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Law Firm Overview

Ketenci & Ketenci is a full service international business law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey with additional office locations, including London, United Kingdom. Practice areas encompass corporate and company law, mergers and acquisitions, energy, corporate immigration and citizenship, finance and capital markets, international trade and maritime law, company and business formation, debt collection, private equity, real estate, and white collar crimes. In addition to litigation, the firm offers a range of alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, negotiation, and conciliation.

The team of international lawyers and advisors combine 40 years of senior experience in legal practice and offer an international approach in providing comprehensive legal services. The serves clients including corporations, multinationals, international banks and financial institutions as well as global Private Equity funds, hedge funds and family offices.

Year this Office was Established: 1974

Languages: Turkish, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Administrative Litigation; Company Law; Corporate Law, M&A, Due Diligence; Debt Collection; EU Law; Infringements; Design Rights; Traffic Accidents; Professional Indemnity; Transport Liability; Strict Liability.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas include:

- Arbitration

Multi-national commercial disputes usually involve several parties, and the cost of litigation can easily escalate out of proportion to the value of the dispute. Arbitration has therefore become a popular and very convenient alternative. We assist our clients with providing a significant expertise on: Negotiation; Conciliation; Representing client at International arbitral bodies; Preparing and presenting the case before arbitrator; Domestic and international arbitration; Enforcement of arbitral awards in Turkey; Enforcement of arbitral awards abroad; Acting as independent arbitrators when requested.

- Aviation Law

In addition to specialist expertise, aviation law demands a delicate approach. We primarily focus on transactional work for aviation clients. Our practice also includes aviation litigation. We advise our clients on: Sale, finance and leasing of aircrafts; Air accidents; Commercial disputes and contracts; Claims arising in relation to international conventions; Claims covered by Turkish jurisdiction; Luggage and delay claims; and, Insurance related issues.

- Commercial Law

We are well-known for taking a business-orientated approach when advising our clients in commercial matters. Although much of our business is contentious, at the same time we advise on a wide range of non-contentious matters. Also, our international reach provides solutions to our clients’ business needs in several jurisdictions. Our advice is comprehensive, including a range of services; Commercial and administrative litigation; Drafting and reviewing contracts; The negotiation of commercial contracts relating to the production; Sale and distribution of services and products, including agency and franchising agreements; The adaptation of contracts governed by laws other than Turkish law and practice; General corporate advice; Franchising and distribution; Consumer law; and, Litigation arising in connection with the performance of such contracts.

- Company Law

We provide advice to foreign investors to develop strategies for operating in Turkey under the most suitable corporate structure. We also assist on every stage of company formation in Turkey. Our assistance includes: Legal and strategic advice on investment in Turkey; Company Formation; Drafting the Articles of Association (Incorporation) and granting assistance throughout the process; Drafting all other documents required for the incorporation; Arranging Public Notary procedures and certified translations (if required); Offering a Virtual Office for your company (if required); Setting up a bank account; and, Recommending a certified accountant.

- Corporate / M&A

Ketenci & Ketenci is one of Turkey's prominent law firms in Merger and Acquisition transactions. The firm's core practice is advising and representing clients in transactions, in particular national and cross-border mergers, acquisitions and takeovers and our clients include both local and foreign entities. Ketenci & Ketenci's M&A teams advise on national and cross-border transactions, including private M&A, public tender offers, transactions for listed companies, private equity and venture capital transactions, auction sales, privatizations, strategic alliances and joint ventures. General corporate work includes structuring and introducing corporate compliance programs.

- Debt Collection

We proactively assist and act on behalf of our clients within the whole elements of debt collection and debt recovery procedure in Turkey. Our advice usually covers these stages: Pre-trial proceedings: including sending official notifications/demand letters to the debtor and fulfilling all the necessary formalities before the eventual trial is commenced; Representation during trial. In situation where the debtor does not willingly return the debt, we are able to provide representation during trial; Post-trial proceedings. This includes any possible steps necessary to the enforcement of favorable decision issued by the Turkish Courts related to the actual recuperation of the debt.

- Employment / Labor Law

It is crucially important for all employers to understand and comply with labor law. The same applies to employees as well. Our advice on employment law includes: Accidents at work; Employment contracts; Employment litigation; Mobbing; and, Wrongful and unfair dismissal.

- Energy Law

We provide advice to energy producers, energy traders and grid companies on various issues concerning Energy Law in Turkey: Authorization and incorporation of carriers, traders and external agents necessary formalities before the eventual trial is commenced; Construction, development and operation of gas and electricity power stations; Third-party access to networks, supply and trading contracts; Financing of new power stations; Acquisition and sale of energy-related assets; Advice on regulatory issues; Multi-utility legal matters; Assistance for the purchase of goods and services for the energy sector; Assistance in connection with arbitration processes; Litigation.

- Immigration Law

We counsel corporations, start-up businesses and entrepreneurial individuals regarding Turkish and global immigration. Our services includes: Advising on obtaining residency & working permits in Turkey; Recruitment advice; Assisting on UK Immigration; and, US Immigration advice.

- Insurance Law

We assist our clients on claims arising from insurance contracts and also advise on subrogated and non-subrogated claims. Our advice on insurance practice also includes: Insurance claims arising of commercial law; Aviation insurance; Transportal insurance; Shipping insurance; and, Personal injury claims.

- Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law

We understand our client’s compelling needs on IP and IT law issues, and offer practical advice and efficient service tailored to the needs of the client, whether large or small. Our global reach, though a very extensive network of contacts, is of great value to the businesses of our clients. Our advice on Intellectual Property and Information Technology law includes: Advising on trademark licensing; Copyright; Breach of licensed Litigation infringements; Collection of damages; Publishing contracts; Patent & design rights; Submitting applications in Turkey and foreign jurisdictions; Ownership rights in software or other technology products; Data protection; Software license and distribution agreements; E-commerce law; and, General terms of use and general terms of sale for websites.

- Litigation / Dispute Resolution

Litigation demands a very specific set of skills and a special approach. We offer our clients a wealth of experience and expertise in both international and local disputes. We counsel clients about disputes, seeking the most effective way to resolve them, taking legal action for them where necessary but also considering mediation when possible. In this respect, we represent our clients: On a wide range of civil, commercial and administrative disputes and proceedings; Before all Turkish Courts including the Turkish Supreme Court; Before European Court of Human Rights; and, In debt recovery procedures.

- Real Estate / Property Law

Purchasing and selling property abroad may be both exciting and terrifying. Relying on our guidance will make this experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We also have significant expertise in construction law, and advise individuals as well as major construction companies in relation to their real-estate projects. Our service is effective in minimizing the risk and addressing our clients’ ongoing and emerging requirements, including: Due diligence on the property itself and the real estate agency; Providing proactive solutions regarding mortgages and loans; Dealing with contracts; Concluding the purchase; Representing client before Deed Office; Representing client before Notary; Completing all and necessary registrations.

- Shipping / Maritime Law

Shipping law predominantly involves a set of complex and highly technical laws and regulations, and cases frequently cover multiple jurisdictions. Careful consideration of where and how to claim is extremely important, and time is always critical. Ship finance is in itself a whole area of special expertise. We fully understand our clients’ special needs in these areas and assist them with a proactive approach. We offer a comprehensive advice and unique level of service on: Ship arrestment and release procedure; Sale and purchase of ships; Ship leasing and financing; Closing procedure; Ship registration; Contracts for the construction, conversion and repair of ships; Drafting and negotiating shipping related contracts; Cargo Claims; Liability insurers; Salvage and collision; Carriage of goods; Passengers claims; General average; and, Marine insurance.


Guvenc Ketenci Mr. Guvenc Ketenci
Admiralty and Maritime, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Appellate Practice, Arbitration

Mehmet Ketenci Mr. Mehmet Ketenci
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Practice, Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy


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Articles Published by Ketenci & Ketenci

 Solar Power in Turkey in Light of Recent Developments

With a rapidly growing economy, Turkey has become one of the fastest-growing energy markets in the world. Over the last decade, Turkey has been the second country after China, in terms of natural gas and electricity demand increase. Turkey is expected to become one of the most dynamic energy economies of the world in this respect.

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 Litigation Finance in Turkey

In the event of a legal action or execution proceedings, it is the claimant party who cover the litigation costs at the beginning, in Turkey. The claimant may request the reimbursement of certain costs from the defendant at the end of the proceedings, if it is resolved in favor of the claimant.

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 Natural Gas Market in Light of the Menr’s Strategic Plan in Turkey

Ministry of Energy (“MENR”) published its Strategic Plan for 2015-2019 which has been designed as a strategic road map, by taking the global developments in the field of energy and natural resources into consideration and defining the sources owned by Turkey and its specific needs for determining the targets for meeting these needs in maximum level.

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 Sukuk (Islamic) Bond Issuance in Turkey

In this memorandum, the mechanics of Sukuk Issuance is broadly outlined and some key information is provided about the regulations on sukuk issuance in TR.

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 Canada Investor Immigration Program

Canada offers an “investor immigration program” for business entrepreneurs, self-employed person and investors coming from outside Canada who can substantially invest in Canadian economy and development which includes creating new jobs and businesses.

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 EB-6 Start Up Visa Proposal in Turkey

Under U.S. immigration law, temporary visas are considered to be ill-suited for entrepreneurs. Startups have been shown to be responsible for much of the net increase in employment in some recent years in USA. Therefore it is in the interest of policymakers to encourage entrepreneurs to start new businesses in the United States, by offering a startup visa.

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 The New International Labor Law and the Turquoise Card System in Turkey

With the increasing flow of FDI into Turkey in the past decade, the number of international employees have substantially escalated within the Turkish companies. In 2003, the government introduced the previous Law on the Foreigners’ Work Permit (No. 4817) in order to meet the needs of the market by allowing the employment of the foreign employees and to comply with the relevant international standards.

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 Turkish Zoning Law

A country shall have regular human settlements and certain bordered zones, in order to provide a healthy environment and create feasible investment areas. For the purposes of meeting with the needs of the number of population in a rapid way, lands of the country should be planned and developed within the frame of specified master projects.

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 Legal Aspects of Real Estate Purchase of Foreign-Capital Companies in Turkey

Due to Turkey’s rapidly financial growth and increasing population, real estate market has been developing for last five years.

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 Wind Power in Turkey

Due to the increasing energy gap arising from industrial and technological developments of Turkey, the demand on electric energy has been increasing year for year and new investments in power generation are required.

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 Solar Power Tenders in Turkey

Establishment of solar powers with a view to operating in electricity market is regulated in Electricity Market Code (the “Code”) law no. 6446.

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 Solar Power Plants in Turkey

Numerous countries have been in an energy transition in recent years due to the decreasing capacity of primary energy resources such as natural gas, oil and coal and also in order to contribute to the prevention of climatic changes arising from the use of primary energy resources. In this connection, the importance of energy production from renewable resources has come into question also in Turkey.

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 Recognition of Foreign Judgements in Turkey

According to Turkish Private International Law (“Law”), a foreign judgments may be executed. The execution of the judgments in Turkey rendered by the foreign courts in relation to the civil actions and finalized in accordance with the laws of that state depends upon the rendering of the exequatur by the competent Turkish court.

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 Real Estate Sector in Turkey

Turkey has experienced a profound economic transformation since the past decade and its economic fundamentals are rather stable. It is the 17th biggest economy in the world and also 6th biggest economy in Europe with a GDP of approximately USD 786 billion. The real estate sector in Turkey represents 19.5% of the total GDP.

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 Real Estate Market in Turkey

No doubt the global economic recession and crisis have affected the European and US real estate markets. On the other hand, the real estate markets in emerging markets like Turkey are still promising despite the global crisis. In last decade, international real estate market has significantly developed in Turkey. Accordingly, the interest of local and foreign investors in the real estate market progressively increased every year.

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 Mergers and Acquisitions in Turkey

Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) is defined as the combining of two or more companies or buying-selling or dividing of two or more companies as a part of corporate finance in order to grow rapidly in business field of activity.

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 Termination of Distribution Agreements under Turkish Law

In international or local trade relations, termination of distribution agreements especially by manufacturers come frequently to the fore.

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 Distribution Agreements in Turkish Law

Due to developments particularly in telecommunication technologies and transport since last century, more products have been demanded by customers in other countries than their place of manufacture.

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 Latest Developments in Banking Finance in Turkey

The New Communiqué on the Principles Regarding Securities Investment Trusts has been published in the Official Gazette numbered 29368 (hereinafter referred as to “Communiqué”) on 27 May 2015.

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 Debt Collection in Turkey

Under Turkish Law, a creditor is granted the right to collect its receivable in two ways. Firstly, it can initiate litigation procedures by filing an action of debt before local courts. The other way is to initiate executive enforcement proceedings (enforcement proceedings without judgement) before execution offices.

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 Latest Investments in Turkey

As is known, Turkey is one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors. Due to the new investment incentive system which has been regulated in the Council of Ministers’ Decision numbered 2012/3305, investments stated in the legislation are supported by the government with respect to their region, capacity and subject in various aspects such as fiscal incentives and land allocation.

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 Incorporation of Investment Enterprises in Turkey

Investment companies or funds within the frame of the Capital Markets Law.

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 Renewable Energy in Turkey

Energy Market Preferred by Foreign Investors Also in 2015

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 Franchising in Turkey

Franchise sector in Turkey has been in a rapid growth in the recent years. As of 2014, there were approximately 1850 chain of enterprises in Turkey, 24% of which are foreign trademarks and the number of foreign investors intending to franchise in Turkey has been increasing year by year.

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 Validity of Foreign Court Decisions in Turkey

Increase in international trade, people living abroad for various reasons and the disappearance of borders by time has resulted that the legal relationships and disputes not confined in one country or state. This situation has highlighted the difference between the national legal systems.

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 New Turkish Commercial Code

The new Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 (the “New TCC”) was promulgated in the Official Gazette on February 14, 2011 and has entered into force as of July 1, 2012. On the other hand, some of the provisions therein will be effective on different dates.

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 Aircraft Finance in Turkey

Since aircrafts are high priced, airlines usually prefer different financing methods than payment for their fleet in cash. Apart from payment in cash, there are different means of aircraft finance.

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 Oil & Gas Regulations in Turkey

The first step towards natural gas transportation and trade in Turkey was taken with the 25-year contract signed between BOTAŞ and Soyuzgaz Export (USSR) in 1986. The first actual natural gas import was carried out it 1987.

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The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (“Hague Convention”) is an international treaty, the source of Apostille, drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law on October 5, 1961.

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 Corporate Immigration in Turkey

An increasing number of people from various parts of the world are moving to Turkey to start a new life, to work or even to find peace of mind for their retirements.

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 Purchasing Property in Turkey

Real estate acquisition by foreign real persons in turkey Real estate law has been regulated within the Civil Code according to the Turkish regulations. It is intended to provide a wide understanding on property purchasing and selling procedures in Turkey, either for real and legal persons within this article.

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