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Leighton Legal Group, LLC helps Clients manage business and trust/estate matters and solve problems. The firm actively participates in making the community in which we operate a better place to live. We also work with Clients who lead tax-exempt organizations and/or seek alternative dispute

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 Planning for Peace at End of Life

Business owners as people should be concerned about their own human frailty. Since advance medical directives are receiving so much attention in the news of late, this column focuses on what they are and how they work.

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 Preserving Business Value When Acquiring Real Property

As business owners go about building their wealth, itís not unusual to acquire real estate.

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 Some Tools for Business Succession Planning

In order to preserve the value the business owner has created, itís important to plan for the orderly transition of ownership. This article covers some of the tools for that planning.

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 Preserving Business Value for Your Intended Beneficiaries

Dale Carnegie advised those seeking success to start with the end in mind. Business owners would do well to plan for preserving the value of their business for the time when they are no longer in business.

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 Preserving Business Value when Key People Stop Being Part of the Business - After a Merger

Entrepreneurs often join with others to build a business. When they are smart, these partners recognize the need for succession planning and exit strategies.

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 Business Succession Planning: Funding the Plan

There are two basic sources of funding your business succession plan. Either the seller funds the transition plan, or the buyer does. How you fund the plan will affect the price, the terms, and the subsequent involvement of the selling owner.

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 Protecting Business Value from Claims of Creditors

As business owners create value and wealth for themselves as owners, they are often concerned about preserving that value in case things go wrong.

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 Gifts to Charity: Helping Good Causes and Good for Business

So you wrapped up your annual income tax filing responsibilities. Do you just want to put away the tax matters until next year?

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 Independent Broker Can Help Preserve and Protect Business Value When Trying to Sell

The business owner who has decided to sell the enterprise still wants to preserve business value through the sales process. An independent broker can add value to this process by identifying motivated buyers, guiding the client on determining a price, navigating the course, and preserving confidentiality.

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 Before You Jump In: Deciding to Start Your Business

So you think that the best boss in America would be the man or woman who stares at you in your mirror each morning. So you think you can build the better mousetrap, provide the better service, create the better way.

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