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Lansky, Ganzger & Partner

Biberstrasse 5
Vienna 1010

Lansky, Ganzger & Partner Overview

With more than 100 employees and lawyers from more than 20 countries, Lansky, Ganzger + partner (LGP) ranks among the biggest corporate law firms in Austria and Slovakia. The firm, with offices in Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Nur-Sultan (Astana, Kazakhstan) and Skopje (North Macedonia), has many years of in-depth experience, It provides its clients with individual, strategic and pragmatic all-in-one solutions. LGP works closely with external specialists and has a global, cross-border network of advisors. The firm's integrated approach is consciously chosen and is quite distinct from the general standard of conventional, purely legal advice.

Excellent lawyers, tailor-made solutions, international branch offices: that's what you can expect from a leading corporate law firm such as Lansky, Ganzger + partner. Our decisive added value for you is LGP’s approach of "Being right by thinking laterally". By this, we mean the ability to combine everything we have in order to find the best solution. Our team of lateral thinkers consists of more than 100 legal experts and support professionals. For the advantage of our valuable clients, we practice this approach as we preach it.

For you as our client, this means ensuring that your interests are represented by lawyers who can think across all industries, disciplines and systems – combined with business pragmatism. Almost one third of the lawyers at Lansky, Ganzger + partner previously gained professional experience in highly specialised subjects – from medicine to journalism and music. They practice this knowledge in their work as lawyers. That's what unconventional ingredients wanting for the most successful solution look like!

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