicts between Shareholders - Ukraine

Any joint stock company, if it has at least two independent shareholders, is a center of interest of several parties being in diverse relations. The interest of each of the "co-owners" certainly has its vector. At that rate, the appearance of conflict situation is just a matter of time. The greater is the difference in the objectives of interests the less time is needed.

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 Ukrainian Antimonopoly Clearance Procedure in M&A Deals

This article provides a brief overview of certain aspects of the Ukrainian antimonopoly regulations that may be of some help while considering the necessity of obtaining Ukrainian antimonopoly clearance in transborder M&A transactions.

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 Energy Efficient Ukraine: Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Much was said and written about the need for Ukraine to re-structure its energy sector and implement the best European practices in its energy policy. However, very few actual steps were taken to modernize the regulatory framework and make energy regulations compliant with the EU legislation.

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 Security Instruments in Ukraine

The year of 2010 was marked by a number of loans, both foreign and domestic, raised by Ukrainian companies or their foreign affiliates or parent companies. As a rule, foreign and Ukrainian creditors provide loans to Ukrainian debtors subject to proper security of debtors’ obligations. In this article we provide a brief practical overview of the most common types of security instruments in Ukraine.

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 Disclosure Obligations in Debt and Equity Offerings - Ukraine

Whether it’s a start-up project or a successfully running company, at some point in time every business faces a need to raise money for a variety of reasons. There are two basic ways to raise capital: either debt or equity. This article focuses on comparative analysis of primary disclosure requirements for debt and equity offerings.

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 Mykhailo Parapan is a New Partner at Integrites

April 2010. Kyiv. Mykhailo Parapan, an acknowledged legal expert in Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investments, Telecommunications and Real Estate has joined Integrites International law firm as a partner.

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 Ukrainian Companies to be Short-listed Among the Most Promising Issues on the London Stock Exchange

Ukrainian companies and companies from the CIS will be among the most attractive IPO investment targets on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM) in the upcoming year, concluded the participants of the “Ukrainian IPO 2011: pending new billion” round table, held in Kyiv on July 14. The event was organized by Integrites international law firm and the London Stock Exchange in partnership with Rothschild investment bank. Kyiv, July 20th

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 Integrites Acted as Legal Advisor to Invex Telecom

April 2010. Kyiv. International law firm Integrites advised one of the leaders in Ukrainian telecommunications market - INVEX Telecom in the deal to acquire and install telecommunications equipment in Ukraine.

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 Modern Business Companies: Comparative Analysis Focusing on Ukraine

“Corporation” was the first term for an ancient prototype of legal entity and it remained the most popular type of legal entities in many European countries. This article is devoted to the appropriate perception of the similarities and differences in the modern types of European “corporations”, with a special focus on the main types of Ukrainian legal entities.

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 The Written Word Remains: The Shade of Foreign Economic Contracts

In times of universal business relations, foreign-economic contracts are probably signed more often than we blink. And, as it often happens in history, while the essence remains the same, formal demands to contracts often differ from country to country. In Ukraine, one of the heirs of the Soviet Union’s legal system, we clash with rather strict conditions of foreign economic activity, including special demands to the form of foreign trade contracts.

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