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Kaplan Lawyers, P.C. is a personal injury firm based in Manhattan, New York with additional locations in Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. Practice areas encompass vehicle and bicycle accidents, boating and aviation accidents, pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect or abuse, workplace accidents, premises liability including slip and fall, construction accidents, dog bites and animal attacks, product liability, Social Security Disability, and wrongful death.

The attorneys have decades of combined experience and are supported by a group of professionals who also have deep knowledge of personal injury. The trial lawyers are prepared to litigate each case in court and explain options for negotiating a settlement.

The Kaplan Lawyers, P.C. team realizes that an accident or injury can impact not only a client’s health, but other areas of their life as well, including work, finances, and family. They zealously pursue achieving the most favorable outcome and recovery in clients’ personal injury matters.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Pharmaceutical Error; Social Security Disability Denial; NYC Tourist Injury; School Injury; Arraignment; Bail Reduction; Criminal Appeal; Larceny; Insider Trading; Cybercrime; Health Care Fraud; Intellectual Property Fraud; Securities Fraud.


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Automotive, Car Accident, Construction Accidents, Litigation, Motor Vehicle Accidents


  • American Association for Justice
  • Injured Workers’ Bar Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • New York State Trial Lawyers Association

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 Ask Yourself These Questions if You’re Injured on Someone Else's Property

When you’re injured on someone else’s property, depending on the circumstances, that owner (or renter) could be held responsible for paying you for all of your legal damages. Injuries one could suffer range from simple sprains or broken bones to more severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries and even wrongful death.

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 An Employee's Sleep Disorder Could Be a Company's Liability

Any sleep disorder can pose a serious safety hazard, in and out of the workplace. And yet, a lot of recent research is pointing to employers as having a more prominent role in their workers' sleep disorders than what has been previously thought. This is leading to questions of potential employer liability when workers injure others – on and off the job – because of work-induced sleep problems.

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 What Are the Chances Your Personal Injury Claim Will Go to Court?

During free consultations with potential clients, many of them ask, “Will my case go to court?” We hear this question an awful lot, regardless of the type of case: a car wreck, medical malpractice, defective product, or premises liability.

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 How to Change Your Perspective by Thinking Like a Lawyer

Attorneys aren’t always seen in the best of lights. You’ve probably heard more lawyer jokes than you can remember. The scorn levied against those that work in the legal system is just a part of the job for most attorneys, and they typically have a pretty good sense of humor on the subject.

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 Swimming Pools Are More Dangerous than You Realize

In the summer months, people flock to swimming pools in droves. Pools offer the opportunity to stay cool, spend time with friends and family, get a tan and maybe swim a few laps. What most people don’t realize is that swimming pools, while fun, can be extremely dangerous in certain circumstances.

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 Easy Worker Health Initiatives You Can Implement in Your Workplace

Whether business owners realize it or not, worker health and safety plays a major role in managing the costs of running an operation. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that estimates of employers’ costs for workers’ compensation alone equal roughly $1 billion every single week in the United States. That’s a substantial sum and one that doesn’t factor in other indirect costs incurred by businesses due to their employees’ injury and illness.

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 Surprising Ways You Can Get Poisoned: A Lesson in Poison Prevention

For most of us, the word “poison” conjures up fairy tales and fantasies — Snow White’s poisoned apple, Captain Hook’s medicine in Peter Pan, the Wicked Witch’s poppy field in The Wizard of Oz. Or, for readers of a certain age, maybe “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” comes to mind.

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