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Law Firm Overview

Kalikova & Associates (K&A) is a business law firm located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Practice areas include antimonopoly regulation and competition, contracts, corporate issues, capital markets, employment, migration, personal data protection, environmental protection and health and safety, intellectual property, international trade and customs, legislative policy and regulatory practice, litigation and arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring and reorganization, product liability, project finance, public-private partnership, and taxation.

Established in 2002, K&A serves local and foreign companies, transnational corporations, public agencies, foreign diplomatic missions, and international organizations. Industries served include mining and exploration, banking and finance, hospitality, hdyro energy, IT and telecommunications, construction and real estate, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

The firm employs a professional team of lawyers dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions in a broad range of complex and often sensitive legal issues. They tailor legal strategies designed to meet each client's particular circumstances and strive to ensure their interests are protected and objectives are met.

Year this Office was Established: 2002

Languages: Russian, English, Kyrgyz

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Antimonopoly Regulation & Competition; Migration & Personal Data Protection; Environmental Protection, Health & Safety; Technical Regulation; Legislative Policy & Regulatory Practice; Business Restructuring & Reorganization; Public-Private Partnership.

Areas of Law Description

Kalikova & Associates offers legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

• Banking Law and Micro-Finance Organizations

Kalikova & Associates has extensive experience in advising financial and lending institutions including international and local banks, credit unions and micro-finance organizations.

In particular, we offer the following services:
- consulting regarding lending activities, drafting loan agreements, assisting in entering into and executing credit transactions;
- consulting regarding secured transactions, drafting pledge/mortgage agreements, non-judicial foreclosure agreements, surety agreements, subordination agreements, etc, and registering the same with relevant government authorities;
- consulting and drafting documents necessary for the registration of changes in their constitutive documents, including in connection with acquisitions and mergers, establishment of subsidiaries, branches, agencies and representative offices, charter capital increase;
- consulting and drafting documents for obtaining licenses, certificates and other permits necessary to establish banks and financial institutions;
- conducting due diligence of banks and financial institutions.

• Contracts (Contractual Law)

Kalikova & Associates has long-standing experience in contracts. We offer services to foreign and local businesses operating in various sectors of the economy.

Our associates specializing in business law offer the following legal services:

- elaborating and drafting contractual options that most appropriate and favorable to the client;
- developing and drafting civil agreements (contracts);
- providing legal support in contract execution;
- providing updates on Kyrgyz contractual law; and
- reviewing civil agreements (contracts) as to their compliance with the current law and intentions of the parties.

• Corporate Issues

Kalikova and Associates is widely experienced in counseling businesses and non-profit organizations on corporate and operational issues.

Our associates are highly qualified to advise on the following:

- registration of companies and non-profit organizations, including their subsidiaries, branches, affiliates, representative offices and joint ventures;
- drafting constitutive documents for companies and non-profit organizations, their branches and representative offices;
- registration of legal entities, their branches and representative offices, with the relevant government authorities;
- advising on the operations of companies and non-profit organizations, their subsidiaries, branches, affiliates and representative offices;
- representing and assisting joint-stock companies with structuring their management, maintaining register of shareholders, holding shareholders' meetings and meetings of other governing bodies, as well as financial and other reporting to relevant government authorities;
- representing, negotiating and drafting contracts for joint-stock companies, their subsidiaries and dependent companies, in connection with their financial and management restructuring;
- counseling on reorganization (merger, annexation, split, partition, and transformation) and liquidation of legal entities;
- counseling on bankruptcy of companies;
- re-registration and liquidation of companies with competent government authorities;
- counseling and representing companies in stock issuance in competent government authorities.

• Electric Energy

Kalikova & Associates has advised national and foreign companies operating in the electric energy sector. We offer the following legal services:

- counseling on the incorporation of energy companies in the Kyrgyz Republic and their operation;
- consulting with respect to the acquisition of stocks and participation shares in energy companies;
- drafting and negotiating investment agreements, contracts for construction of hydroelectric power stations, and agreements on exploitation and possession of electric transmission lines and sale of electricity;
- providing legal opinions, analyzing legal risks associated with electricity transactions, and counseling on structuring electricity transactions;
- consulting with respect to tariff regulation and the export of electricity to other countries.

• Intellectual Property

The practice areas of Kalikova & Associates Law Firm include intellectual property, including inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, brands, licenses, copyrights, know-how, etc.

Kalikova & Associates legal services include:

- obtaining patents;
- registering trademarks and brand names;
- preparing applications and handling filings with the Kyrgyz Patent Office (Kyrgyzpatent) and with the pattern offices of other countries;
- contesting patents, registering trademarks or brand names;
- licensing or assignment agreements and extending patents or certificates for trademarks, etc.

Kalikova & Associates assists in detecting infringements of intellectual property rights within and outside the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Kalikova & Associates advises clients on protecting intellectual property rights from infringement and unfair competition.

Kalikova & Associates attorneys counsel on copyright matters including registration of copyright objects with Kyrgyzpatent.

Kalikova & Associates lawyers represent clients in connection with intellectual property disputes before courts and administrative bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic such as the anti-monopoly and customs authorities.

• Labor and Employment

Kalikova & Associates are specialists in labor and employment law providing the following services:

- counseling on labor law and general personnel policy issues;
- drafting and legal analysis of employment contracts, individual liability agreements, company by-laws, regulations on branches and subsidiaries, inside rules and orders, as well as other internal compliance documents;
- providing labor legislation updates and legal opinions with regard to labor and employment issues; and
-counseling and assisting with obtaining approvals and permits for hiring foreign nationals.

Kalikova & Associates has expertise in client representation in employment disputes.

• Legislative Drafting

Kalikova & Associates has expertise in counseling various organizations and businesses regarding the implementation of laws based on careful legislation and implementation practice analysis performed and summarized in legal opinions, memoranda, recommendations, advice, etc.

In the course of our activities, we often face gaps and conflicts in current legislation. In the majority of cases, our services on matters related to legislative activities are required when government authorities adopt or are going to adopt acts affecting the interests or businesses of our clients, whether positively or negatively. Lawyers of Kalikova & Associates analyze the impact of legislative regulations from the point of view of the business interests of our clients, collaborate with various branches of government, draft bills, advice regarding certain legislative decisions, and analyze the political situation.

In particular, our attorneys advise on the following:

- drafting bills to amend current laws based on the analysis of legislation and contradictions found in it;
- drafting bills to regulate new relationships not regulated by current legislation;
- getting bills approved by relevant government authorities in the manner provided by law.

• Litigation

K&A has extensive experience in legal representation of companies and individuals in the Kyrgyz courts. Lawyers of K&A are licensed attorneys-at-law and arbitrators of the courts of arbitration of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our lawyers represent clients before all judicial bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic on a wide range of issues, such as:

– enforcement of agreements;
– invalidation of transactions;
– recovery of damages caused by improper performance of obligations;
– recovery of contractual debts;
– foreclosure against pledged property;
– recovery of unjustly obtained property;
– elimination of impediments to use of property;
– adjudication of bankruptcy;
– invalidation of sale of debtors' property;
– early termination of registration due to non-use;
– recovery of dividends due to shareholders;
– invalidation of decisions to pay dividends;
– invalidation of corporate decisions and authority to issue powers of attorney and to sign for the company;
– protection of business reputation, dignity, honor and recovery of moral damages;
– invalidation of orders to remedy violations committed while carrying out licensable activities;
– contesting the legality of suspensions or revocations of licenses;
– invalidation of acts of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, ministries and administrative agencies;
– invalidation of settlement agreements;
– contesting court rulings to renew judicial proceedings, to turn down statements of claim, to take actions to secure claims, including rulings to cancel actions to secure a claim, etc.

K&A provides a full range of legal representation services including:

– preliminary assessment of judicial viewpoints of the case;
– issuing legal opinions (affidavits) on legal issues arising in the course of dispute resolution outside the Kyrgyz Republic;
– preparing statements of claims, objections to claims, all procedural documents (complaints filed with appellate, cassational and supervisory courts, application for re-consideration of cases based on newly discovered evidence, petitions, private complaints, etc.);
– legal representation before all judicial bodies;
– protection of interests in the execution of judgments (enforcement of judgments);
- representation of clients in non-judicial dispute resolution (courts of arbitration).

• Natural Resources

Kalikova & Associates Law Firm has substantial experience in counseling on mining law issues. Our associates advise national and foreign companies about prospecting, exploring and developing natural resources.

We counsel on various legal issues faced by subsoil users including:

- drafting documents and performing actions necessary to obtain, extend, modify or re-register licenses to use subsoil for exploration or development of mineral deposits, or to do business associated with prospecting, exploring or exploiting mineral resources;
- doing due diligence and issuing legal opinions with respect to the validity of licenses, compliance with the requirements of the laws on subsoil or land use and environment protection;
- drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, production sharing agreements, concession, services agreement, equipment supply, land lease and other agreements, as well as agreements involving various other objects of infrastructure;
- drafting and negotiating investment agreements between private and public companies, with the participation of the Kyrgyz Government;
- assisting with obtaining the right to use land plots and counseling on taxation for subsoil use.

• Real Estate and Construction

The lawyers of Kalikova & Associates have been working in the sphere of real estate and construction since 2002 and have proved to be professionals possessing remarkable experience and knowledge, which allows them to provide services to suppliers, purchasers, constructors, lenders, tenants, contractors and investors, and to land tenurers and nature managers.

Our services include - assistance in receiving construction licenses and construction permits;

- legal support for construction, registration of rights to buildings under construction as objects of construction in progress, legal support for commissioning buildings and rewriting rights to completed objects of construction;
- legalization of real estate constructed in violation of existing legislation, elimination of defects in previous rights registration;
- investment agreements in construction, construction share holding agreements, including long-term projects;
- legalization and registration of rights to land;
- carrying out legal examination of real estate and providing full descriptions of legal risks of purchase and the elimination of such risks;
- proper arrangement of mortgage credits;
- land tenure consultations;
- servitude agreements;
- legalization of the rights of foreign citizens and legal entities;
- sale (lease, exchange, grant, etc.) of certain real estate and enterprises as property complexes;
- leasing of construction techniques and equipment;
- purchase and utilization of commercial real estate (offices, commercial spaces);
- legalization of private property rights during the privatization of state buildings and facilities;
- registration of real estate rights of legal entities included in charter capital;
- legalization of nature management rights;
- legal support for construction companies’ liability insurance, real estate insurance, employees' life and health insurance;
- legal analysis of construction terms and commissions, and liability issues;
- consultations on taxation issues, purchase and alienation of real estate;
- assistance for solutions of security, standardization and ecological requirements issues;
- representation of clients in negotiations with others.

• Technical Regulation

The lawyers of Kalikova & Associates are experienced in providing legal services to companies operating in Kyrgyzstan regarding matters regarding sanitary, veterinary and fitosanitary control, product certification and recognition of certification, marking requirements and consumer rights protection.

We counsel on matters related to technical regulation, such as:

- Product standardization;
- Mandatory and voluntary product certification and recognition of certification;
- Marking, packaging, and other consumer information requirements; and
- Sanitary, veterinary and fitosanitary control.

• Telecommunications

Kalikova & Associates provides a full range of legal services and counseling in all aspects of domestic telecommunications, in particular:

- counseling on the regulatory and legislative framework for the communications industry, specifically, the requirements for licensing, financial and technical supervisory and anti-monopoly authorities;
- counseling, preparing documents, and assisting in matters related to the establishment or operation of telecommunications companies in Kyrgyzstan;
- counseling and assisting in conducting negotiations on the granting of licenses to provide telecommunications services, such as mobile, local, long-distance and international fixed telecommunications, data transmission, telematic services, broadcasting and re-broadcasting, cable dissemination of tele-radio programs, projecting, manufacturing, building, installing, or repairing communications networks, lines, installations, systems and devices;
- advising manufacturers and importers of radiofrequency devices regarding regulatory compliance for product design and performance, procedures for obtaining equipment authorizations, compliance with export and import requirements, frequency and channel allocation, network code assignment, etc.;
- counseling, preparing documents, and assisting in the acquisition of telecommunications service providers, transfers of assets, property rights, intellectual property and trademarks, the import of telecommunications equipment and introduction of technologies, etc.;
- conducting due diligence of telecommunications companies and providing legal opinions concerning the legal status of such companies and their licenses;
- counseling, preparing documents, and assisting in the reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy of telecommunications companies.


Alexander Ahn Mr. Alexander Ahn
Banking and Finance, Construction Law, Contracts, Insurance, Real Estate

Gulnara Kalikova Ms. Gulnara Kalikova
Senior Lawyer
Corporate Law, Energy, Natural Resources, Project Finance

Marina Lim Ms. Marina Lim
Construction Law, Contracts, Energy, Natural Resources, Real Estate

Magomed Saaduev Mr. Magomed Saaduev
Arbitration, Capital Markets, Contracts, Energy, Environmental Law

Nurbek Sabirov Mr. Nurbek Sabirov
Arbitration, Construction Law, Contracts, Litigation, Natural Resources

Maksim Smirnov Mr. Maksim Smirnov
Contracts, Customs Law, Employment, Energy, International Trade

Ulan Tilenbaev Mr. Ulan Tilenbaev
Managing Lawyer
Banking and Finance, Corporate Law, Patents, Telecommunications Law, Technical Regulation


Satkyn Beketaeva Ms. Satkyn Beketaeva
Senior Lawyer
Aviation Law, Contracts, Employment

Asel Momoshova Ms. Asel Momoshova
Senior Lawyer
Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Energy, Insurance, Oil and Gas

Aleksei Vandaev Mr. Aleksei Vandaev
Senior Lawyer
Education Law, Employment, Intellectual Property, Pharmaceutical Law, Product Liability



  • American Bar Association
  • International Bar Association
  • Association of Lawyers of Kyrgyzstan
  • Association of Patent Attorneys of Kyrgyzstan

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The legal framework for intellectual property (IP) protection in the Kyrgyz Republic includes national legislation and international treaties to which the Kyrgyz Republic is a party.

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According to the Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, (80) immovable property includes land plots, subsoil portions, detached water objects, forests, perennials, buildings, structures, and all objects closely linked to land, i.e., all objects that may not be moved without damage incomparable to their purpose.

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The principal legal act regulating employment relations is the Labour Code of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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Taxation in the Kyrgyz Republic is regulated by the Tax Code of the Kyrgyz Republic and other regulatory legal acts. The competent authority exercising control over compliance with tax laws and full and timely payment of taxes is the State Tax Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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 Licenses and Permits in the Kyrgyz Republic

Licensing is regulated by the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Licensing and Permits System in the Kyrgyz Republic”. Banks, financial/lending institutions, and other institutions regulated by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic are licensed subject to special laws to the extent not inconsistent therewith.

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2.1 Legal Framework for Investment Activities Since investments are a major prerequisite for economic development in the Kyrgyz Republic, investment legislation of the country is quite liberal.

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Branches and representative offices of foreign companies are not considered to be Kyrgyz legal entities. They are endowed with the property of their foreign founders, and act on the basis of the approved bylaws.

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3.1 Visa and Registration Requirements Subject to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, foreign nationals and stateless persons may enter the Kyrgyz Republic for temporary or permanent residence on the basis of a visa, temporary or permanent residence permit.

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