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The Law Offices of Paul E. Antill have ably served commercial truckers and the accused everywhere with the aggressive protection and legal knowledge needed to secure the privileges and driving rights of those whose livelihood depends on them. Attorney Antill has spent 11 years of his life in the trucking industry, and his firm is dedicated to providing a legal defense tailored around the needs of those in the business, a commitment he has since carried over, with admirable success, to families, the injured, business owners, and California accused.

Paul Antill prides his offices on providing the quick and rapid communication to both clients and California courts that ensures as short a time as possible for getting clients back to work. His time in the trucking industry has given him a keen understanding of how much damage even a few days off the road can do, and his tireless work, combined with the firm's considerable investigative abilities, have been able to exploit the smallest of weaknesses in state cases against the drivers that come to him in need. The ability of the firm's San Dimas office to provide legal protection without losing sight of economy and client goals has brought a new and varied clientele to its doors, including couples undergoing divorce, business owners needing help with structuring and contracts, and accident victims, each of whom is ably served by the same dedication and understanding Antill brings to drivers in need of their livelihood.

Criminal charges are most dangerous when they threaten one's livelihood, and they need to be handled by a lawyer who understands the cost of increased time away from work. Attorney Paul E. Antill has dedicated his practice to the defense of those whose paycheck is threatened by state accusations, giving to truckers and accused in California the resources and skill necessary to return them their ability to make a living.

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