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Levant Law Practice

Futuro Tower, Al Mather Street
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Riyadh 11351
Saudi Arabia

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Law Firm Overview

Levant Law Practice is dedicated to advising corporate and individual clients involved in a wide range of local and cross border transactions as well as in complex multi- jurisdictional disputes, the firm represents multinational and regional companies, financial institutions, state-owned entities, family and other privately held businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Levant Law Practice was first established in 2002 under the name Mattar Mouawad Majdalany el Khazen law firm in Lebanon – subsequent to the merger of Mattar & Mattar law firm (founded by Mohammad and Rabeh F. Mattar) and the respective law offices of Gebran Majdalany, Rafic Mouawad and Youssef el Khazen.

In 2008 with the entry of two new partners, Adib Tohme and Fadi Nader, the Firm decided to change its name to Levant Law Practice (“LLP”) with the aim of developing a fully-fledged regional practice through offices and affiliations in Beirut, Riyadh, Doha and Gambia, and correspondent law firms in the major business centers of the Levant, the Gulf region and Africa.

With a strong presence in Beirut (where its head office is based), Riyadh (in association with the Law Firm of Adnan H. Yaseen), Doha (in association with Osama Abdulla Abdulghani Law Office), Gambia (in association with Fajara Chambers), and a group of selected legal correspondent law firms throughout the region, LLP is well positioned to serve its diversified client base and to provide adequate legal support to their sophisticated needs.

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 The Crisis Aftermath: Islamic Finance and Breaking the Wall of Alternative Energy

The global financial crisis has sparked questions about the conceptual foundations of a financial sector that has grown unwatched during the past three decades fueled by an uncontrollable thrive to accumulate profits, individualism, extreme liberalization and deregulation. Voices worldwide are calling for reforms and for the inclusion of ethical, social, collective, human and ecological dimensions in any financial and economic policy.

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