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The law firm has been offering competent legal assistance with an experienced team of lawyers for many years. We specialize in various areas of law and attach great importance to quality and seriousness.

A law firm has been in operation at the Obermarkt 9, 5270 Mauerkirchen location since the 1930s. The lawyers formerly working at this location have earned an excellent reputation far beyond the judicial district, so that the takeover of this law firm by Dr. Denkmayr in 1986 and joined the law firm by Dr. Schwarzmayr-Lindinger in 1992 it became necessary to found additional law firm locations. The need arose above all in order to be able to provide appropriate advice to the clientele on site, and not least because the place of jurisdiction in Mauerkirchen was abandoned.

The JURA lawyers team consists exclusively of registered lawyers who personally supervise the respective mandate and, of course, also carry out the judicial and other trial dates. Together, the four partners of JURA lawyers have more than 70 years of professional experience, which means that, in addition to the current legal processing, a corresponding problem-solving competence is shown. The constant exchange of information within the firm about current mandates also enables the respective lawyer to incorporate the know-how of each partner in the care of the respective mandate.

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