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Law Offices of David Jay Glassman Overview

Law Offices of David Jay Glassman is a criminal defense firm located in Philadelphia that serves clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Practice areas include assault, DUI and traffic offenses, gun/weapons charges, juvenile offenses, drug crimes, sex crimes, murder and other violent crimes, theft and robbery, probation and parole violations, and other felonies and misdemeanors as well as appeals and post-conviction relief. The firm also handles commercial litigation and crisis management for businesses.

Founding Attorney David Jay Glassman has more than 40 years of legal experience and, prior to opening the firm in 1987, he served as a Deputy Attorney General in Pennsylvania and an Assistant Prosecutor in Atlantic County, New Jersey. With his keen understanding of both sides of the courtroom and its procedures, he is able to anticipate strategies used by the prosecution and work to develop a compelling defense.

Law Offices of David Jay Glassman is passionate about protecting clients’ rights and defending their freedoms, coming from a firm belief in the Constitution and the principle of a fair trial. The legal team puts energy and resources into each case while offering assertive representation and pursuing the most favorable outcomes possible.

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Law Offices of David Jay Glassman Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Cyber Harassment; Cyberbullying; Drug Trafficking; Fraud; Tax Evasion; Counterfeit Crimes; Embezzlement; Environmental Law Violations; Bribery; Public Corruption; Perjury; Witness Intimidation; Disorderly Conduct; Animal Cruelty; Insider Stock Market Trading; Organized Crime; Intellectual Property Theft; Antitrust Violations; Post-Conviction Relief; Criminal Appeals; Homeland Security Cases; Misdemeanors; Disorderly Persons Offenses; Probation Violation; Parole Violation; Human Trafficking; Sex Trafficking; Stalking; State Crimes; Federal Crimes; Child Pornography; Crisis Management; Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition; Assault; Terroristic Threats; Felonies; Weapons Charges; Theft Crimes; Robbery; Violent Crimes; Medicare Fraud; RICO Violations; Money Laundering; Sentencing; Rape; Internet Luring; Internet Crime; Federal Economic Offenses; Property Crimes; Computer Crimes; Inchoate Crimes; Criminal Attempt; Criminal Conspiracy; Criminal Solicitation; Burglary; Destruction Property; Arson; Vandalism; Homicide; Kidnapping; Illegal Dumping; Forgery; Bigamy; Incest; Concealing the Death of a Child; Child Endangerment; Infant Trafficking; Illegal Gambling; Wire Tapping; Planting Mobile Tracking Device; Public Lewdness; Prostitution; Vehicular Homicide; Trespassing; Shoplifting; Underage Drinking; Bullying; Gang Crimes; Public Intoxication; Reckless Driving; Public Indecency; Sodomy; Sexting; Sexual Abuse; Bank Robbery; Commercial Truck Hijacking; Counterfeiting; Skyjacking; Blackmail; Extortion; Illegal Immigration Assistance; Sexual Assault; Manslaughter; Car Theft; Insurance Fraud; Mail Fraud; Wire Fraud; Bank Fraud; Medicaid Fraud; Obstruction of Justice; Terrorism; Mortgage Fraud; Securities Fraud; Ponzi Schemes; Business Dissolutions; Mergers; Buyouts; Partnership Disputes; Contract Breaches; Insurance Disputes; Trade Secret Leaks; Construction Contracts & Litigation; IRS Matters & Investigations; Claims of False Advertising; Unfair Competition; Grand Jury Investigations.


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