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Klest Injury Law Firm has over twenty-four years of experience representing clients in a variety of personal injury claims, including motor vehicle accidents, dangerous products, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, sexual abuse, and other accidents.

We have offices throughout Chicago, Schaumburg, and the suburbs of Chicago for your convenience. We represent victims of serious personal injury throughout the Chicago metropolitan area and Illinois. Mr. Klest aggressively advocates for accident victims and handles most personal injury matters, including auto accident claims, birth injuries, and medical malpractice. He has received an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the national rating service for attorneys.

In order to determine the appropriate rating for an attorney, Martindale-Hubbell performs extensive and confidential peer reviews of members of the attorney’s State bar. The AV rating is the highest possible rating. It identifies an attorney as having a very high to preeminent legal ability, and is a reflection of the attorney’s expertise, experience, integrity and overall professional excellence.

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Articles Published by Klest Injury Law Firm

 The Value of a Person: Wrongful Death Awards in Illinois

When a family loses a loved one as a result of negligence, the wounds can go far deeper than money and the consequences are likely to resonate over many years for surviving family members.

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 A Treatment Tragedy: When Medical Negligence Leads to Wrongful Death

When medical negligence leads to the death of a loved one, it can be a shocking event.

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 Parents of Teen Drivers and Liability in Illinois

Parties to an accident may try to hold parents responsible for damage caused by their teenage driver.

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 Illinois Time Limits on Filing Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

In general, Illinois residents have two years from the date of the accident to bring a claim for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident. However, in some cases, the time to file is much less.

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 The Statute of Limitations for Childhood Sexual Abuse in Illinois

Sexual abuse is a devastating event. It can have lasting physical, mental, and emotional consequences. And when a child is abused, it often takes years and even decades to fully uncover the damage. Abusers must be held accountable for the damage they have caused to the people they have abused. This article will discuss the statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse in Illinois.

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 Preserving Claims in the Aftermath of a Motorcycle Accident

In 2007, over 100,000 motorcyclists were injured in traffic accidents as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This was a 94% increase from 1997. Other drivers are responsible for almost 70% of motorcycle accidents and failure to see motorcyclists in traffic is the leading cause.

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Videos Provided by Klest Injury Law Firm

Testimonial for Joe Klest

MALE VOICE: For myself, it was very, very difficult for me to reach out for help. I actually chose Joe Klest because he came very highly regarded. After talking with Joe, I realized that he's not like any other attorney that I've ever talked to. He's very special. And the reason why I say, special, is because of the fact that he'll listen to me. I was told that this is an attorney that I could sit down with, I could talk to, I could just let it all out. I am recommending Joe Klest because of many, many reasons. He was there with me at seminars, workshops; he's someone that I could call any time, any place, any day. He's an individual that needs to be recognized. He's a real attorney, a real attorney. I've spoken with a lot of attorneys and after sitting and talking over and over, for hours, I made my decision and my decision was to have Joe Klest representing me. I just can't say enough. He's just one of a kind. He's one of a kind.
GRAPHIC: [JK JOSEPH KLEST Attorney at Law Chicago Area 312-380-5467 Western Suburbs 708-550-4548 North West Suburbs 847-969-9510 Serving Chicago and the Surroundings Areas www.ChicagoTrialLaw.com]

Chicago Abogado Joseph Klest Accidentes Lesiones

SYLVIA LOZANO: Yo he sido asistente legal por más de 15 años. En mi
experiencia, el abogado Klest es muy honesto, muy trabajador y, más
de todo, trata a toda la persona con respeto. El abogado Klest se
crió en Chicago, en la ciudad. Su papá era maestro de escuela
pública. Él también trabajó en construcción y tiene bastante
experiencia en esa área. Pero más de todo, tiene más de 26 años
trabajando en lesiones personales. Pues, usted tendría una consulta
con el abogado Klest. En esa consulta, él le dice si él cree que
usted tiene un caso o no.
Si él piensa que usted no necesita un abogado, entonces, él le va a
dar una recomendación de lo que usted necesita hacer para llevar a
cabo su caso sin un abogado. Si es que necesita un abogado,
entonces, el abogado Klest se tendría que meter en el caso
inmediatamente para preservar cualquier evidencia que haya en el
caso. Usted no tiene que pagar nada. El abogado paga todos los
costos del caso y todos los costos y los honorarios del abogado
salen del caso al final. Tenemos oficinas en Chicago y en los
suburbios, aunque el abogado Klest está dispuesto a verse con usted
donde usted esté más confortable.
Le recomendamos al abogado Klest. Él tratará a toda persona con el
respeto que se merece. Llámenos para una consulta. Estamos aquí
para ayudarle.
[GRAPHIC: Joseph Klest, attorney at law. Chicago area 312-380-5467
Western Suburbs 708-550-4548 North West Suburbs 866-571-7184.
Serving Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Sexual Abuse Victims Letter

JOSEPH KLEST: One of the injury fields that I'm most known for and I have somewhat of a national reputation in, is handling civil sexual abuse claims. I handled one of the first sexual abuse claims, in 1991, involving a Roman Catholic Priest. Since then I've handled well over 150 civil sexual abuse cases involving priests, teachers, family members. I was one of the co-authors of Senate Bill 1035, which resulted in the 2003 amendments to this sexual abuse statute of limitations. The real social significance of the expanded sexual abuse statute of limitations that we got passed in 2003, is that when someone is molested, as a child, it often takes decades for them to come to grips with it and to summon the courage to take steps against their perpetrator. What happened in decades, and even centuries past, is that when people who were molested as a child came forward, it was often too late. Lawyers would say the statue of limitations has expired; prosecutors wouldn't prosecute. With the change in the statute of limitations there was much more time for the victim to come to grips and really understand that they were the victim. Sexual abuse is extremely hard on children and when they reach young adulthood, I mean, I still get calls from people who are 40 and 50-years old who feel that the sexual abuse they suffered when they were 12, 13, 14-years old, has completely altered their life. It has a profound impact on the way they develop and the way they grow, and the earlier it's stopped the better. Or the earlier that the victim is supported by society, either through a lawsuit or the criminal court system, or just family members rallying around them, the better. So I would encourage anyone who is the victim of sexual abuse, either currently or in the past, call me or even email me. You can do it anonymously. You don't have to hire me. I can advise you on what your options are and maybe start you on the road to healing.
GRAPHIC: [JK JOSEPH KLEST Attorney at Law Chicago Area 312-380-5467 Western Suburbs 708-550-4548 North West Suburbs 847-969-9510 Serving Chicago and the Surroundings Areas www.ChicagoTrialLaw.com]

Medical Malpractice Attorney at Law, Chicago Area

JOSEPH KLEST: When someone's been injured, through the negligence through a doctor or a nurse, or a hospital, it's really important to talk to an experienced attorney immediately. Often, we need to get the records right away, you may even make a decision about future medical care based on the advice of the attorney. I would urge anyone who feels they've been the victim of medical negligence, to contact me immediately. We can discuss whether or not they should get an attorney right away and what they should do in terms of staying with their current doctor or trying to find someone who might be less biased.
GRAPHIC: [JK JOSEPH KLEST Attorney at Law Chicago Area 312-380-5467 Western Suburbs 708-550-4548 North West Suburbs 866-571-7184 Serving Chicago and the Surroundings Areas www.ChicagoTrialLaw.com]

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Joseph Klest

JOSEPH KLEST: When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident, car accident, truck accident, motorcycle, even a train or a plane accident, it's really important that they consult with an attorney right away. In many of these cases, evidence can be lost within days if somebody hasn't preserved it. It's not always necessary to hire a lawyer right away but it's really important to consult with one who's knowledgeable and understands when and in what circumstances evidence needs to be preserved. I would urge anyone who's been injured in any type of motor vehicle accident to contact me immediately. It's not always necessary that they hire an attorney, but it's really important that they speak to someone like me, who is experienced and can tell them whether or not they have to save the evidence.
GRAPHIC: [JK JOSEPH KLEST Attorney at Law Chicago Area 312-380-5467 Western Suburbs 708-550-4548 North West Suburbs 866-571-7184 Serving Chicago and the Surroundings Areas www.ChicagoTrialLaw.com]

Hiring a Lawyer is a Difficult Decision

JOSEPH KLEST: One of the first things that people want to know when they're injured is do they need to hire a lawyer right away. In some cases it's extremely important to get a lawyer right away; in some cases they can wait. But they should always contact a lawyer to get a consultation to determine whether or not there's additional investigation that needs to be done. You can bet that there's an insurance adjustor, as you're watching this video, out there gathering statements, collecting evidence, to minimize the claim. So I would always urge people to call me for a free consultation, at least to determine whether or not there's some additional investigation that needs to be completed to preserve the integrity of their case.
GRAPHIC: [Contact Attorney Immediately, No Cost Consultation, Preserve Your Right to Be Compensated]
JOSEPH KLEST: You have to understand that hiring a lawyer is a very difficult decision. Most people have not had experience doing that and they're scared by it; they don't really know what to do. I think it's important that people are comfortable with their lawyer, that they can talk to their lawyer, and more importantly, that they're confident that their lawyer has the experience and expertise necessary to prosecute their case. I've been handling injury cases for over 26-years, in and around Chicago land. I've even represented lawyers, I've represented the children of lawyers. More importantly, from my perspective, though, clients are not all the same. They're all individuals; they have individual needs. Some people have financial hardships and where possible, I try to accommodate that.
GRAPHIC: [Three Decades of Experience, Individual Treatment, Financial Hardships Addressed]
JOSEPH KLEST: I try to tailor each case to the individual needs of the individual client.
GRAPHIC: [JK JOSEPH KLEST Attorney at Law Chicago Area 312-380-5467 Western Suburbs 708-550-4548 North West Suburbs 866-571-7184 Serving Chicago and the Surroundings Areas www.ChicagoTrialLaw.com]

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