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James A. Bullard Jr., PC is a criminal defense attorney located in Richmond, Virginia that provides expert representation to clients throughout the greater Richmond area. Attorney Bullard is known for his enthusiasm, friendliness, and effectiveness in court. He is qualified to handle a broad array of criminal charges, and his defense strategies make use of both innovative and well-established techniques.

Mr. Bullard knows the turmoil of facing a criminal charge, and he understands the inevitable fears about family, employment and reputation. He also knows that it is only through a skilled attorney's precise legal advocacy that the accused can truly exercise their right to a fair trial. Attorney Bullard hold considerable experience crafting defenses for charges ranging from drug crimes to homicide.

He knows how important it is to learn about every client in order to provide the individualized service necessary to adequately address your unique matter. His dedication to educating and informing every client empowers them to make decisions when needed, and to feel as confident as possible in the success of a case.

Attorney James A. Bullard has received acclaim for his integrity and an overall passion for defending the rights and lives of his clients. His exceptional capability as a criminal defense attorney is reflected in his record of success for clients throughout Richmond, its suburbs, and the surrounding cities.

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 DUI Offenses in Virginia

Like most other states, Virginia has tough laws when it comes to driving while under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

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