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Lex Justis is a boutique law practice in The Bahamas, catering to local and international clients who require proficient attention in addressing their legal matters in The Bahamas.

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 Bankruptcy Laws in Bahamas

The assertion that the Bahamas laws on bankruptcy may be used as a double edged sword can be derived from section 10 of the Bankruptcy Act 1870, whereby some level of protection is granted to an individual declared bankrupted.

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 Expected Closing Costs Associated with Real Estate Transactions in the Bahamas

First time home buyers and even some foreign investors wishing to purchase real estate are always shocked at the additional or closing costs involved all throughout the transaction.

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 Trade Mark Registration

Upon submitting the application for registration of the trade mark, the Registrar will furnish the applicant with an acknowledgment of the application and will then conduct a search of the existing registered approved trademarks and pending applications for registration in order to determine whether there are any trade marks on the Trade Mark Register that are for the same goods or whether there are identical trade marks to the trade mark being registered by the Applicant.

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 Obtaining an Annual Residence Permit in the Bahamas

If you are interested in residing in The Bahamas on an annual basis, applying for an Annual Residence Permit may be the more efficient means of acquiring this right.

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 Structures for Doing Business in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is also an established corporate and financial hub which is regularly used by both private individuals and corporate entities as a vantage point for their financial portfolio. Often recognized for its proximity to North America and for its number of professionals involved in the corporate and financial industry, investors worldwide often choose The Bahamas as their financial centre of the western hemisphere.

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 Bahamas Sales Representative Permit

A traveling agent conducting business physically within The Bahamas on behalf of a corporate entity will require a Sales Representative Permit, which is granted by the country’s Department of Immigration.

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 Work Permit Applications in the Bahamas

The archipelago’s immigration policy remains that no expatriate may be offered a position that a suitably qualified Bahamian is able to fill. Whenever there is a job position, the Bahamian should be given the position in preference to anyone and that the Bahamian must be given that job on the same terms and conditions as his expatriate counterpart.

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 Private Trust Companies of the Bahamas

In The Bahamas, PTCs have become a preferred tool in the structuring of the estate and inheritance planning needs of families with substantial wealth. They may also provide successful entrepreneurs with significant advantages when structuring their participations.

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