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Law Firm Overview

Jacobs & Dodds is a business law firm located in Irvine, California and serving clients throughout Orange County.
Practice areas encompass corporation and LLC formation, business litigation and dispute resolution, unfair competition, employment law and dispute defense including Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) claims, transactional matters, contracts and agreements, corporate/partnership dissolution, and general counsel services.

Partner Attorneys Paul Jacobs and Debra Dodds each have nearly 35 years of experience and, as business litigation lawyers, are tenacious in trial preparation and courtroom advocacy. Utilizing a personalized approach to law, they work closely with clients to develop solutions tailored to suit their business needs.

Jacobs & Dodds works to protect clients’ business interests and resolve any legal issues as soon as possible and in the most economical fashion, with highly skilled and knowledgeable guidance and representation.

Year this Office was Established: 1985

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Breach Of Contract; Contract Termination; Interference With Contractual Relations; Contract Enforcement; Employment Disputes; Wage And Hour Disputes; Employment Contract Disputes; Non-Competition Agreements; Business Owner Disputes; Shareholder Actions; Partnership Disagreements; Business Transaction Disputes; Selling And Buying A Business; Breach Of Contract; Shareholder And Partnership Disputes; Purchase And Sale Of A Business; Corporate/Partnership Dissolution.

Areas of Law Description

Our firm handles the following legal matters for our business clients:

- Business Dispute Resolution

Working toward swift and cost-effective resolutions can protect your business against undue costs and liabilities associated with litigation. When you are facing a dispute, use Jacobs & Dodds’ experience in advocating for business clients’ rights through the business dispute resolution process.

Whether your business is facing an internal or external dispute, our lawyers can assert your rights in dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration or providing you with the counseling and legal advice you need to protect your business interests. Before filing a lawsuit, we will make every reasonable attempt to settle your business dispute.

- Business Litigation

A business dispute can disrupt the day-to-day operations of your business. Even a minor employee dispute can affect the morale, dedication, and general productivity of your business. When faced with a dispute, you want to protect your business interests and resolve any legal issues as soon as possible. At Jacobs & Dodds, we work toward the swift and cost-effective resolution of business disputes.

- Business Formation

Before you begin business operations, it is important that you make appropriate decisions regarding what kind of business legal entity should be put in place to protect your business. At Jacobs & Dodds, Attorneys at Law, we can help you decide what business entity is right for you based upon the nature of your business and tax considerations. Sometimes we may advise against certain kinds of business entities based upon financial considerations and other avenues available to offset potential liability.

- Corporations Versus LLCs

When making important business formation decisions, an experienced legal team can provide you with the information and the strategic legal planning advocacy you need to protect your business. At Jacobs & Dodds, we have over 25 years of experience in business law and protecting the practical and financial interests of our business clients.

- Unfair Competition

Many business owners believe that any act taken by an employee or a competitor that negatively affects their business is unfair competition. The law in California is very complex and, unfortunately for many businesses, very employee-friendly in terms of unfair competition. If you are a business owner that has lost business or profits as a result of unfair competition, Jacobs & Dodds can provide the strategic legal representation you need to protect your business.

Examples of unfair competition and wrongful business practices may include:

* An employee who leaves the company and takes the customer list with him
* A former employee opens up a competing business and undercuts his former employer's prices to gain an economic advantage
* An employee convinces several of her co-employees, while she is still employed with the company, to come to work for her as soon as she leaves the company and starts up a competing company

- Business Transactions

Whether your business is in the initial start-up phase, growing in size and profits, or preparing to dissolve, there are a number of transactions that will affect your business structure, liability, or interests. At Jacobs & Dodds, we represent our business clients throughout the life of their business to ensure that all business transactions protect the business or personal interests of our clients.

- Purchase / Sale of a Business

Making the decision to buy or sell a business requires a thorough analysis of your financial positioning and a legal review to ensure that your personal and financial interests are protected. At Jacobs & Dodds, we are experienced in all aspects of the purchase and sale of a business including business partnership purchases, partnership dissolution, asset division, and corporate mergers.

If you are contemplating selling or buying a business, an experienced business attorney from Jacobs & Dodds can help you with matters such as the following:

* Determine whether the business you are buying has complied with all local, county and state laws
* Ensure the location is zoned properly for the business you are buying
* Review, draft, or modify a purchase agreement to ensure that it is properly drafted and contains a non-compete clause that will protect your interests
* Ensure that the purchase agreement protects your business and that any promissory note or security agreement is drafted correctly

- Commercial Collections

Did you know that the older a delinquent commercial account becomes, the more difficult it is to collect? Statistically, once a delinquent account reaches 90 days, on average you can expect to collect only about .75 on the dollar. At six months, you can expect to collect only about .50 on the dollar. At nine months, typically the best you can expect to collect is about .25 on the dollar.

Jacobs & Dodds law firm is experienced in handling the commercial collection needs of businesses. We are a law firm and professional debt collection agency with time-proven debt collection methods that are both cost effective and efficient. Using the latest technology in skip tracing and asset location, and the experience of our lawyers with over 25 years of commercial collection experience, we are capable of handling claims from inception to post-judgment matters.

- Employment Law

Any employee dispute can interfere with the successful operations of your business. Whether your business or another employee has been accused of wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, or a breach of contract, you want to resolve the dispute quickly and effectively to ensure the continuing and successful operations of your business. Jacobs & Dodds has over 25 years of experience effectively representing small to medium-sized businesses in the Orange County area in employment matters and employment disputes.

We assert the rights of our business clients in the following employment law matters:

* Employee contracts: Our business transactions attorneys are experienced in drafting employee contracts including severance agreements.
* Overtime and wage disputes: We are experienced in disputes involving the CA State Labor Board and the EEOC. We will effectively protect your business and work to quickly resolve disputes.
* Employee handbooks: Our employment law attorneys regularly draft employee handbooks to protect business owners.
* Business counseling: You may have questions about your rights in firing an employee or taking legal action or in preparing your defense. We provide business counseling to employers facing potential employee legal issues.
* Employment discrimination defense: We regularly defend clients in discrimination cases involving sex, race, disability religious preference, sexual orientation, and pregnancy.
* Wrongful termination: If your business has been accused of wrongful termination or retaliatory termination of employment, we can effectively assert your rights or quickly negotiate a settlement to justly protect your business interests.


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