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Javier Valls Abogados is a tax law firm specialized in international and Spanish tax law. Our aim is to be the bridge that links investors with the country where they want to invest. Clients can therefore focus on their own business strategy knowing their foreign investments are safe from any legal or tax risk in Spain or abroad. We offer experience, know-how, and a very personalized service.

We work hard to provide you with efficient and effective service. Our office provides you with a unique contact person, greatly simplifying your consultation and making it more affordable. Our clients are mostly large and medium-sized companies who invest in Spain or other countries through subsidiaries, branches, warehouses, or representation offices. Spanish VAT, corporate tax and tax litigation are therefore the core areas of our expertise. We also provide tax advice to private individuals, most of whom are expatriates or non-residents who require a thorough tax preparation regarding their privately-owned or company-owned assets in Spain.

Javier Valls Abogados has provided quality advice and representation to foreign businesses for many years. Quality service is far more important to us than quantity - we have each worked in large firms, and we know their disadvantages. Our firm provides the personal care expected from a small firm, and the expertise of a large one.

Languages: German, Spanish and English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Entering the Spanish Market; VAT; Changing Tax Residence; Real Estate Investments; Tax Litigation; Inheritance & Donation Tax.


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Corporate Taxation, International Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate, Tax



  • Barcelona Bar Association
  • International Fiscal Association
  • German Association for International Tax Law

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 (EU Law) Claiming the Import of Tax Credits Granted by Foreign Countries is only Possible in Certain Cases - Spain

The Spanish tax authorities prohibited a Spanish bank from deducting in Spain the withholding at source of interest obtained in Belgium, given that this income, in accordance with Belgian regulations, was exempt in that country and the bank had thus never paid any tax in Belgium. In other words, deduction was being claimed in Spain of an amount that had never been paid abroad.

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 On the Obligation of Outputting VAT Within a Period of One Year

Spanish regulations require the seller of goods or services to issue the invoice within a maximum period of one month following the transaction. The pertaining VAT must evidently be included in the invoice. In the event of failure to do so due to error or omission, the seller has up to one year to output the VAT, that is, to issue a new invoice and claim the payment of VAT from the buyer.

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 Input VAT Before and After the Business Activity is Always Deductible in Spain

VAT often accumulates before a company begins its ordinary business activity and likewise, when a company is undergoing a winding-up process and is no longer active. Two rulings will help us understand that under no circumstance will the input VAT be lost in either of these two stages of a business.

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 Risks in the Acquisition of the Status of Business Established in Spain for more Expedient VAT Refunds

Our client, a French company, dissatisfied with the tardiness of the Spanish administration in refunding output VAT in Spain (and which had already been reported on more than one occasion by the European Commission), decided to become established in Spain for VAT purposes (but not in regard to other taxes). The company thus obtained a Spanish tax number (NIF) and established the commencement of its activity in Spain in December.

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 Entry Into the Spanish Market Through a Representative Office and the Implications for VAT and Corporate Tax

Our firm often deals with consultations on the effects of VAT for a foreign company developing an activity in Spain through a representative office. This is one of the easiest ways of entering into the Spanish market. In that scenario, the foreign company does not need to incorporate any companies in Spain nor create a branch.

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 New Limits for Offsetting Losses of Spanish Companies and Extension of the Offsetting Deadline

In the context of a severe lack of liquidity in the Spanish public finances and with the purpose of increasing revenue for Corporate Tax collection, on August 19, 2011, the government urgently approved two significant changes for Corporate Tax in relation to offsetting the losses incurred by Spanish companies.

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 Double-Taxation Agreements in Spain Expands and the List of Countries Classified as Tax Havens is Shortened

To date there are 80 Double Taxation Agreements in force in Spain. For some years, the number of these agreements has been increasing significantly, and this makes international tax planning much easier. Among recent agreements, we can highlight: Among recent agreements, we can highlight the one existing with Panama, which came into force last July, which aims for this country to be removed from the list of countries regarded by Spanish tax authorities as tax havens.

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