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John M. Petruzzi, Attorney at Law is a Houston, TX based criminal defense attorney providing legal representation to clients facing criminal charges throughout the metropolitan Houston area as well as its surrounding counties. Mr. Petruzzi has focused the entirety of his 30-plus years in the legal profession in the area of criminal law. His experience as a former prosecutor is especially valuable in his current defense practice because it allows him unique insight into how prosecutors put together a case and what strategies can be used to most effectively counter their arguments.

Through the course of his career, Mr. Petruzzi has successfully defended countless clients against all manner of criminal charges. Mr. Petruzzi is also able to assist clients with probation violations, as well as defending against arrests made by using improper search and seizure procedures.

Facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience, as prosecutors and law officials are often fanatical in their desire to come down upon individuals facing criminal charges. Mr. Petruzzi assists his clients by making their options clear to them as well as aggressively representing them in court. Mr. Petruzzi is committed to ensuring that your rights are protected, as is guaranteed by the United States legal system and the constitution.

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