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Law Firm Overview

LGM Advisors is a Commercial Law firm located in Melbourne, Australia.

LGM Advisors are the Commercial Law firm to contact when you need a Contract Lawyer, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Employment Lawyer and Dispute Resolution Lawyer.

Contract Lawyer
Contracts are an enormously important aspect of everyday operation for businesses and organizations. They also form a significant element of everyday life for individuals who engage in transactions, enter agreements, or perform other formal negotiations.

You may not realize it, but any time you enter into a formal agreement or carry out a transaction, you are creating a contract which can be legally enforceable. As a result, contract law is one of the pillars upon which a developed society grows and flourishes.

Contract law provides a way for businesses, individuals, and organizations to enter agreements with the certainty and peace of mind that these agreements can be enforced through our judicial system.

We work hard to assist a wide range of clients in negotiating, drafting, and enforcing contracts of all kinds and complexities.

Our contract law specialists here in Melbourne provide a range of comprehensive and individually tailored services to assist commercial and other clients with any issues, questions, or assistance they might require regarding contracts.

Intellectual Property Lawyer
Intellectual property refers to things of value created through the application of the human mind, which for legal purposes are owned by their creator. For example, you may have designed marketing material for your business which you wish to protect through trademark registration, or you may wish to patent a new invention or enforce copyright protections on written works.

These are only a few examples which highlight how important it is for businesses, organizations, and individuals who have created something of intangible value to have an understanding of intellectual property law.

Due to the wide-ranging implications of intellectual property law for those who own intangible assets, we offer a wide range of intellectual property related legal services here in Melbourne.

Our intellectual property experts can assist you with a range of trademark, copyright, or patent functions. We aim to assist our clients in gaining recognition for their intellectual property, as well as protecting that intellectual property through the appropriate legal channels. Our advisors can assist you in completing trademark or patent registrations, enforcing copyright, and achieving fair dealing in regard to the licensing or sale of your intellectual property.

Employment Lawyer
Victoria’s employment law regulations can be difficult to navigate for employers and employees alike. As part of our general practice model, we offer a wide range of employment law services which provide comprehensive legal assistance and advice to all parties to employment relationships.

We can assist you with employment contracts, unfair dismissal cases, workplace discrimination claims, and any other circumstance which requires an expert knowledge of Victorian employment law.

Our employment law advisors are thoroughly aware of the regulations affecting the employer-employee relationship, as well as the laws governing the use of contractors. We can assist you with any legal matters relating to employment, whether you are:

• An employer looking to draft the optimum employment contract to reflect your human resources requirements and business statement
• An employee who may have been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against, or who wishes to have an employment contract reviewed by a legal professional
• A contractor seeking just terms or performance from a hirer or subcontractor
• An employer seeking to defend against action taken against you by an employee, union, or regulatory body.

Dispute Resolution Lawyer
As experts in commercial law with a focus on comprehensive, cost-effective legal practice, we understand that disputes are best resolved outside of court. This saves you time and money whilst assisting you in finding an optimal outcome at the same time.

Commonly utilized dispute resolution processes include mediation and arbitration, which can be used by businesses, individuals, or organizations to resolve legal disputes in a way which is more efficient and less adversarial than court action.

With a commitment to the best interests of our clients, our legal advisors here in Melbourne have forged abundant experience and expertise in the dispute resolution process through education and effective process. Over the years we have helped many of our clients achieve great results through dispute resolution, allowing them to save time and money which could be better spent pursuing their greater interests.

LGM Advisors
2B Mercer Road Armadale VIC 3143
(03) 9832 0608
ABN: 19168869574

Year this Office was Established: 2014

Languages: English

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Contracts, Employment, Intellectual Property

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