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The Law Offices of Steven M. DuBreuil, PLLC is an experienced, dedicated law firm located in Sandy, Utah. We work hard to provide a balance by making sure that the state plays by the rules. If they want to punish you, mar your record or take away your freedom, they'll have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Often, when we're involved, they cannot do so.

I am Steven M. DuBreuil, a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused. I represent good people who find themselves in bad situations. I listen to them; guide them through the legal process and work diligently to achieve a positive resolution to their problem.

Innocent people are arrested every day; most face excessive charges. You can get arrested on one person's word, on flawed evidence or by police officers who fail to follow the letter of the law. I represent clients for a reasonable fee and payment plans are available.

Never assume that your case is beyond hope. And never plead guilty without first speaking to a criminal defense lawyer. I can review your case, explain your options and protect your legal rights.

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 Heroin Use Increasing among Utah Teens

Low cost, savvy marketing and easy availability have made heroin the recent drug of choice for youths around the country, including Utah's Wasatch Front. Police have been alarmed by the level of sophistication involved in the drug rings, and the young age of the clientele.

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 Controversy Surrounding "No Refusal" Policy for DUI Suspects

Traditionally on New Year's Eve partygoers like to have a champagne toast to ring in the next year. For many, celebrations and drinking with friends and family continue long into the evening.

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 Montel Williams Fighting for Medical Marijuana Laws

Montel Williams, former talk show host, passionately advocated to lawmakers about the need for the legalization of medical marijuana in Maryland. For years, Williams has suffered from excruciating neuropathic pain because of multiple sclerosis. He has found marijuana to be the only drug to alleviate his suffering.

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