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Law Office of Daphne I. Siopi & Associates Overview

Law Office of Daphne I. Siopi & Associates is located in Thessaloniki, Greece and offers a variety of legal services, including civil law, corporate/commercial law, banking, labor law, immigration, administrative law, and other services for companies and professionals.

Daphne Siopi, LLM Lawyer, has been registered with the Thessaloniki Bar Association since 2013. With her extensive knowledge, she has handled a variety of legal cases mainly related to civil, commercial, administrative, and individual law and litigation. Her mission is to meet clients’ needs through a focus on high and continuous training, specialization, and understanding all facets of each case.

With a client-centered and individualized approach, Law Office of Daphne I. Siopi & Associates focuses on communication and contact with clients. The firm is committed to high levels of service and responsibility while working to effectively represent clients’ interests for their legal matters.

Year this Office was Established: 2013

Languages: English, German, Greek.

Law Office of Daphne I. Siopi & Associates Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Civil Law; Labor Law; Family Disputes; Adoption; Appellate Practice; Claiming Accrued Earnings; Termination of Employment Contract; Employee Compensation for Accidents; Collective Redundancies; Employment Pension & Insurance Issues; Banking Contracts; Bank Loan Agreements; Residence Permits; Naturalization; Acquisition of Greek Citizenship; Family Reunification; Investment-Based Immigration; Employment-Based Immigration; Family-Based Immigration; Lease Disputes; Lease Pay Orders; Lease Adjustment Lawsuits; Urban & Commercial Lease; Real Estate Titles; Cadastral Declarations and Records; County & Property Lawsuits; Planning & Zoning Law; Paternity; Guardianship; International Child Abduction; Recognition of Foreign Judgments; Road Accidents Claims; Tax Offenses.


Daphne Siopi Ms. Daphne Siopi
Administrative Law, Banking and Finance, Business Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law

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Articles Published by Law Office of Daphne I. Siopi & Associates

Tax Liability of Digital Nomads in Greece

Following the outbreak of the COVID 19-pandemic, many people all around the globe were forced to work remotely and adjust into a new lifestyle. A new reality was about to become a part of our lives, and hence several countries took advantage of the momentum.

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Golden Visa in Greece: a Guide to the New Rules

Greece's Golden Visa policy has been one of the most successful residency by investment programs in Europe. Since its launch in 2013, it has attracted thousands of foreign investors to the country, providing them with a fast-track option to obtain a residency permit by investing in Greek real estate. The program has been instrumental in boosting the Greek economy and creating jobs in the real estate and construction sectors.

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Retire in Greece: Attractive Tax Scheme for Foreigners

As the famous Greek poet Odysseas Elytis who won the Nobel Prize in Literature (1979) once said "If you disconnect Greece, in the end you will see an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. Which means: with so many more you make it again". A phrase which summarizes the pure beauty of Greece and warmly welcomes retirees to spend their twilight years. Greece with its waterfront real estate on sunny beaches is the perfect choice for a pensioner who wishes to enjoy a peaceful pace of life. Breathtaking landscapes, tranquility and a quiet lifestyle are among the numerous advantages that Greece has to offer.

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National Visa and Residence Permit in Greece for Digital Nomads: All the Requirements and the Procedure

A major innovation in Greek immigration legislation is the recent introduction of a new category of national visa (type D visa) for Digital Nomads (Law 4825/2021). The provision of this category is intended to attract well-to-do professionals to Greece, who are given incentives to move their tax residence here.

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The New Provisions for the Greek Golden Visa by Investing in Shares and Bonds

Under the explicit provision of the law No 4605/2019, a third-country national who has invested in one of the following new investment categories, subject to the specific conditions stipulated therein, is allowed to enter and reside in Greece:

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Greek Golden Visa Program: How to Immigrate to Greece by Purchasing Property

Article 20B of Law 4251/2014 allows to third-country nationals to obtain a residence permit in Greece if they invest in real estate worth at least 250,000 Euros. Given that this category of residence permit is of interest to a very large number of our office customers, we have gathered the main questions addressed to us and we briefly give you the answers to them:

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Greek Citizenship for Descendants of Greek Citizens: Prerequisites and Procedure

Nowadays the acquisition of Greek citizenship and furthermore the possession of Greek passport and identity has emerged as one of the greatest wishes of the Greek expatriate since it is associated with significant advantages, the most important of which is the free movement within the European Union.

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Residence Permit in Greece to Family Members of a Greek Citizen: Prerequisites and Procedure

The Greek Immigration Code (Law 4251/2014) provides the possibility of granting a residence permit to third-country (non-EU) nationals who are family members of a Greek citizen. These foreigners can get permanent residency in Greece, provided that they are staying in Greece.

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Are You a Non-EU citizen Who Wants to Live in Greece? Ways to Get Permanent Residency in Greece

Nowadays more and more people choose to move permanently in Greece due to the advantages that Greece provides. Greece is one of the sunniest countries in Europe and offers a modern and high-quality lifestyle. Greece is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Zone, which means that every holder of a Greek residence permit can travel visa-free to all the Schengen countries for 90 days every semester.

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Greek Citizenship for People with Greek Origins

People from all around the world who have Greek origins quite often approach our firm in order to be informed about the procedure and the prerequisites of staking claim at the Greek citizenship. Most of them are people who were born outside from Greece to parents or grandparents or even great-grandparents who were Greek citizens.

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Greek Citizenship through Naturalization: Prerequisites and Process

One of the most common ways in which a foreign citizen can acquire the Greek citizenship is naturalization. Naturalization is the administrative act by which a State makes a foreigner a Greek citizen and equates him with his rights and obligations with other citizens of the Greek state.

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Residence permit in Greece for Economically Independent Persons (FIP)

According to article 20 of Law 4251/2014 (Immigration Code), citizens of third countries (non-EU) who are economically independent persons are eligible to obtain a residence permit in Greece if they have sufficient resources at a fixed annual income level to cover their living expenses, without having any work or independent economic or investment activity in Greece (high income pensioners etc.).

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Residence Permit in Greece by Civil Partnership: Questions & Answers

More and more clients of our office are interested in obtaining a residence permit in Greece based on a civil partnership, under the No. 23443/2011 Common Ministerial Decision.

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How to Apply for a Residence Permit in Greece Based on Civil Partnership

According to No. 23443/2011 Common Ministerial Decision, third-country citizens are allowed to enter and reside in Greece, on the condition that they are mates of a Greek or an EU citizen, with whom they maintain a stable relationship duly proved. The above non-EU citizens have the right to stay in Greece for up to three months per semester without any conditions or wording, if they are holders of a valid passport or visa and they accompany or go to meet the Greek or EU citizen.

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Residence Permit for Investment Activity in Greece

Investment activity for non-EU/EEA foreign investors in Greece has proven to be very appealing, since it combines a flexible, fast and relatively cheap procedure with the benefits of a very profitable solution. Nowadays, there are many investment opportunities in Greece in various fields, such as tourism, gastronomy, history and culture, communication technologies etc.

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The Attachment of Bank Accounts in Cross-Border Cases According to the European Regulation 655/2014

The new European Regulation 655/2014 which establishes a European Account Preservation Order procedure to facilitate cross-border debt recovery in civil and commercial matters came into force on 18 January 2017. The Regulation applies to monetary claims in civil and commercial cross-border cases.

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Golden Visa: Residence Permit for Real Estate Owners in Greece

A residence permit is any documentation issued by the Greek authorities, according to which a third country (non-EU) citizen is given the right to reside legally within the Greek territory. Different categories of residence permits exist, as well as different types of permit within each category. The recent Law 4251/2014 (Article 20) has established a new type of residence permit for real estate owners (Golden Visa).

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