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Kosmidis & Partners has been providing specialized services based on a profound knowledge of the different legal systems and various cultural spheres since 1992, and act as international consultants on bi-national legal issues. All our staff has an intercultural background and specializes in

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 Business Entities in Greece

Greek company law provides several options for establishing a business entity in Greece. Greek company law provides for companies incorporated in Greece to be either personal or capital-based. The basic business entities under Greek law, similar to French, are:

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 Debt Recovery and Litigation in Greece

Successful debt recovery in Greece is dependent on many factors; a creditor must choose carefully which law firm will handle his debt collection case, in order to ensure successful collection. - Out-of Court Debt Recovery - Debt recovery in Greece is mainly handled by law firms; while debt recovery agencies do exist, the relevant legislation is fairly recent providing for special requirements for their establishment and operation, and, thus, are not so common in Greece.

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 Photovoltaic Investments in Greece

The photovoltaic market in Greece offers great opportunities for investors, as it is expected to rise significantly within the coming years. Greece has grown to be one of the major investment destinations for solar energy production in the European Union; it is the southernmost country of EU, with almost 300 days of sunshine per year, and thus a massive potential for photovoltaic investments.

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 Buying property in Greece

This text provides a brief and concise description of the necessary steps for the acquisition of real estate property in Greece.

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