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The Law Offices of Stacy E. Schwarz was started by lawyer Stacy E. Schwarz in 1992, who desired to form a law firm dedicated solely for representing cases related to family law. This firm represents clients in the areas of divorce, annulment, property division, child support, spousal support / APL / alimony, child custody and visitation, grandparent(s) and/or third-party custody / visitation, termination of parental rights and adoption, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, Child Protective Services, Children and Youth Services, and DHS cases and other related matters.

Attorney Stacy E. Schwarz has the law in her blood. Her father, Stanley M. Schwarz, is a prominent attorney and pioneer in civil rights and personal injury cases. Although Stacy had the opportunity to join her father’s established law firm, she chose instead to start her own practice from scratch because of her devotion to and passion for helping people in the area of family law. Her determination and confidence has carried over into her successful practice, as evidenced by her results, her published articles, and her loyal long-standing client relationships.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Stacy knows how important the art and skill of writing is, especially when it comes to matters of family law. Family law litigation requires superior writing skills in order to precisely and persuasively presents a litigant’s argument on any range of issues that may arise. Stacy’s high-caliber written work product is noticed and complimented by judges, court personnel, colleagues, and her clients, and is instrumental in obtaining desired results.

A Master of Laws in Taxation, an advanced law degree, allows Stacy to anticipate the tax /IRS consequences of family law decisions, especially in divorce, property division, child support, spousal support, APL, and alimony matters. This advanced degree has also helped Stacy analyze high income/asset cases so that income and assets are carefully examined and zealously uncovered or protected during divorce and/or support litigation.

Stacy’s clients say that her warmth and authenticity quickly put them at ease, especially when discussing emotionally charged topics like marriage dissolutions, relationship breakups or child custody. A quick study of people, Stacy instinctively knows whether it is in her client’s best interests to use subtle negotiation, alternate dispute resolution, or tenacious, aggressive techniques to get optimal results.

In the courtroom, Stacy exudes honesty, confidence and a strong command of the law and facts while presenting her clients’ cases. Behind the scenes, whether negotiating in person, by phone, or through writing, she demonstrates judgment, perception, and acumen. Either way, her clients can be assured that their best legal interests are her primary focus and priority.

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