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Law Firm Overview

Legaleye Associates is a full service law firm based in Mumbai, India. Practice areas encompass corporate and commercial law, real estate and construction, admiralty and maritime law, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, intellectual property, agency and franchise agreements, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, employment and labor law, securitization and structured finance, society laws, company formation, cyber laws, due diligence and legal audits, infrastructure projects and development, listing and delisting of companies, media and telecommunications, Mumbai municipal corporation laws, technology, and recovery laws, as well as matrimonial laws, criminal defense, and Supreme Court law. In addition to litigation, the firm offers alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation.

Legaleye Associates represents large, small and medium businesses, multinational and Fortune 500 companies as well as Public Sector Undertakings, Ministries and Government Authorities.

With broad industry experience as well as in-depth researching skills and strategic advice, the team adopts a proactive approach to the legal and commercial issues faced by its clients and aims to provide quality and cost-effective solutions.

Languages: English, Hindi

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Foreign Direct Investment; Foreign Exchange Management; Asset Finance & Securitization, Structured Finance; Winding Up; Securing Bail & Stay; Seeking Interim Relief; Anticipatory Bail Matters; Quashing of Proceedings; Due Diligence, Matrimonial Disputes; Cyber Laws; Due Diligence and Legal Audit; Foreign Exchange Management; Infrastructure Projects and Development; Listing & Delisting of Companies; Technology Transfer; Partnership Laws; Power; Recovery Laws; Securitization & Structured Finance; Setting up of Business Organization in different modes; Society Laws; Tenancy Laws; Testamentary and Succession Laws; Small And Medium Enterprises.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Agency & Franchise

Franchising refers to the business model whereby one entity grants an independent operator the right to use the franchiserís business methods and practices and can include the right to distribute products manufactured by the franchiser, use the franchiserís trademarks and obtain training and other support such as international and national advertising.

- Admiralty

Admiralty law is a distinct body of law which governs maritime questions and offenses. It is a body of both domestic law governing maritime activities, and private international law governing the relationships between private entities which operate vessels on the oceans.

- Arbitration, Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing parties, including medium-sized corporations, states or state entities, multinational corporations, investors, and individuals. Our expertise lies in our ability to provide pragmatic, commercial and enterprising advice tailored to our clientsí specific needs and interests.

- Business, Banking, Securities and Financial Laws

The banking and financial services industry is one of the Firmís most significant areas of industry focus. Because the level of legal services provided to clients in this industry is as wide as it is deep, the Firm is regarded for its excellence, consistency and commercial pragmatism, and is rapidly earning the reputation for working on innovative and challenging transactions.

- Copyright

A copyright protects you from having others reproduce your original work, whether or not it is published. Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection granted under Indian law to the creators of original works of authorship such as literary works, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings.

- Criminal laws, Defenses and Bail

Criminal Law in India is a set of legal rules which are used to impose punishment as a result of failure to comply with the law. The rules may differ from country to country, and the acts of criminal codes are not consistent. The punishment, depending on the type of criminal offense and jurisdiction may result in execution, government supervision, sentence to jail and fines.

- Corporate & Commercial laws

Our commercial and company law practice is based on workable commercial realities of any transaction and not just its legal requirements. The Firm enjoys a reputation for combining the highest quality of legal expertise with commercial pragmatism. Our Clients value the quality of our services, our in depth market knowledge and our commitment to deliver commercially oriented results.

- Cyber Laws

Cyber Law is the law governing cyber space. Cyber space is a very wide term and includes computers, networks, software, data storage devices, the Internet, websites, emails and even electronic devices such as cell phones, ATM machines etc. In our fast paced digital world, more and more tasks depend on technology and software to effectively handle tasks that we take for granted in our day to day lives.

- Foreign Exchange Management

Legaleye Associates is gradually being recognized as being one of the best lawyers in India for FEMA related works. Lawyers at Legaleye Associates have assisted Clients in setting up Indian liaison/branch offices of foreign companies and handled regulatory filings; foreign investment opportunities in India; handled issues under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.

- Patents

The Firm is rapidly being regarded as the best patent law firm India and extends to its clients the benefits of global experience and familiarity with local courts and practice, which enables us to present complex technology issues in a form that the competent authorities / judges can understand.

- Business, Banking, Securities and Financial Laws

The banking and financial services industry is one of the Firmís most significant areas of industry focus. Because the level of legal services provided to clients in this industry is as wide as it is deep, the Firm is regarded for its excellence, consistency and commercial pragmatism, and is rapidly earning the reputation for working on innovative and challenging transactions.

- Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate and Property law continues to be a vital and necessary part of legal practice in India. At Legaleye Associates, we understand and appreciate the value of real estate. Our real estate lawyers are experts in the field of property law, and go out of their way to provide a proficient and expeditious service, which ultimately promotes sound and enduring relationships between us and our clients.

- Recovery Law

Lawyers at Legaleye Associates provide dedicated assistance to Clients who are facing debt collection lawsuits and debt collection harassment or abuse from creditors and / or collection agencies. The firm seeks to protect debtors having a genuine cause and merit.

- Securities

Securities and structured finance are important engines used boost the corporate and financial sector growth and activity. Legaleye Associates capabilities are global in scope, encompassing a broad range of transaction structures and asset types. The firm's lawyers have extensive experience in structured financing involving a full array of traditional and newer assets.

- Trademark Law

A Trademark is a sign of serious commercial intent and protects/increases the goodwill of the ownerís business It is seen as an evidence of ownership and gives the owner legal recourse against its illicit use. Trademarks are granted not only to Indian citizens; applicants of any nationality can apply.

- Small and Medium Enterprises (SME'S)

Legaleye Associates represents closely held businesses such as corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, as well as entities that are family-owned and/or HUF businesses. Legaleye Associates is equipped to quickly analyze a clientís situation, and to recommend and implement the legal alternatives that will best meet the clientís desired objectives.


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