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Law Firm Overview

Law Office of Steven Haney is primarily a criminal defense firm located in Joliet, Illinois and serving clients throughout Will County.
Practice areas encompass assault and battery, murder, weapons crimes, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, sex offenses, traffic violations, juvenile crimes, property and financial crimes, and other felonies and misdemeanors as well as drivers license reinstatement and expungements

Steven Haney has 30 years of experience including as a former Will County Prosecutor, giving him valuable insight into the prosecution’s tactics. He has dealt with the judges and prosecutors in Will County for many years and been involved in a number of widely publicized, high-profile criminal trials. Mr. Haney is certified by the Illinois Supreme Court to try death penalty cases and also has extensive experience practicing before the Illinois Secretary of State, helping people regain driving privileges after a DUI revocation,

Attorney Haney develops defense strategies designed to achieve the best possible outcomes. He ensures clients’ rights are protected and provides highly skilled and knowledgeable counsel and advocacy on their behalf.

Languages: Spanish, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Misdemeanor; Obstructing Justice / Resisting Arrest; Domestic Battery; DUI Breath Test Refusal; Field Sobriety Tests; Marijuana DUI; Felony DUI & Repeat Offenders; Drug Possession; Drug Cultivation / Manufacturing; Drug Distribution / Sale; Drug Trafficking; Internet Sex Crimes; Solicitation of a Minor; Sex Offender Registration; Traffic Offenses; Revoked / Suspended Driver’s License; C.D.L. Protection; Juvenile Drug Charges; Underage Drinking; Juvenile Assault Charges; Juvenile Weapon Offenses; Property / Financial Crimes; Forgery; Check Fraud; Residential Burglary; Car Burglary; Fatal Car Accidents; Drunk Driving Accidents; Driver Fatigue; Regulatory Violations; Injuries to Children; Playground & School Accidents; Sports Injuries; Dog Bites & Animal Attacks; Scaffolding Injuries.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Criminal Defense

At the Law Office of Steven Haney, we defend clients across Will County and the surrounding area against all types of criminal charges. You can count on us to pursue every available option in an effort to protect your interests. We represent clients in any criminal law matter, including:

* Felonies

Felony offense convictions are thought of as carrying mandatory prison time along with stiff fines and lengthy probation or parole restrictions. The punishment and lasting post punishment effects will impact your life tremendously, giving you lack of access to your family and dwindling chances for gainful employment.

* Misdemeanors

There are different levels of misdemeanors, the most serious of which would allow a court to hand down a more severe sentence. This is where the determined and detailed defense, we provide can be of benefit to clients with charges relating to any of the following practice areas: retail theft, shoplifting; marijuana possession; drug paraphernalia possession; weapons offenses; assault; battery; first offense, domestic battery; first offense, DUI.

* Domestic Violence

Our experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable approach to protecting your rights is sensitive to the many ways in which the private inner workings of a normally harmonious family can go wrong. We have successfully tried many cases involving the following: domestic battery; rape; spousal abuse; child abuse; stalking; harassment; assault or homicide and murder; violation of a restraining order.

* DUI/DWI Defense

Our skilled, creative DUI defense lawyer routinely handles DUI-related cases such as: driving under the influence of alcohol; driving under the influence of drugs; felony dui; driving on a suspended driver's license; juvenile matters (underage drinking); blood test; breathalyzer test; breath or blood test refusal; field sobriety test.

* Drug Crimes

Our firm has consistently and successfully represented Illinois clients facing drug crimes charges involving a variety of substances such as marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy. Our trial appearances have come in situations related to the following: drug or narcotics possession; drug possession with intent to deliver; delivery of controlled substances; drug trafficking; crystal meth use or manufacture; abuse of prescription medicines; drug probation violations.

* Sex Offenses

We will work to uncover any false allegations and work to clear your name so that you can begin to restore your reputation. We represent clients against all types of sex offense charges, including: sexual assault and abuse; child sexual abuse and pornography; internet sex crimes; solicitation of a minor; prostitution and solicitation.

* Traffic Offenses

At the Law Office of Steven Haney, our skilled and resourceful criminal law attorney routinely handles traffic offense cases involving: speeding or reckless driving; speeding in a construction zone; running a red light or stop sign; driving with a revoked or suspended driver's licenses; driving on an expired registration or plates; driving without proof of insurance; DUI/drunk driving; DUI/ illegal drugs; underage drinking and driving; hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident; vehicular homicide (reckless homicide).

* Juvenile Crimes

When someone under 17 years of age is alleged to have committed a crime, the subject is said to be a "delinquent." It's then a juvenile court's job to intercede and do what it can to correct the delinquency. Your child may be placed in juvenile detention for acts as seemingly spontaneous and insignificant as truancy.

* Property and Financial Crimes

Our firm represents clients in all types of complex property and financial crimes, including: forgery and identity theft; credit card theft and check fraud; embezzlement; retail fraud and shoplifting; computer crimes; burglary and theft, including residential burglary and car burglary.

* Expungements

Mr. Haney will take the time to explain your rights and provide a thorough review of your case. In general terms, if you were tried and found not guilty or the charges against you were dropped before trial, you can usually get the record expunged.

- Personal Injury

Our seasoned Joliet trial lawyer, Steven Haney, has more than 25 years of courtroom experience to use in preparing personal injury claims on behalf of injured clients in Illinois. We utilize our investigation and case preparation skills to prepare a solid claim in cases involving: car accidents; truck accidents; motorcycle accidents; slip and fall accidents; dog bites; accidents resulting from negligent security; recreational accidents; other serious accidents.


Steven Haney Mr. Steven C. Haney
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  • Will County Bar Association
  • Illinois State Bar Association
  • American Trial Lawyers Association
  • National Associations of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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This video describes the basics of getting your drivers license reinstated after being DUI revoked in the State of Illinois. Presented by attorney Steven Haney. It discusses the hearing process, the scope of a restricted driving permit, and fundamental strategies to win with the Illinois Secretary of State. For more information on Illinois drivers license reinstatement visit

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This video provides a basic overview of defending a drug case in Will County Illinois. Presented by criminal lawyer Steven Haney, a former prosecutor with over 25 years of courtroom experience in the Will County courts. It discusses how felony cases are classified in Illinois, as well as different strategies to obtain the best outcome for any drug and narcotic criminal case in the Joliet, Will County Court system.

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This video provides an overview of defending a DUI occurring in Will County, Illinois. Presented by criminal and DUI lawyer Steven Haney, it describes the nature of a "summary suspension". It also provides information on the driving permit issued during this suspension. Additional questions can be answered by calling attorney Steve Haney at (815) 723-5600 or by visiting

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