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The Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. is an Illinois personal injury law firm with offices in Skokie, Chicago, and Orland Park. We are dedicated to serving accident and injury victims only – we never represent large firms or insurance companies.

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 Bedrail Entrapment in Nursing Homes

Nursing home neglect can lead to bedrail entrapment, serious injury, and death to nursing home residents that are confined to a bed.

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 How to File an Illinois Nursing Home Complaint

Often, people have not filed a formal nursing home complaint simply because they are unsure how or unaware that they can. A nursing home complaint can be filed when the negligence, misconduct, or abuse of a nursing home facility or caregiver causes you or your loved one to suffer. Filing a complaint should lead to an investigation into the facility.

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 A 72 Hour Fall Watch Should be in Place After a Nursing Home Fall

After a nursing home fall occurs, the patient should be put on a 72 hour fall watch where there will be a series of thorough assessments to make sure all injuries sustained from the fall are documented and treated appropriately. After the fall, if there are obvious signs of serious injury the nursing home resident should be transferred to an emergency room immediately.

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 $3.2 Million Dollar Judgment in Denver Nursing Home Neglect Case

A jury has awarded $3.2 million dollars to the family of a man who died in hospice care after leaving a Rocky Ford, Colorado nursing home. The Pioneer Healthcare nursing home is challenging the verdict. At trial, an expert found that the deceased had acquired 16 separate infections during his stay at the nursing home, and over 30 injuries. The final cause of death was determined to be a stage-four bedsore as well as malnutrition and Parkinson’s disease.

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 When a Defective Implantable Defibrillator Results in Injury or Death

A defective implantable defibrillator claim in Illinois may be filed if you or a loved one was seriously or fatally injured by the device. Chicago defective product attorneys can help with your case.

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 Injury Claim Related to a Defective DePuy Hip Replacement

You may file a defective DePuy hip replacement claim in Illinois if you were injured in the act of using it. You should consult with a Chicago defective medical product lawyer about your case.

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 Filing an Illinois Medical Malpractice Claim for an IV Error

An Illinois medical malpractice claim may be filed if you were the victim of an IV error. You should consult with a medical malpractice lawyer in Aurora, IL determine if you injury can be pursued for damages.

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 Defective Product Claim Related to Cochlear Implants

An Illinois defective product claim may be filed if you were injured by cochlear implants. You should consult with a defective medical product attorney in Aurora, IL to discuss your case.

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 Dangerous Medical Device Lawsuit: Shoulder Pain Pump

You may file a dangerous medical device lawsuit in Illinois if you were injured using a shoulder pain pump. A defective product attorney in Chicago, IL can evaluate your case

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 Dangerous Drug Claim Stemming from Gadolinium

You may file a Chicago dangerous drug claim and be entitled to compensation if you were injured after taking gadolinium. Contact your dangerous drug attorney in Chicago to discuss your case.

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 Burn Injuries Suffered in a Motorcycle Accident in Chicago, IL

If a motorcycle accident in Chicago, IL, wasn’t your fault and caused you burn injuries, you may be entitled to file a claim. Chicago personal injury lawyers can help.

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 Compensation Available in an Illinois Commercial Truck Accident Claim

If you have recently been involved in a truck accident consider looking into an Illinois commercial truck accident claim.

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 Common Liable Parties in a Commercial Truck Crash

After a commercial truck crash in Aurora, Illinois, consider taking legal action for your damages and losses. Setting up a consultation with an Aurora auto accident law firm may be beneficial because by sitting down with a lawyer you can review your case and get advice on what actions are in your best interest.

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 When a Car Accident is Partly Your Fault

Determining fault in an accident in Chicago is not always clear cut. Whether you are partially at fault or not at all at fault, you may be eligible to receive compensation.

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 What Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

If your loved one has been in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, and suffered fatal injuries, you may be able to file for an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit. With the help of a Wheaton injury attorney you may be able to obtain compensation.

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 What Are the Minimum Insurance Requirements for Drivers?

Illinois minimum insurance requirements are in place for the protection of motorists. Every driver on the road is required to carry insurance.

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 Understanding CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) After an Accident

An accident can leave you with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

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 Understanding Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you have been injured at work you may be able to file an Illinois Workers’ Compensation claim. A Chicago work injury lawyer will review your case and discuss your options.

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 Steps to Take after a Dog Bite or Animal Attack

A dog bite or animal attack should not be underestimated as this type of accident can leave you with serious injuries such as deep lacerations, broken bones, and muscle and tissue damage.

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 When an Elevator Shaft Accident in Chicago Leads to Serious Injury

An elevator shaft accident in Chicago is one of the many ways that injuries and damages are suffered on a construction site. Job sites should be safely maintained and managed, as a worker you should not be put at risk for dangerous situations or working with faulty equipment. Contact a Chicago work accident lawyer for a consultation to review the accident and determine who is liable for the damages you suffered.

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 When a Construction Accident in Chicago Leads to Serious Injury

If a construction accident in Chicago injured you, consult with a lawyer right away to assess the damage and figure out what kind of action to take. A Chicago construction accident lawyer can help you build a strong case and help you through the process.

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 When Child Suffers PTSD after Dog Bite Attack or Animal Attack

After a dog bite attack in Illinois your child may have suffered severe injuries that need attention right away. These injuries could be extremely costly and it is in your best interest to consider taking legal action by filing a personal injury claim.

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 Product Liability Claims Related to Defective Child Seats

Illinois product liability claims can address injuries from defective car seats.

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 Spinal Cord Injuries after a Motorcycle Crash

When you’ve sustained spinal cord injuries in a motorcycle crash in Illinois, you may need to pursue compensation in a personal injury claim.

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 Anemia Drug & Kidney Failure: Dangerous Prescription Drug Claim in IL

A dangerous prescription drug claim in Illinois may be filed if an anemia drug caused kidney failure.

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 Unsanitary Hospitals: Medical Malpractice in an Illinois Hospital

Medical malpractice in an Illinois hospital may be pursued as a claim against the offending institution if unsanitary hospital conditions led to sickness or injuries.

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 4 Ways to Calmly Prepare for Court in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are expected to appear in court for an Illinois personal injury lawsuit you may be nervous.

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 Suffering a Rotator Cuff Accident in Joliet, Illinois

A serious accident in Joliet, Illinois, can result in a debilitating rotator cuff injury.

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 3 Reasons to Invest in Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Illinois

Uninsured motorist coverage in Illinois can fill the gap when you’re injured in a car accident and the other driver doesn’t have insurance to cover your damages.

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 Statute of Limitations: Why You Shouldn’t Wait to File an Injury Claim

An injury claim in Illinois can only be filed in a limited amount of time after an Illinois accident.

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 Coping with Chronic Pain Syndrome after a Crash in Aurora, Illinois

A car crash may leave you with serious injuries. It is possible that you may develop chronic pain syndrome (CPS).

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 Signs of Nursing Home Neglect in Chicago: Bed Sores and Pressure Ulcer

After you have researched and visited several nursing homes and placed your loved one, you still need to be watchful of the staff at your chosen community. Because the nursing home population is increasing and they are often short on employees, sometimes neglect can occur.

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 Compensation Available through a Wrongful Death Action

When pursuing a claim for an Illinois wrongful death case, there are many factors to consider. The success of this type of claim relies solely on the fault of the death being designated to an individual’s negligence or carelessness.

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 Addressing Depression after Severe Car Accident

Depression is a disorder that may arise after a car accident. Keep in mind that this is an emotionally straining condition that may take time to subside, and with treatment and therapy, could be financially troubling for you and your loved ones.

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 4 Types of Motorist Insurance You Should Understand

Every driver on the road has a responsibility to drive safely, and each driver is responsible for carrying the proper motorist insurance for protection in case he or she is involved in a car accident in Naperville.

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 The 3 Biggest Challenges to Proving Nursing Home Abuse

When a loved one dies from nursing home abuse you’ll need to concern yourself with proving nursing home abuse in Illinois.

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 When Trucking Company Negligence Leads to a Semi-Truck Crash

Your semi-truck crash in Aurora, IL may be a result of trucking company negligence. Aurora truck accident lawyers can help you determine if the trucking company was responsible.

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 When Negligent Drivers Cause Auto Accidents

If you were injured by a negligent driver in a Chicago accident, you may be able to file a claim. Contact a Chicago, IL car accident lawyer for assistance.

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 When Neck Surgery is Required after an Auto Accident

If neck surgery is required after an auto accident in Aurora, then you may be entitled to compensation through an Illinois personal injury claim. A Chicago, IL personal injury lawyer can help.

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 Suffering an Open Head Injury in an Auto Accident

If you have suffered an open head injury in an auto accident in Aurora, IL, you may be able to file an injury claim. An Aurora brain injury lawyer can help.

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 PTSD after a Serious Accident

Emotional trauma is a common occurrence when an individual has been involved in an accident in Chicago, Illinois. This is especially true if the accident was severe and the injuries are serious or even life-threatening. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may develop.

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 Navigating the Claims Process after a Truck Accident

Navigating the claims process after a truck accident in Chicago, IL can be complex. This is where a Chicago truck accident lawyer can help.

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 The Tragic Loss of a Limb after an Accident

One of the most traumatic types of injuries to sustain in an accident in Aurora, Illinois is the loss of a limb. This can have devastating effects on the individual and lead to a reduced quality of life.

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 Herniated Discs after a Car Accident

If you suffered a herniated disc after a car accident in Aurora, IL, you may be entitled to compensation. An Aurora personal injury attorney can help.

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 A Look at Negligence Laws in Relation to Car Accidents

One of the most important factors in any legal case involving car accidents in Chicago, IL is negligence. Illinois negligence laws will affect not only who can be held liable, but also may determine the type of compensation that is recoverable.

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 Your Nursing Home Neglect Claim Settlement and Public Aid and Medicare

An Illinois nursing home neglect claim settlement can be impacted by Medicare or Public Aid payments for medical bills.

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 Dog Bite Laws Won’t Necessarily Prevent a Dog Bite Attack

Aurora, IL dog bite lawyers will tell you right away that no amount of Illinois dog bite laws can protect you and your family from a dog bite attack. However, they can help your injury claim.

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 Damages in a Dog Bite Attack Claim

No matter what the breed, a dog bite attack can result in serious, sometimes fatal injuries to an innocent victim.

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 Nursing Home Neglect as a Result of Failure to Follow Nursing Home Regulations

Resident care is of utmost importance, and when nursing homes violate the nursing home regulations in Illinois you may need to file an Illinois nursing home neglect claim.

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 Yasmin Claims/Yasmin Lawsuits at a Glance

Many Yasmin lawsuits have been filed due to the sometimes serious side effects of this popular form of contraceptive. Yasmin claims attorneys in Illinois can help you file an Illinois Yasmin claim.

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 Potentially Dangerous Prescription Drug: Levaquin

Levaquin is an effective antibiotic used to treat many conditions, but it can be dangerous, leading to serious side effects that you may be compensated for through a prescription drug claim in Illinois. If you suffer complications from this prescription, contact a Chicago area dangerous product attorney.

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 Dangerous Drug Claim for Reglan

There can be serious side effects and complications when you use the heartburn medication Reglan that you may be able to file a dangerous drug claim in Illinois.

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 When Medical Malpractice Leads to an Emergency Room Error

An emergency room error could lead to a medical negligence claim in Illinois.

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 Common Dog Bite Injuries, Physical and Emotional

Dog bite injuries could lead to a dog bite injury claim in Illinois.

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 A Close Look at Serious Malpractice in a Hospital

Injuries that result from malpractice in a hospital in Illinois could lead you to file a claim.

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 Workers Comp & Personal Injury Claims: You May Be Able to File Both

You don’t always have to choose between filing an IL workers comp claim and an Illinois personal injury claim when third party liability comes into play.

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 When You Experience Anxiety after an Accident

When you experience anxiety after an accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

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 What You Need to Know about the Dangers of Gastric Bypass Surgery

You should know about the dangers of gastric bypass surgery.

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 What to Do after a Motorcycle Crash

You should know what to do after a motorcycle crash to protect your claim.

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 Just Who Is Eligible to File a Wrongful Death Claim? The Answer May Surprise You!

Guidelines determine who is able to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a deceased person.

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 Understanding Negligence Laws: Your Injury Claim Depends on It

When filing an Illinois injury claim you should be familiar with how negligence laws can affect your case.

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 Internal Bleeding after an Auto Accident Can Be a Matter of Life and Death

A serious Illinois auto accident can cause trauma often leading to internal bleeding. This injury is sometimes fatal and can result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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 Knowing Insurance Dos and Don’ts Could Make or Break an Injury Claim

After suffering Illinois personal injuries you may need to file an Illinois injury claim. Be aware of the dos and don’ts that could impact your case.

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 Serious Injuries Experienced by Nursing Home Abuse Victims

A victim of nursing home neglect or abuse can suffer serious injuries. If your loved one is a victim, you may need to file an Illinois nursing home claim.

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 The Harmful Effects of Nerve Damage in a Serious Accident

Some injuries in an accident can be devastating and completely change an individual’s quality of life. The potential for this with nerve damage is quite high, since nerves are responsible for carrying messages to the brain.

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 The Devastating and Costly Long-Term Effects of TBI

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be devastating and result in the need for lifelong care and treatment. When an individual suffers this type of brain injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, the party at fault may be held legally liable.

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 Facial Injuries and Scars in a Car Accident

If you have sustained a facial injury in a car accident, it may result in facial scars. This could lead to an Illinois personal injury claim.

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 Do Pharmacist Mistakes Count as Medical Malpractice?

You may be the victim of medical malpractice in Illinois if you were injured because of pharmacist negligence.

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 Dangerous Drug Claims Relating to Duragesic Patches

If a Duragesic patch causes severe negative reactions, it may necessitate a dangerous drug claim in Illinois.

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 When a Doctor Fails to Diagnose a Heart Attack

If a physician fails to diagnose a heart attack, you may be entitled to file an Illinois medical malpractice claim. Call an attorney for help.

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 A Look at Compensation Available in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

You may be entitled to compensation if your loved one was injured as a result of nursing home abuse in Chicago. A nursing home abuse attorney can help you.

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 5 Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

There are 5 important steps you should take after a truck accident in Illinois. A Chicago truck crash lawyer can help you with your case.

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 3 Things to Ask Your Medical Malpractice Attorney

There are 3 things you should ask your attorney when pursuing an Illinois medical malpractice claim. For help, call a Chicago medical malpractice attorney.

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 Basics of a Personal Injury Claim

Understanding the basics of an Illinois personal injury claim helps claimants decide about fling.

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 Medical Malpractice Related to Unnecessary Surgery

Unnecessary surgery is a type of medical malpractice. A form of medical malpractice that has become an alarming and growing problem in the U.S. is unnecessary surgery.

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 Care Plans as a Road Map to Liability in Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Cases - 6 Key Questions

The care plan is the basis for the care which residents in nursing homes receive from the staff. Shortcoming in the development, execution, and evaluation of the care plan can also serve as a basis for liability on the part of the nursing home when a resident suffers injury. We offer 6 questions that we consider with regard to the care plan in determining whether a nursing home can be held liable for injuries sue to abuse and neglect of nursing home residents.

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 6 Ways Illinois Worker's Compensation Cases Are Different From Civil Suits

Many injured workers are not aware of the differences between worker's compensation cases and civil lawsuits in Illinois. When they hear about how hard it is to "go to court" over a work-related accident, this discourages them from asserting their rights under the Illinois Worker's Compensation Act. The truth of the matter is that the worker's compensation system has been designed to make easier, not harder, for injured workers to assert their rights.

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 Which Worker's Compensation Claims for Injured Truck Drivers Can Be Filed in Illinois?

When representing injured truck drivers in worker's compensation claims, one important question that must be answered is whether the worker's compensation case can be filed in Illinois. For an injured truck driver, this is an important question because the worker's compensation laws in Illinois are more favorable to the employee than they are in many other states.

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 Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Nursing home residents often take several prescription medications. Errors in administering medications and drug interactions can cause harm to nursing home residents which may be the basis of a nursing home abuse and neglect suit.

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 Choice of Doctor in Illinois Worker's Compensation Cases

The Illinois Worker's Compensation Act requires employers to pay for related and necessary medical care. Injured workers in Illinois are entitled to choose two doctors and then receive medical care from that doctor and any other physicians to whom he is referred.

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 Common Defenses in Illinois Third-Party Liability Suits

Injured workers in Illinois have the right to file a third-party liability suit when their injuries are caused by someone other than a co-worker or their employer. However, unlike worker's compensation cases, fault is a crucial issue in third-party liability suits. This article sets forth some of the ways in which defense lawyers are likely to inject the issue of fault into the case and how it can impact the recovery of compensation by injured workers.

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 Liability of Nursing Homes for Bed Sores or Pressure Ulcers

Nursing home residents frequently develop bed sores or pressure ulcers. Federal regulations place extensive obligations on nursing homes to prevent and treat bed sores or pressure ulcers. Their failure of the nursing home staff to provide the very basic care which is needed to prevent bed sores or pressure ulcers may be the basis of a claim of violations of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

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 Falls in Nursing Homes Should not Be Treated Like a "Slip and Fall" Case

Falls in nursing homes are a major threat to the life and well-being of nursing home residents. Some lawyers treat falls in nursing homes like "slip and fall" cases. However, this the wrong approach to analyzing the liability of the nursing home for falls. We describe how and why nursing home falls are different from traditional "slip and fall cases" and offer 5 key areas to look at to evaluate whether the nursing home was negligent with regard to the nursing home resident's fall.

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 Payment of Medical Expenses after an Illinois Car Accident

Car accident victims are frequently concerned with payment of medical expenses. Our Chicago personal injury law firm is proud ot offer this article that dispels some myths regarding the payment of medical expenses following a car accident and offers accident victims some advice as to how to handle their medical expenses.

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 Are "Off the Clock" Injuries Covered by the Illinois Worker's Compensation Act?

Many injure workers in Illinois have their worker's compensation claims improperly denied because they were "off the clock" when they were hurt. Kinds of cases that result in improper denials of worker's compensation benefits include: business travel, injuries in parking lots, injuries coming to and going from work on the premises, and injuries occurring during break or lunch.

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 Injured Owner-Operators May Be Eligible for Illinois Worker's Compensation Benefits

Owner-operators who are injured on the job are regularly denied worker's compensation benefits. However, a 2007 decision from the Illinois Supreme Court shows that even though owner-operators have signed independent contractor agreements, they may be considered employees under the Illinois Worker's Compensation Act and can receive benefits for work-related injuries.

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 5 Good Reasons to Hire a Lawyer Long Before the Statute of Limitations Expires

For most Illinois personal injury suits, the statute of limitations is 2 years from the date of accident. However, that is not a good reason to wait to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Delaying hiring a personal injury lawyer can create problems in your case which would be avoided by making prompt and wise decisions about hiring a personal injury lawyer.

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 Settling a Personal Injury Suit

Many people believe that when they hire a lawyer, this will inevitably lead to a suit being filed and an eventual trial before a judge and jury. Many cases are resolved short of trial, and many without suit ever being filed.

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 Worker's Compensation Lawyer Fees in Illinois

Many injured workers in Illinois who are considering hiring a worker's compensation lawyer are concerned about the issue of attorney's fees and how they are going to pay for legal assistance. The good news is that Illinois worker's compensation lawyers work on a contingency basis, and that the fees are very reasonable.

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 Liability for Elevator Accidents in Illinois

Visitors to Illinois businesses, apartment buildings, and condominiums rely on the property owners and managers to keep elevators in safe operating condition. Many elevator accidents are the result of heavy usage and poor maintenance, but the liability for accidental injury extends beyond just the property owners.

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 Overview of Wrongful Death Suits in Illinois

There are some important questions that are asked in every wrongful death suit in Illinois. This article attempts to address some of the basic questions that come up regularly when families are dealing with a wrongful death suit in Illinois.

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 4 Ways in which Motorcycle Accident Suits Are Different from Car Accident Suits

Many victims of motorcycle accidents think that their motorcycle accident will be handled in just the same way as a car accident. They could not be more wrong. While the laws are the same, how insurance companies, and later juries, view motorcycle accidents is very different. Failing to understand those differences and failing to hire a lawyer who recognizes those differences could be fatal to your motorcycle accident case.

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 7 Steps to Help You Win Your Third Party Liability Suit in Illinois

Injured workers in Illinois can file both a worker's compensation case and a third-party liability suit against anyone responsible for their injuries other than a co-worker or their employer. Injured workers should take measures to help protect their rights and their recovery. Here are 7 specific steps they can take to help ensure a successful recovery.

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 Protecting Your Family With Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The low policy limits required by Illinois' mandatory auto insurance law does not provide adequate coverage to victims of car accidents in all but the most minor car crashes. Underinsured motorist coverage is much more effective at providing protection for your family.

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 Liability for Slip and Fall on Snow and Ice Accidents in Illinois

The law in Illinois presents special challenges for the victims of fall accidents on snow or ice. Here we set out what the law is and what fact patterns lend themselves to success in cases involving slips and falls on snow and ice in Illinois.

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 Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Multi-victim Car Accidents

One problem that arises in car accidents with multiple victims is that the policy limits in the at-fault driver's insurance policy leaves all the victims with insufficient compensation for their damages. Underinsured motorist coverage may be an option for securing an additional source of compensation for car accident victims.

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 How Lawyers and Insurance Companies Evaluate Illinois Injury Claims for Fair Settlement Value

One key issue for injury victims in Illinois accident claims and personal injury suits is what their case is "worth," or in other words, what the fair settlement value of the personal injury case is. Evaluating a case to determine a fair settlement value is a process which takes into account many factors which we discuss in this article.

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 Securing Proper Compensation for Victims of Serious Illinois Car Accidents

When you or a family member is the victim of a serious Illinois car accident, one important objective in making a personal injury claim or prosecuting an Illinois personal injury lawsuit is to identify all potential avenues of compensation for the accident victim. This article looks at several different issues that should be considered by any experienced Illinois personal injury lawyer.

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 Two Key Questions in Illinois Slip and Fall Cases

There are two key questions that must be answered in every slip and fall cases in Illinois. These questions determine whether the plaintiff can prevail in his case and what proof must be offered.

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Videos Provided by Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C.

What is the Statue of Limitations for an Illinois Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Case

Chicago nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer Barry G Doyle explains what the statue of limitations is for an Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect case. Visit

Do you need a lawyer for an Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect case?

Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect attorney Barry Doyle explains what kind of lawyer you should hire for your nursing home abuse and neglect case. Visit

Will Your Chicago Personal Injury Case be Accepted?

Wondering if a Chicago personal injury lawyer will accept your case?

Experienced attorney Barry Doyle explains the kinds of cases his firm takes on. The Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. represents complex cases. Most months, our firm accepts less than about 3 to 5 percent of the cases that are presented to them. We are very selective, because we want to be able to devote the necessary time to each and every one. Some cases demand a lot of attention and we want to make sure that we have the time available to focus on them. If we took every case that came through our door, we wouldn't be able to handle cases in the right kind of way.

At the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, we represent individuals and their families who have been harmed by the negligence of others. To get advice about your case, contact a knowledgeable Chicago personal injury lawyer today by calling 312.263.1080. The first initial legal consultation is free; so don't wait to make that phone call.

We have created an informative guide regarding case values, How Much is My Case Worth? Things Accident Victims Need to Know. Be sure to order your free copy

How Nursing Homes Make Money

What is Your Chicago Personal Injury Case Worth?

One of the most commonly asked questions by our clients is: how much is my case worth? Not only is this a frequent question that arises, it is also a very important one.

In this informative video clip, Chicago personal injury lawyer Barry Doyle provides his insight. Our clients usually want to know the amount of settlement to except in their cases. The reality is, there isn't a simple answer. Since each case is unique, an average settlement doesn't exist. If a Chicago personal injury lawyer tells you otherwise, he is doing you a disservice. Either that lawyer is trying to do a sales job on you or he doesn't know what he is doing. Whichever one it might be, you need to run away, quickly. Evaluating the value of your case is not easy work.

Your attorney will review the factors involved in your situation to help you determine a fair settlement. At the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C., we represent clients who have been harmed by the negligence of others. For advice regarding your case or to simply get some answers to your questions, contact our office today by calling 312.263.1080. The first initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose by talking with a lawyer. Make sure you order a free copy of our must-read book, How Much is My Case Worth? Things Accident Victims Need to Know.

A Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Who Will Go to Trial

Truth be told, not every attorney wants to go to trial. In this informative video, Chicago personal injury attorney Barry Doyle talks about this very topic.

You have to have a real commitment to taking cases to trial. The Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C has tried 50 cases to verdict. The insurance companies are fully aware of which attorneys take cases to trial and which do not. Our law firm has tried cases in front of judges, juries, and in arbitration. We know how to build strong cases and are more than ready to go to court, if necessary. It is important that you work with a law firm that is ready and willing to try your case.

To get answers to your questions, contact the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle by calling 312.263.1080. An experienced Chicago personal injury attorney from our office will be able to review your situation and give you advice. Be sure to order the informative book available on our website, How Much is My Case Worth? Things Accident Victims Need to Know . It is one informative guide that you will want to read.

Trial v. Settlement - Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Explains

When you or a family member is hurt by another person's negligence, you might be wondering if you will be going to trial. Not all cases go to trial, but how do you know if your lawsuit will or not?

In this informative video, Chicago personal injury lawyer Barry Doyle addresses this very question. Only about 3 to 5 percent of cases actually go to trial, as most lawsuits are settled outside of the courtroom. The important thing, though, is that you are always prepared to go to court.

At the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C., we work on every case with the mindset that we will be more than ready to go to trial, if necessary. Our job is to make sure that clients understand their situations and can in turn make the decision about going to trial versus accepting a settlement. Our law firm wants you to know your choices and options. That last thing we want is for you to sit in the courtroom and think to yourself: "I didn't know this could happen."

To learn more, contact an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle by calling 312.263.1080. We also have a free book available on our website, How Much is My Case Worth? Things Accident Victims Need to Know . Be sure to order your copy today.

Don't Text & Drive - Chicago Injury Lawyer Explains Why

We have all heard that we shouldn't text and drive, but do you know the true dangers of this driver distraction?

Chicago injury lawyer Barry Doyle explains more in this informative video. Texting and driving is a true driver distraction that can lead to deadly car accidents. A lot of studies have shown that this type of distraction causes a similar impairment to that of drunk driving. While you might never get behind the wheel drunk, would you send a quick text message? If so, this video will make you think twice.

If a distracted driver has hurt you, someone who was texting while driving, you may be able to recover punitive damages. It is important that you speak with an experienced Chicago injury lawyer who will be able to explain your legal rights and the damages that may be available to you.

The Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. represents people who have been injured by negligence. To get answers to your questions, simply call our office at 312.263.1080. The consultation will provide you with the insight you need, and best of all, it' free. Be sure to order a free copy of our informative book, When You Are Injured - The Insider's Guide to Illinois Accident Law .

Chicago Truck Accident Cases Are Different

Trucking accidents are not like car crashes.

The rules of the road are the same, but there are regulations that the truck industry has to abide by. A Chicago truck accident lawyer needs to know these restrictions. Most trucking companies and insurers have"go" teams that arrive at the scenes of crashes. As Chicago truck accident lawyer Barry Doyle explains in this video, he has represented clients who have been photographed at the scene by this "go" team. The pictures were taken while the state trooper was busy writing a ticket to the trucker who caused the wreck. It is important that you hire a lawyer who knows how to properly research and investigate truck accident cases. The insurance company will be aggressively defending the claim. Trucking companies have to keep records for a certain time period, but they will be counting down until they can destroy the information related to the accident.

Therefore, make sure the attorney you hire knows how to document these cases.

For more information, contact the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. by calling 312.263.1080. The initial consultation is free. Order a free copy of our book, When You Are Injured - The Insider's Guide to Illinois Accident Law .

Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Talks about Falls

A slip and fall at a grocery store is completely different than a fall at a nursing home.

If you contact a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer and he attempts to handle the case like a typical slip and fall, you need to be careful. As attorney Barry Doyle explains in this video, nursing home residents are given care plans. These care plans must address any fall risks that may exist. For many residents, the reason they are in the nursing home in the first place has to do with their propensity to falls.

These care plans actually have to be implemented and evaluated for their effectiveness. Too often, there is a breakdown with these care plans and the residents are the ones who suffer. Nursing homes are run as for-profit entities and there is a limited amount of revenue that they can collect. This means that to increase the bottom-line, they have to lower their expenses.

Staffing level is the first area that is generally cut. A staff shortage can result in nursing home neglect and, ultimately, falls.

For information about nursing home lawsuits, contact an experienced Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer at the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. by calling 312.263.1080. There is no charge for the initial legal consultation. Order a free copy of our book, Abuse and Neglect: A Family's Guide to Nursing Home Lawsuits in Illinois .

Bedsores in Chicago Nursing Homes - How Bad is It?

The term "bedsore" does not do this injury justice.

Bedsores, also known as pressure sores, are very painful and can be deadly. Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer Barry Doyle explains more in this informational video. There are three main factors that increase the risks of bedsores, which include immobility, incontinence, and poor nutritional status.

Federal regulations do exist regarding bedsores and state that residents should not develop this condition unless clinically unavoidable. Bedsores in Chicago nursing homes should be prevented, as each resident has a care plan that outlines how these injuries are to be avoided. If these care plans are not implemented and evaluated properly, problems can occur. When someone suffers from bedsores, it is not from a condition that happened overnight. It may be weeks or months before the condition is so critical that hospitalization is needed. At the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C., we know how to investigate the evidence and build strong cases on behalf of our clients and their families.

For more information, contact us by calling 312.263.1080. Bedsores in Chicago nursing homes are a big problem. To learn more about nursing home abuse and neglect, order a free copy of our book, Abuse and Neglect: A Family's Guide to Nursing Home Lawsuits in Illinois.

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