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The law offices of Vladimir Gagic has handled defendants in felony and misdemeanor cases ranging from DUI, assault, homicide, sex crimes, and Internet crimes. With previous trial experience as a Pima County public defender, Vladimir Gagic has represented hundreds of individuals in a wide range of

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 Sentencing in Arizona: What Does Time off for Good Behavior Really Mean?

Sentencing law in Arizona can be very confusing. What makes it even more confusing is some people are not sure when the will get out, and how much earlier they could get out if they behave well. What exactly does time off for good behavior really mean? What is early release?

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 Arizona Driving under the Influence of Drugs- ARS 28-1381(A)(3)

Why is does Arizona believe that driving the influence of an inactive metabolite- which is obviously a contradiction- is a crime?

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 The Difference between the MVD Administrative Suspension and the Court Ordered Suspension for DUI

In Arizona, when someone is stopped and arrested for drunk driving, there is more than just the criminal process to deal with. There is also an administrative or MVD license suspension issue as well.

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Arizona DUI Lawyer: No jury trial

Arizona DUI Lawyer: No Jury Trials

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