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Jural Acuity Overview

Jural Acuity is a member of IR Global in Bangladesh and is the Member Firm (Bangladesh) for the Privacy Group. Jural Acuity is a business and commercial law firm located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Practice areas include corporate and foreign direct investments, business registration and incorporation of companies and partnerships, corporate financing, contracts, commercial property, corporate taxation planning, telecommunications and broadcasting, intellectual property, local and international trade and commerce, labour and employment, debt recovery, bankruptcy, and criminal and civil appeals. In addition to litigation, the firm deals with negotiated settlements and dispute resolution.

Jural Acuity advises domestic and international clients in building, engineering, information technology, manufacturing, garments and textiles, pharmaceuticals, and transport. Over the Years, Jural Acuity has served both local and foreign clients on various critical commercial, contractual and corporate issues.

Managing Partner Mr. ASM Sakib Sikder has more than 13 years of legal experience and earned an LL.M in International Business Law from the City University of London and an LL.B from the University of London and is a Barrister of the Lincoln's Inn UK.

Year this Office was Established: 2014

Languages: Bengali, Hindi, English

Jural Acuity Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Business Setup; Corporate and Foreign Direct Investments; Property Vetting; Telecommunications & Broadcasting Law; Labour Law; Trade and Commerce; Alternative Dispute Resolutions; Writ Jurisdiction; Securities Law; Property Disputes; Energy Disputes; Construction Adjudication; Company Registration; Business Licensing; HR Dispute Resolution; Claim Settlement; Joint Venture Agreement. Company Due Diligence; Forensic Investigations; Bank Account Support; FDI Reporting; Shareholders' Loan; Profit Repatriation; Branch Office Closure; Winding Up; VAT Registration; Trade License; BIDA Registration; Work Permits; Foreign Loan Approvals; Trademark Registration; Patent Registration; Explosive License; Society Registration; Factory Registration; Planning Permits; Fire License; Boiler Registration; BSTI Registration; Environmental Clearance; Infrastructure Project Documentation; Tender Document Vetting; Property Documentation; International Trade Advisory; Loan Restructuring; Corporate Financing; Shareholder Disputes; Share Purchase & Subscription; Media Law; Data Protection & Privacy Law; Family Disputes; Contractual Disputes; Licensing Disputes; Tax Disputes; Appellate Practice; Construction Arbitration; Commercial Arbitration; Board of Investment Registration; Securities & Exchange Commission Approval; Environmental Clearance Certificate; Import & Export Registration Certificates; Foreign Loan Approval; Marine Insurance; Syndicated Loan Agreements; Master Franchise Agreements; Pari-Passu Security Sharing Agreements; Restructuring & Retrenchment Planning; Employment Contracts; Restraints of Trade; Customs & Excise Tax; Privacte Equity Funds & Transactions; Exchange Control; Capital Gains.

Jural Acuity Areas of Law Description

Jural Acuity was established as a boutique law firm specializing in Corporate, Commercial and Investment related legal practices. The main area of Practice of the Firm in Corporate Law, Commercial Documentation, Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade Laws, Labour Laws, Commercial Litigation, Energy Disputes, Taxation, Construction & Engineering Laws & General Litigation. This Law Firm consists of experienced lawyers and consultants, providing one-stop solutions to clients. The Firm also works with several Chartered Accountant Firms and Tax Advisors to provide one-stop solutions to the Client. The ability to appreciate the client’s needs and deliver services that meet and, where possible, exceed their expectations is vital for the continued strength of the Firm’s business and growth. Jural Acuity is a member firm of IR Global in Bangladesh and is also the Member Firm (Bangladesh) for Privacy Group.


Sakib Sikder Mr. Sakib Sikder
Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Business Formation, Business Law, Commercial Law

Jural Acuity Affiliations

  • IR Global
  • Privacy Rules Group
  • International Bar Association
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

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Jural Acuity Blog

Articles Published by Jural Acuity

Shareholders Agreement: A Bangladeshi Perspective.

This Article discusses various provisions of the Shareholders Agreement which is essential for regulating the affairs between the shareholders considering the complexities of shareholders disputes in Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh: Environmental Conservation Rules 2023

This Article briefly discusses the important provisions of the newly passed Environmental Conservation Rules 2023. This Rule is a leap forward from the existing regulation and addresses many of the previous lacking.

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Maritime Laws and Regulations in Bangladeshi Context

Maritime law or Admiralty law is a body of laws, conventions, and treaties that deal with shipping matters or offences or maritime disputes. The United Nations (UN) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has issued several conventions that can be enforced by the navies and coast guards of countries that have signed the treaty outlining these rules. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) was adopted by 167 countries. Also, Bangladesh signed various international instruments which are directly or indirectly part of the maritime issues.

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Types of Business Entities in Bangladesh

This Article is written as an introductory guide for investors who desires to do any business in Bangladesh.

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Paid Up Capital Reduction Under the Bangladesh Companies Act 1994

In this article, we describe the legal process through which a company can reduce its paid up capital in Bangladesh through an approval process of the High Court Division.

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Disciplinary Procedure Under Bangladesh Labour Act

This Article briefly discuses legal procedure under Bangladesh Labour Act for termination of employment by the employer due to misconduct of an employee. The legal requirements are very strict and non-compliance may lead to termination as unlawful.

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Subcontracting in Construction Project in Bangladesh: Legal Issues

Due to massive expansion, it has become essential to know the rights and obligations under the subcontract agreements.

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Joint Venture in Construction: Legal Issues From a Bangladeshi Perspective

The government of Bangladesh conducts tendering for various constructions or infrastructures through contracts. There are some standard documents of these Tenders. In order to get some Tenders, some eligibility criteria have to be fulfilled.

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Employee’s Rights at Workplace in Bangladesh

This Article emphasizes on Bangladesh Labour Act 2006, which provides the baseline for the employees' benefits and protections in Bangladesh.

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Commercial Disputes Settlement Through Arbitration in Bangladesh

This article briefly summarizes the dispute resolution process through arbitration in Bangladesh. Emphasis is inserted in relation to the Arbitration Act 2001.

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Share Transfer Process for Companies in Bangladesh

According to Section 2(1)(v) of the Companies 1994, “Share” means a share in the capital of the company, and includes stock except when a distinction between stock and shares is expressed or implied.

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Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award in Bangladesh

In order to harmonize global practice in the commercial field, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law has adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration. Many countries have adopted this in their domestic law, Bangladesh also has adopted this modern practice and adopted the law Arbitration Act, 2001 by reforming the Arbitration Act, 1940.

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Recent Change to The Companies Act 1994 in Bangladesh

The Companies Act, 1994 has been amended twice in 2020 by the Parliament through the passing of Companies Act (1st Amendment) 2020 and Companies Act (2nd Amendment) 2020 dated 25th February 2020 and 26th November 2020 respectively. The amendments cover very important changes which are introduced in order to implement recommendations of World Bank Ease of Doing Business. The amendments include abolition of common seal requirements, introduction of One Person Company, clarification of share transfer registration process, digitalization of records etc. This Article describes the said amendments in detail.

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Enforcing Foreign Judgment in Bangladesh

The enforcement of a foreign judgment is recognized by law but the requirement for such enforcement is a reciprocating agreement between states. Thus, this article will discuss in brief those enforcement requirements of a foreign judgment.

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Legal Position of Letter of Credit in Bangladesh

In the modern world, the volume of transactions is increasing day by day in the international trade area therefore a secured transaction is needed. There are many ways of secured transactions in international trade like Cash in Advance or Prepayment, Documentary Collection, Documentary Credit or Letter of Credit and others. This paper will be a focus on the letter of credit.

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One Person Company Registration Process in Bangladesh

Various countries in the world allow setting up companies by a single person or entity without requiring a second shareholder. In order to expand and further facilitate the business and investment countrywide, the Government has taken the initiative to formulate legal provisions for the establishment of One Person Company [OPC]. By inserting this provision, the index of Ease of Doing Business shall be increased. The Bill is termed as “The Company Act (2nd amendment), 2020 [Proposed]” and it is placed in the parliament.

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Offences under the Road Transport Act 2018 in Bangladesh

On 8th October 2018, parliament has passed a new Road Transport Act. This act provides road transport security for any civil crimes committed under the motor vehicle ordinance act, 1983. In this new act, laws have been updated and added new definitions for any offensive crimes receiving most fines and punishments.

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Essential of Valid Contract in Bangladesh Contract Law Prescriptive

It often leads to confusion to the general people that whether the contract was validly done or not along either there were contract or mere agreement happened. For this reason and to understand the conditions for making a valid contract this paper will cover the essentials of the contract.

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Principle of Separate Legal Entity of Companies in Bangladesh

The principle of separate legal entity of a company were recognized in the case of Salomon v. Salomon and Co. Ltd (1897) A.C 22 which stated that a company has a separate existence from its members. Thus this concept protects the shareholders from being personally liable from any wrong or obligations of the company.

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A Brief Analysis of Data Protection under Digital Security Act (2018) in Bangladesh

The parliament has passed the Digital Security Act on 8th October 2018. This act provides digital security for any repugnant cyber-crimes committed by digital devices or computer technology.

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Winding Up of Companies in Bangladesh

Section 234-321 of the companies Act 1994 deals with winding up of the company. Winding up represents the last stage in company life. It’s a proceeding by which a company is dissolved.

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Termination of Employment under Bangladesh Labour Act 2006

In Bangladesh, an employment of a worker can be terminated either by the employer or by the worker. There are various procedures under which it takes effect. The detailed process of termination of employment is discussed and described under sections (20-31) of the Labor Act 2006.

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Minority Shareholders' Right in Bangladesh

Minority shareholders group in a company can enforce their legal rights in Bangladesh under Section 233 of the Companies Act 1994, which originated from Section 459 of the English Companies Act 1985.

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Revised Procedure for Remittance of Profit & Residual Balance by Branch Office in Bangladesh

Here, we briefly explain the new Guidelines for profit and residual balance by foreign Branch Office in Bangladesh. Earlier, there was a lot of confusion as to the detailed process.

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The Prospect of ADR in Settling Labour Disputes in Bangladesh

The Act of the Parliament itself promotes ADR and this article elaborates the relevant provision for exercising ADR process.

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Remedy Under Tort Law in Bangladesh

Enforcement of Tortious right is not new in Bangladesh; however, it was exercised with caution. Now the Courts are more willing to entertain negligent actions, specially against private enterprises involved in public services. This Article briefly touches on the core principles of such actions.

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Remedy for dishonoured cheque in Bangladesh

The procedure for litigating on dishounred cheque is explained here in detail with applicable case references. This is one of the key dispute arising from commercial transaction in Bangladesh and explain the pre-action protocols for submitting a case under Section 138 of the NI Act.

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Protection of Foreign Investments in Bangladesh : Laws & Policy

Prior to the Investment, Investors wanted to know the basic legal policies on Investment laws in Bangladesh. This Article provides a summary on Investment Protection Laws and Principles in Bangladesh.

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Legal Issues in Real Estate Projects: Developer vs Landowners in Bangladesh

The Real State Sector is a heavily litigated sector in Bangladesh. Due to land fierce competitions, Developers tend to offer landlords more than they can afford to give. In such circumstances, it is crucial for landlord to do proper due diligence. This Article briefly states that legal issues between landlords and developers.

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Need of Personal Data Protection Laws in Bangladesh: A legal Appraisal

Privacy Law is a well debated topics in the information technology era and due to recent breach by giant tech companies, many countries have updated their Privacy Law to protect personal and private information. Bangladesh albeit having some piecemeal legislation, does not have a specific law. In this Article, we discuss the aspects of Privacy Law in Bangladeshi context.

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Present Provisions for Dowry Prohibition and Proposed amendment in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study

Dower and dowry are the most relevant and commonly known word in our conjugal life. Getting dower is the legal right of a Muslim married woman. On the other hand, giving, taking or demanding dowry is a criminal offence which is usually committed by the bridegrooms or their family. The evil of dowry has been most remarkably increased during last sixth decades. To prevent this curse of dowry, Bangladesh has made a statutory law namely the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1980.

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Joint Venture Agreements in Bangladesh Perspective

Bangladeshi being one of the most preferred investment destinations has seen an influx of foreign investments in recent years. Except for some areas, Bangladesh’s Foreign Direct Investment ( "FDI") Policy allows 100% FDI for setting up Companies.

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Setting up Branch Office/Liaison Office in Bangladesh

Foreign Investors who are willing to undertake limited monitoring, supervisory and marketing activities may open up a Liaison or Branch Office in Bangladesh without registering a limited company under Bangladeshi Laws. This allows the investors to do only limited activity and generally they cannot generate revenue in Bangladesh. This Article briefly describe the formalities and requirements for opening Branch/Liaison office in Bangladesh.

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Registering a Limited Company with Foreign Shareholders

Bangladesh is considered a key investment destination due to its geo location, cheap labour and competitive production costs. Incorporating a business in Bangladesh has been simplified over the years due to interventions by the Government. Foreign Investors (“Promoters”) intending to invest in Bangladesh has multiple options to incorporate their business in Bangladesh.

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Licensing and Fees Guidelines for New Mobile Operator in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is in the process of issuing 4G Licenses to existing Mobile Operators. BTRC is also intending to auction 11 Blocks of Spectrum in 900, 1800 & 2100 MHz.

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Special Economic Zone- Open Doors for Foreign Investors

Special Economic Zones will provide secured & financially viable environment for Foreign Investors.

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