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Kocali Law Office was established by Lawyer Mr. M. Kaan Kocali in 1997.

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 Relationships between Defense Counsel and Suspect at the Investigation Phase in Terrorist Crimes - Turkey

Organized Crimes and fight against such crimes which are at the top of the agenda in our country in the recent days, rights of suspect and counsel creating the defense side are very important. Differences are noticed in the regulations on this matter between simple (petty) offenses and organized crimes.

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 Fight Against Piracy

Nowadays, the most significant efforts and works for preservation of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights have been carried out under the headline of “Fight Against Piracy”. Considering the fact that pirated (counterfeited) materials could be easily accessed nationwide even at the smallest towns, the stage arrived in the fight against piracy may easily be assessed.

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 A Pragmatic Looking at Merger (joining) of Professional Associations

Intellectual property Rights, i.e. property rights acquired from the Work of Art, are the fundamental human rights which are adhered strictly to the Author and which are vested in human being by birth. Wit this qualification however naturally it took its place in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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 Importance of Professional Associations' Merger under the Roof of Federation

At the point reached today it is realized that great and utmost efforts must be exercised for ensuring that Professional Associations should take much more effective role in the protection of property rights of Owners of the Works of Art and related Right Holders.

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 Impediments in Implementations of Combat against Pirate and Proposals for Solution - Turkey

Today, the most significant studies oriented towards protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights have been carried out under the heading “Combat Against Pirate”. Considering the fact that in general pirate music or motion picture materials, or pirate printed books could easily reach at the smallest districts all over Turkey, the phase attained in the combat against pirate can also be easily assessed.

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