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Law Firm Overview

Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group is an international business law firm in Panama. The attorneys at our firm provide its clients fast, innovative and effective solutions to their business challenges. The firm provides services to individual and corporate clients in Panama as well in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Its partners maintain a commitment to professional ethics and social responsibility by participating in the board of directors of groups such as the Panama Bar Association, the German Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) of Panama and the Association of Chinese-Panamanian Professionals.

The firm centers its law practice in private client services and asset protection (Private Interest Foundations, Trusts), business and enterprise structures (Offshore and international business corporations), tax planning and consulting, real estate and e-commerce. We also advise in areas Corporate and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Maritime Law, and Immigration Law as well as related litigation that may arise from our client activities.

Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group is part of the PraeLegal global network of 242 independently-owned law firms in 141 countries which allows the firm to take care of every problem of our clients in an expedited and confidential manner. The firm has its main office in Panama City, Panama, as well as a representative office in Switzerland.

At Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group, we believe in a constant and direct communication with our clients, which allows us to anticipate what their needs and challenges are, in order to give them the most accurate and precise solutions in the shortest period of time.

Year this Office was Established: 2006

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Asset Recovery; Civil Law; Commercial Financial Services; Company Registration; Condominium Conversions; Government Contracts; International Business Transactions; International Financial Services; International Trademark Registration; Liquidations; Limited Liability Companies; Loan Agreements; Offshore Accounts; Offshore Investments; Offshore Company Law; Organization and Management of Offshore Companies; Offshore General Practice; Offshore Mutual Fund Structures; Pharmaceutical Patents Registration; Piracy; Private Interest Foundations; Securitization; Ship Arrest; Tax-Exempt Organizations; Trademark Litigation; Virtual Office; Colon Free Zone; Fiscal Law; Government Procurement; Health Registrations.

Areas of Law Description

Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group practices in the following areas of law:

- Offshore Services

• Opening Offshore accounts

Once the corporation is registered we recommend our clients to have an offshore account opened in order to protect your assets or to keep your privacy in international business. Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group has a large network and well established relations with banks in Panama, Switzerland, Belize, St. Vincent, Cyprus, Ras al Khaimah (UAE) and others.

• Opening Investments accounts

If your goal is to invest in foreign markets, Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group recommends to do so from an offshore jurisdiction like Panama, where your incomes regarding these investments are not subject to income tax in Panama. Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group has contacts and business relations with the most important brokers firms in Panama, who will manage your investments in the most confidential fashion.

• Nominee directors and shareholders

In order to keep your privacy, Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group offers its clients the service of nominee directors and shareholders who will act and carry out the company according to the given instructions by the client.

• Virtual Office

Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group offers its client a complete virtual office service that includes telephone lines, retransmission of faxes, e mails, and letters in general.

- Local Services

• Foreign Investment

Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group provides legal services to clients investing directly in Panama’s economy. The development of the country has its origin in the political stability and economic strength in the last years from its strategic geographical position, its territorial tax regime, its international banking center and other advantages.

• Immigration Services

Due to the development of investments in the country and the constant flow of tourists, executives and business people, the demand for these services have increased. Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group regularly assists clients applying for social residence visas such as Real Estate Investor, Forestry Investor, Securities Investor, Retiree, Second Passport Program and others.

• Business Licenses

Businesses providing services to clients from Panama are deemed to consider an onshore activity and therefore must have a Business Licenses from the Panama Ministry of Commerce. The attorneys of Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group are experienced in obtaining this permit.

• Trademark and Patent Registration

Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group recommends the registration of trademarks and patents if a product will be traded in or from Panama. Modern intellectual property legislation compliant with World Intellectual Property Organization standards and ratification of important multilateral treaties ensure protection against counterfeits and unauthorized use.

• Ship Registration

The Republic of Panama is the largest merchant fleet of the world because of unsurpassed advantages offered by a network of consulates worldwide specialized in shipping matters, a 24/365 Maritime Court and the tax advantages granted to shipping activities conducted outside of Panamanian territory.

• Public Procurement

Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group considers very important to offer this service, as the Government of Panama increases the goods and services purchased from foreign providers for its modernization. Government purchases will increase with the awarding of contracts for the US$4 billion expansion of the Panama Canal.

• Labor Law

We advise multinational companies in labor and employment disputes. Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group has the experience and knowledge required to provide said advice and avoid labor conflict which may result costly and time-consuming.

• Civil Law

Civil law is the basis for all types of contracts, obligations and properties, which is why Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group is prepared to provide advice in this area. Daily activities of a business imply performing several transactions and many times without knowing so, a pre-written civil code applies to relations between parties.

• Tax Law

Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group offers legal advice in tax matters, either for clients seeking comprehensive tax planning for individuals or entities with assets in Panama, or when requiring representation before local administrative tax authorities.

• Real Estate Law

Panama has no restrictions for the purchase of property by foreigners (except for those located 5km from land borders). Property titles are registered in a government public registry under the Torrens system, which allows prospective owners to be aware of all valid liens and encumbrances on real estate.

• Civil and Commercial Litigation

While conducting a business activity, some conflicts unfortunately cannot be settled in an amicable manner, which requires their being solved by local courts. The attorneys of Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group have experience in representing individuals and businesses in litigation, including submitting evidence under formalistic Standards of Roman Law, pre-judgement sequestration and seizure of assets, and appeals before higher courts.

• E-Commerce and City of Knowledge Companies

The attorneys of Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group serve several U.S. investors actively using high broadband access, large data warehouses, secure banking facilities and flexible corporate regulations to conduct electronic transfer and e-commerce activities hosted from Panama.

• Free Trade Zones and Export Processing Zones

At Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group, we have the experience needed to advice with regards to the setting up of a company in a Free Trade Zone. The Colon Free Trade Zone is the largest of the Americas and provides a large number of tax advantages to investors packaging and re-exporting for foreign markets as well as access to the best and largest air and sea transshipment facilities of the Caribbean.


Alvaro Aguilar Mr. Alvaro J. Aguilar
Administrative Law, Advertising, Agency and Distributorship, Arbitration, Asset Protection

Gabriel Aguilar Mr. Gabriel Aguilar
Admiralty and Maritime, Agricultural Law, Bad Faith Insurance, Banking and Finance, Biotechnology

Jorge Lombardi Dr. Jorge G. Lombardi
Commercial Litigation, Immigration, Offshore Services, Trademark

Of Counsel

Rodolfo Miguel Barañano Mr. Rodolfo Miguel Espino Barañano
Of Counsel
General Practice

Patrick Baudin Patrick J. Baudin
Of Counsel
Appellate Practice, Cassatio, French Law

Ana Españó Ms. Ana Melissa Españó
Of Counsel
Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Divorce, Family Law, Pre-nuptial Agreement

Rafael Garcia-Borges Mr. Rafael Garcia-Borges
Of Counsel
Administrative Law, Banking and Finance, Election and Political Law, Venezuela Law

Amelie Gonzalez Ms. Amelie Gonzalez
Of Counsel
Agricultural Law, Animal Law, Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources, Environmental Law


Carlos Abrego Mr. Carlos Abrego
Business and Industry

Luis Arrocha Mr. Luis Arrocha


  • PraeLegal
  • National Bar Association
  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • Panamanian Association of Law and New Technologies

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