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Ukrainian law firm focused on maritime and corporate law, forein investment and tax advice. Offices in Odessa, Nikolaev and Kiev. Partner of international associations and networks. We started our activities as a team in 1992 and have been included into the list of the recommended law firms of

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 Law on Sea Ports of Ukraine: First Impressions

The Law, long-awaited by the national port industry, establishes the basis of governmental regulation and defines new procedures for building, expanding and closing seaports in Ukraine, as well as the procedure for performing any economic activity on the sea portsí territory.

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 Shipowners' Risks in Ukrainian Ports

A lot of various incidents have been reported in the ports of Ukraine. The vessels calling the ports of Ukraine undergo numerous and serious perils. And we do not certainly mean perils of natural character. In the present publication we will try to cover some legal and operational risks foreign shipowners have to challenge in Ukraine.

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 Property Rights of a Man and a Woman Living Together without Marriage Registration - Ukraine

Any jurisdiction provides various laws, rules and procedures to regulate marital relationships. And, what about the persons who do not have the marriage registration? What kind of property rights and obligations do they have in such case?

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 Rotterdam Rules and Combined Service on Maritime Legislation - Ukraine

Rotterdam Rules have been worked up especially for liner trade and carriage of goods by sea. Containerization of trade and transportation of cargo require relevant enforcement of law. International community makes efforts to create legal norms regulating relations in multimodal technology of contemporary transport, especially, marine transport.

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 Environment Law in Ukraine

Over seventy years of subordination in a command economy led to irrational resource usage and sustained energy-intensive technological processes in Ukraine. By the way, Ukraine generated practically one-fourth of the Soviet Union's GDP. It is widely known now that Ukraine's environmental problems include the nuclear contamination that resulted from the 1986 Chernobyl accident. One-tenth of Ukraine's land area was affected by the radiation.

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 Court and Arbitration in Ukraine

Court system of Ukraine has undergone substantial changes since independence has been declared, but this system isnít sufficient for democratic and constitutional state yet. Generally, court system consists of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and courts of general jurisdiction.

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 Choose Correctly the Name for Your Company in Ukraine and Get Success

How to choose a company name for your business in the Ukraine. Legal requirements and procedures.

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 Real Estate in Ukraine: Frequently Asked Legal Questions

What are the main laws regulating real estate in Ukraine? What are legal restrictions on ownership of real estate by non-residents? Which parties are involved in a real estate transaction in Ukraine? These are the most frequently asked questions before investing in real estate in Ukraine.

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