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Louthian Law Firm, P.A., based in Columbia, South Carolina, specializes in representation for whistleblowers nationwide. For over thirty years, Bert Louthian has been providing clients with legal whistleblower experience. His is dedicated to helping those who have been wronged or have witnessed wrongdoing so they can step forward safe in the knowledge that they will be provided the best representation possible.

Louthian Law Firm handles qui tam claims under the False Claims Act for a variety of matters including but not limited to pharmaceutical and healthcare fraud, education fraud, kickback statutes, defense contractor fraud, and government contracts fraud.

Stepping forward to report fraud can be intimidating. At Louthian Law Firm, we thoroughly investigate every claim. It is a complicated process and we understand the steps to build a successful claim. We also understand the special challenges facing those who report unethical activity. Whistleblowers provide an important public service and Louthian Law Firm stands ready to help.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Big Pharma Fraud; Computer & IT Company Fraud; Education Fraud; USDA Fraud; Government Contracts and Cross-Charging; Healthcare Fraud; Health Insurance Exchange Fraud; Hospice Fraud; Medical Equipment Fraud; Medical Fraud; Medicare Fraud; Military and Defense Contractor Fraud; Pharmacy Fraud in Nursing Facilities; Procurement Fraud and Government Contracts; Public Works Fraud; Securities Fraud; Tax Fraud.


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Articles Published by Louthian Law Firm, P.A. - Whistleblower Lawyer

 Whistleblowers Needed Now More than Ever as Federal Oversight Rolls Back

The federal government plays many roles. One of them is enforcing consumer protection laws, which should prevent consumers from being ripped off. If there are violations, those responsible can be held accountable. What happens when the federal government loses interest in protecting consumers and would rather protect businesses that prey on them? We’re going to find out.

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 Importance of FCA Retaliation Protections for Whistleblowers

FCA retaliation protections are in place to make sure that people who report false claims filed with the United States government are not subjected to harm in any form because of their actions. Below is some basic information about these protections to help you understand how they may apply to you.

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 Why President Eisenhower’s Dire Warning Is Still Relevant

It’s been well over five decades since the sitting President of the United States issued a grave warning to his fellow Americans as part of his farewell address. Amid the Cold War, the president focused his words on the many threats facing our nation, including the influence of our chief global rival in imposing their ideology and military might.

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 What Is Healthcare Fraud and How Can You Spot It?

Healthcare has been a dominant subject in American life for many years. We talk at length about quality of care, medical errors, insurance coverage and a host of other topics relevant to the industry. Meanwhile, one of the most important aspects of our healthcare goes comparatively unnoticed.

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 Kickbacks and Fraud in Our Health Care System

The health care industry in the United States is plagued by fraud, abuse and waste. In fact, it costs us up to $60 billion every year. People often think of fraud as being identity theft or fraudulent billing practices, and while those things are certainly a big problem in our current system, fraud often occurs in the form of “kickbacks.”

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 Getting the Government on Your Side as a Whistleblower

A whistleblower is a person who brings to light information that uncovers fraud, criminal activity or other wrongdoing. Whistleblower claims are the legal avenue which whistleblowers take to report this fraud. Many of the individuals who file these claims do so on behalf of the government, meaning that they are coming forward with information about fraud that drains taxpayer money.

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