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Law Firm Overview

Lewandowski Gradek Lewandowska law office is composed of lawyers specializing in Intellectual Property & Business Law, especially in Copyrights, Patent, Trademark, Publishing, Media & Entertainment as well as Technology (IT, Privacy & E-Commerce), Competition and Personal Data Protection Laws.

We advise how to secure intangible assets created either presently or in the past, through the use of legal tools. This allows our clients to continue to achieve their personal and business objectives now and in the future. We co-operate with specialists from various fields, including courts experts, patent attorneys, financial advisors and database research companies. Our office renders legal services to Polish entities and foreign entrepreneurs that are already operating on the Polish market or willing to do business in Poland.

We combine over 20 years of legal experience with energy and commitment, guided by the principle that our clients’ success is our success. We appreciate that there isn’t one, universal standard – therefore, we diligently identify our clients’ needs, investigate, propose and implement such solutions that assure safe realization of objectives pursued by our clients.

Languages: Polish, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Inventions; Industrial Designs; Utility Models; Artists; Authors; Personal Data; Press; Publishing.


Ms. Małgorzata Gradek Lewandowska
Advertising, Intellectual Property, Internet Law, Media

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Articles Published by Lewandowski Gradek Lewandowska IPLaw Office

 Taste Is Not the Subject Matter Protected by Copyright in EU Cheese Product Case

On 13 November 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) handed down its judgment in case C-310/17 Levola Hengelo v Smilde Foods in which the Dutch cheesemaking company sued another because of their rival’s product tasted the same as theirs.

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 New Year and New Changes in Polish Industrial Property Law

New year will most likely bring significant changes in Polish Industrial Property Law. Currently Polish Parliament works on new bill which will implement the EU directive 2015/2436.

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 What Is Invisible Turns Out To Be More Valuable in Poland

Copyright law constantly changes because nowadays people understand that protecting their property does not stop on tangible, visual objects. What is invisible turns out to be more valuable because it defines who we are and what we as human beings possess in minds and share with the World. But sometimes receiving authors’ approval to use their works can either be really hard of impossible.

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 The Polish Consumer Credit Act: Changes in the Way of Advertising Consumer Credit

We all know that the primary purpose of advertising is to encourage the consumer to purchase a particular product or service, but in the case of services such as bank credit, the issue of reliable information becomes extremely important. The requirements for advertising consumer credit have been regulated for some time now in Polish law.

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 The Public Playback of Television and Radio Programs in Poland

In modern society it is important to have basic information how can we use author's works in everyday life while using the media, such as musical works broadcasted by radio and television organizations. The knowledge about this topic gives us guidelines how to act in accordance with existing regulations and principles of copyright law.

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 Can You Copyright a Culinary Work/Dish/Recipe According to Polish Law?

According to the Polish copyright law “the copyright work” means “any manifestation of the creative activity of individual nature, established in any form, irrespective of its value, designation or manner of expression”.

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 Consumer Credit Advertisements in Poland

Since the worldwide economy crisis of 2008, we are living in the time of rising distrust towards banks and similar financial institutions. Banks have never been so closely and attentively observed, not only by the government and numerous non-governmental organizations specializing in consumer protection but also by consumers themselves. That is why it’s in the bank’s best interest to know and follow the regulations pertaining different forms of bank’s activities.

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 The Newest Changes in the Polish Competition Law Have Entered into Force Mid-April 2016

The focus of said novelization lies on the protection of consumers, and its aim is to strengthen consumers’ position in their relations with the entrepreneurs by giving the customers more tools to secure their interests. Below are the most important of the recent changes.

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 Simplification of the Trademarks Registration Procedure in the Polish Patent Office

Polish legislator decided recently to simplify and quicken the trademark registration procedure. The changes introduced to the Industrial Property Law Act from 30th of July 2000 enter into force today. Beside shortening of the general timeframe of the procedure the biggest changes were made within the frameworks of the opposition proceeding and the trademark revocation claim procedure.

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 2015 Polish “Indian Summer” Changes in the Copyright Regulations

Similarly to prior years, we have a beautiful Indian summer in Poland which brings changes to our copyright law. On the 11th September 2015, the Polish Parliament passed a new legal act, which introduces some significant changes into the Polish Copyright Act. Some of them, were required by the European law; other ones were intended to meet expectations of members of the Polish domestic legal market. This article will present the most notable, newly introduced, amendments.

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 Why Take Interest in Intellectual Property in Poland?

In the economy based on knowledge and technology intellectual property is one of most significant factors allowing to build up market position: to create competitive edge, decide, to decide of market success and to secure substantial tax benefit.

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