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K&P Law Firm provides legal representation and consultation to businesses and business owners. We serve clients throughout Armenia and across a growing number of other countries. Our goal is to meet our clients’ needs with the highest quality service in all areas.

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 The State Duty Is Subject to Return

Persons conducting entrepreneurial activities often pay state duties while dealing with different state bodies. It is necessary that the citizens paying duties are aware of the cases when the paid duty is subject to return. It is also desirable to clarify the procedures of returning the duty.

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 Not All the Refusals of the State Cadastre of Armenia Derive from the L aw

The RA Cassation Court has taken a number of decisions on the grounds of refusal of state registration of the rights, which should be applied as precedents, however in many cases they are not taken into consideration by the Cadastre.

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 Liability Envisaged by the Armenian Law is Inequitable

It is in the interests of the consumers that major economic entities are prevented from having negative influence on the market. The Competition Commission protects the rights of the consumers through holding the economic entities liable for breaching the laws. As to economic entities, it is indispensable that the law defines equal and equitable liability for violations of the law, since liability for any action should be proportional to the negative consequences of the given action.

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 Real Estate Transactions Are Always Risky - Armenia

The importance of real estate transactions continues to rise, however the culture of legal consulting for such transactions is not formed yet. There are several objective and subjective reasons for reluctance to apply for the services of a lawyer for performance of the real estate transactions in Armenia.

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