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Kirm & Perpar, Ltd. Overview

Kirm & Perpar, Ltd. is a full-service law firm based in Ljubljana, Slovenia that provides legal services and representation to clients throughout the surrounding region. Practice areas include banking and finance, competition and antitrust, corporate and commercial law, employment and immigration, intellectual property, real estate, tax law, energy and infrastructure, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, aviation and logistics, litigation, and other dispute resolution, and more.

Founding partner Andrej Kirm has extensive experience in the field of corporate and commercial law, and both he and partner Matej Perpar have worked at some of the most pre-eminent law firms in Slovenia; Mr. Kirm is also a member of the New York State Bar Association.

Kirm & Perpar is a member of SELA, a regional network of independent law firms advising clients on their operations throughout southeast Europe, now spanning across eight jurisdictions. The firm is also a member of Grimaldi Legal Alliance, which bring presence in a growing number of countries; direct involvement with highly-qualified national professionals; and a one-stop shop for clients who need to monitor their cross-border investments.

Languages: German, Croatian, Serbian, English.

Kirm & Perpar, Ltd. Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Agriculture & Food Processing; Automotive & Manufacturing; Pharmaceuticals; Energy & Infrastructure; Leisure; Competition & Antitrust Law; Private Equity; Energy & Infrastructure; Media & Technology; Data Protection; Environmental Law & ESG; Dispute Resolution; Retail & Consumer Goods; Public Procurement.

Kirm & Perpar, Ltd. Areas of Law Description

In Kirm Perpar we offer our Clients the following services:

- Corporate Law

• All tasks relating to the incorporation process such as the drafting, filing and amendment of articles of incorporation, appointment of executive personnel, preparation of meetings, voting, and so on.
• Due diligence reviews of companies and other forms of economic subjects.
• Contribution of assets.
• Advice as to intra- and inter-company procedures and acts and the preparation of any related documents.
• Short-term and long-term capital financing operations.
• Strategic structuring of companies and their affiliates.
• Drafting of shareholder agreements.
• Advice and assistance connected with the day-to-day operations of companies.
• Litigation concerning various corporate disputes such as assignments of shares, disputes between partners, dismissal of company representatives.
• Dissolution and liquidation of companies.

- Mergers and Acquisitions

• Due diligence reviews.
• Mergers and restructurings of companies: drafting of agreements, audits of acquisitions, assignment of goodwill or sector of activity, separation of assets, and so on.
• Joint ventures.
• Acquisition of permits from the necessary regulatory bodies.
• Taking of (majority/minority) participations.

- Civil Law, Commercial Law

• Review of contracts and assessment of legal risks.
• Negotiations.
• Preparation of agreements.
• Keeping companies informed about new regulations that pertain to their business.
• Implementation of general conditions.
• Evaluation of litigation or pre-litigation situations.
• Management of litigation matters before civil and commercial courts.
• Implementation of arbitration proceedings.

- Employment Law

• Contracts of employment: drafting, amendment
• Manager contracts of employment and regulation of status of company executives
• Preparation of collective agreements, general acts, rule books and other employer's acts
• Termination of employment contracts
• Preparation and optimization of employment consequences of reorganizations and corporate restructurings
• Disciplinary proceedings
• Health and safety, working conditions
• Resolution of collective conflicts
• Anti-mobbing programs
• Representation of employers and employees at court and other competent bodies.

- Information Technology Law

• Copyright: legal protection and contractual transfer of rights.
• Neighboring rights of copyright (performing artists, audiovisual communications companies, producers of video recordings, producers of sound recordings).
• Patents: legal protection and contractual transfer of rights.
• Models: legal protection and contractual transfer of rights.
• Trademark: legal protection and contractual transfer of rights.
• Assessment of legal risk when dealing with rights of intellectual property in the field of information technology.
• Internet matters.
• Protection of trade secrets (such as those related to software and data bases).
• Web authoring.
• Unfair competition and misrepresentation.
• Joint ownership issues.
• Auditing intellectual property ownership for financing, mergers, divestitures.
• Commercialization of software.
• Software development & maintenance arrangements.
• Hardware & infrastructure acquisition and services.
• Dispute resolution (negotiations, mediation, arbitration & litigation).

- Intellectual Property Law

• Trademark law.
• Patent and design patents law.
• Copyright law.
• Schedule of fees and charges.
• Trademark portfolio strategy and management.
• Selection and searching of trademarks.
• Protection of established trademarks and brands from third party unauthorized use.
• Acquisition of, licensing of, and other transactions relating to trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, and patents.
• Counseling relating to trademark usage, policies and practices.

- Real Estate Law

• Acquisition, sale, exchange and other means of conveyance of real estate.
• Entries in the land register.
• Mortgages.
• Division and entry in the land register of floor ownership.
• Representation in all kind of matters regarding acquisition, sale, exchange and other means of conveyance of real estate.

- Debt Collection

• Analyzing the solvency of debtors.
• Pursuing debtors with the aim of reclaiming monies due and owing.
• Contacting debtors
• Performing execution procedures
• Purchase of debts

- Bankruptcy Law

• Due-diligence reviews.
• Risk analysis and analysis of required actions.
• Counseling regarding restructuring.
• Defense of shareholders, creditors, contracting parties and executives interests.


Jan Gorjup Jan Gorjup
Arbitration, Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Business Law, Commercial Law

Andrej Kirm Andrej Kirm
Administrative Law, Admiralty and Maritime, Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy

Matej Perpar Matej Perpar
Business Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Corporate Litigation, Government


Sana Koudila Sana Koudila
Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Commercial Law


Primož Krpic Primož Krpic
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Employment, Immigration, Intellectual Property

Kirm & Perpar, Ltd. Affiliations

  • Slovenian Bar Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce
  • German Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia

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