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The Law Offices of Brian Barta has helped thousands of families get a fresh start. We understand that despite best efforts, financial stability and solvency can be quickly eroded by divorce, unemployment, falling property values and illness. If you face overwhelming debt, do not hesitate to protect your property. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you retain key property and reduce debt.

When plans don't unfold like we think, bankruptcy is an honest and responsible path to a new financial future. Bankruptcy protection can restructure or reduce debt before your funds are exhausted and can immediately halt home foreclosure. We have prevented forced home sales just hours before a sale. When debt payments become unmanageable, you deserve the benefits and protection of our country's powerful bankruptcy laws.

A long-time member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, firm founder and attorney Brian Barta has helped thousands of clients become debt free since 1991. With his experience, effectiveness and track record, attorney Barta provides fully confidential legal services, and handles all legal matters himself, ensuring that your case will be handled solely by an experienced lawyer.

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