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Law Firm Overview

LPA Law Firm Albania Ltd is a Leading Albanian law firm, situated in the capital Tirana. Today, the firm is considered to be the leading law firm in the field of business law and corporate law.

The firm’s structure, with a high level of specialization enables the firm to offer its clients efficient legal advice as well as personal service. Besides its focus on corporate law, commercial real estate the firm is mainly engaged in litigation, competition law as well as matters of general business and civil law.

Due to the wide range of the firm’s clientele, which covers small and medium size enterprises as well as large companies, the firm is in the position to present solutions for legal problems of various kinds and dimensions.

Some of our international Clients include:

E-ON , Ferrero Group, Allianz, Luxottica Group, Thomson Reuters, Hitachi - Maxell, IUCN, LR Health & Beauty Systems

Year this Office was Established: 2009

Languages: Italian, French, German, Albanian, Norwegian and English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Development Projects; Hotels, Resorts and Business Facility Developments; Expat Work Permit and Residence Permit Issues; Hiring-Related Issues; Arranging Tax and Social Security Issues; Employment Agreements; Specific Terms of Employment; Recruitment and Selection Issues; Dismissal-Related Issues; Drafting Settlement Agreements; Mediation and Trade Union Communication; Collective Redundancies; Employment Regulations & Policies; Interpretation of Contracts; Breach of Contract; Litigation Assessment; Insurance Litigation; Seizure of Assets; Summary Proceedings.

Areas of Law Description

Corporate & Business Law in Albania
- Business Registration
- Company Formation Albania
- Company Acquisition Albania
- Merger & Acquisition- Joint Ventures
- Limited Liability Companies Albania
- Shareholder Agreements Albania
- Privatization Albania
- Business Taxation
- Company Acquisition
- Business Restructuring
- Corporate Restructuring (Merger, Spin-off, Transformation)
- Advice regarding directors’ and officers’ liability, in particular liability of management board and supervisory board members
- Stock Corporation Law
- General Legal Advice
- Legal Services for New Companies in Albania
- Legal support of day-to-day business activity

NGO Registration in Albania
- Register a Non-Governmental Organization in Albania
- Register a NGO Branch in Albania
- Register a Foreign NGO in Albania

Real Estate & Construction
- Real Estate Contracts in Albania
- Real Estate Lease
- Trusteeship and Escrow
- Due Diligence
- Construction law and construction permits
- Acquisition of Real Estate
- Portfolio transactions (national and international)
- Construction contracts
- Contracts with architects, general planners, general contractors and contractors
- Construction law
- Project development
- Real estate and construction related litigation

National & International Distribution
- Distribution and Supply Agreements
- Sole Distributorship
- Franchise
- Trade Agency
- Selective Distribution Systems

Competition Law
- Antitrust
- Merger Control
- Unfair Competition

- Litigation
- Arbitration (national and international)
- Arbitrator in national and international arbitrations
- Insolvency law

Insurance Law
- Insurance Companies
- Insurance Supervision

Employment Law
- Legal Position of Executives
- Employment and management contracts
- Employment Contracts
- Advice in employment law matters, in particular on the employer’s side
- Employment litigation in Albania

Bankruptcy Law
- Bankruptcy and Composition Proceedings
- Business Reorganization
- Debt Restructuring
- Creditor and Debtor Representation
- Bankruptcy Litigation

- Trademarks registration in Albania
- Patents in Albania
- Unfair competition in Albania
- Intellectual property / copyright law
- License and Know-How Agreements
- Domain law
- E-commerce in Albania
- Software contracts in Albania

Foundation Law
- Private Foundations
- Charitable Foundations

Public Law
- Environmental law, environmental impact assessment (UVP), decontamination
- Water protection law
- Telecommunications law in Albania
- Public procurement law in Albania
- Energy law in Albania
- Privatizations in Albania
- Public private partnerships in Albania
- Data protection law in Albania
- Law of associations in Albania
- Constitutional and administrative law in Albania

Civil Law & (International) Contract Law
- Insurance contracts and insurance claims
- Sales agents
- Transportation law
- Product liability

Due Diligence
- LPA Law Firm Albania Ltd provides due diligence of an asset or target business. Not only envisaging the risks, we generate solutions for risk mitigation.

Corporate Matters
- In our corporate practice, we advise and provide transactional assistance and management in all areas of corporate legal area. Our experience comprises of advisory and transactional work in the following core areas: business structuring, finance structuring, capital formation and shareholders arrangement, mergers, acquisitions, business transactions and agreements. We help clients to establish business structures, such as joint ventures, start-up ventures for taxable and tax-exempt investors, offshore funds to achieve tax efficiency.

Tax Structuring & Optimization
- We advise clients in the following matter pertaining to tax planning: debt structuring, debt/equity allocations, start-ups, investments, private equity. We employ taxable and tax-exempt vehicles, which are effectively managed by our agents.

Real Estate
- Our real estate team is advising clients with real estate property in Albania to resolve business issues relating to: property acquisition, residential and commercial real estate, zoning law, real estate disputes, lease contracts, enforcement or protection of real estate security, protection of good property standing etc.

Debt Collection & Security Enforcement
- Our clients seek advice and legal actions support in the following areas: creditworthiness due diligence, soft collection and hard collection. While being deeply involved in arbitration process in Albania and working in close cooperation with law enforcement offices, we are successful at returning a substantial stack of those debts which were initially considered non-recoverable.


Oltjan Hoxholli Mr. Oltjan Hoxholli
Construction Law, Employment, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Litigation



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Articles Published by LPA Law Firm

 Visa and Residence Permit in Albania

Albania is relatively easy to access. Foreign citizens can enter Albania a er presenting valid passports or any other valid traveling document

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 Albanian Labor Law

Employment relations in the Republic of Albania are mainly governed by law no. 7961, “On the Labor Code of the Republic of Albania”, as amended (hereinafter referred as the “Albanian Labor Code”), and other normative acts issued by the Albanian government to regulate various aspects of employment relations.

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 Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties in Albania

Albania has entered into 38 agreements “For the Avoidance of Double Taxation with respect to Taxes on Income and on Capital” with several countries.

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 Accounting Regulations in Albania

All economic for-profit units in the Republic of Albania, including financial institutions, regardless of their legal form or the specific legal requirements that can be applied to them, are subject to Law No. 9228, dated 29 April 2004, “On Accounting and Financial Statements”.

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 Albanian Mining Legislation

According to the Albanian law, reconnaissance is not treated as a separate activity. Reconnaissance and exploration rights are granted by the same permit, i.e. a reconnaissance and exploration permit. Such permit is granted for a three-year period, extendable for one additional year, for metallic, non-metallic, bitumen, coal, and radioactive minerals, while for construction minerals such permit is granted for a one-year period.

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 The Limited Liability Company in Albania and Branch in Albania

Register an LLC in Albania and register a Foreign Company Branch in Albania

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 Trade Mark Enforcement in Albania

There are no specialised courts in Albania dealing with IPR infringements.  Interested parties should address their claim to the Commercial Section of the First Instance Court of Tirana.

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 Registration of Immovable Property in Albania

In accordance with law no. 33/2012 “On the Registration of Immovable Property” immovable property should be registered in the immovable property register. This register is open to the public and is administrated by local Immovable Property Registration Offices. The local Immovable Property Registration Offices report to the Immovable Property Registration Office which is governed by a Board of Directors and the Chief Registrar.

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 Labor Permits in Albania

Persons who are not Albanian citizens and wish to work in Albania need a work permit issued by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth.

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 Residence Permit in Albania

Foreigners who wish to reside in Albania on a long-term basis (in any case more than three months within each six-month period) are issued a residence permit.

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 Immigration in Albania

Legislative framework and general principles in Albania.

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 New Law Concerning Debt Recovery in Albania - "On Late Payments for Contractual and Commercial Obligations”

The Albanian parliament has passed on 24.04.2014 the law no. 48/2014 “On Late Payments for Contractual and Commercial Obligations”, which is partially aligned with the Directive 2011/7/EU of the European Parliament “On Combating Late Payment in Commercial Transactions”.

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 Business Licensing in Albania - Albanian National Licensing Centre (NLC)

The licensing system is governed by Law no. 10081, dated on 23.02.2009 “On licenses, authorizations and permits in the Republic of Albania”, which sets out 45 categories for licenses, permits and authorizations.

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 Company Formation in Albania - Business Licensing

Foreign nationals are entitled to take up economic activities in Albania as self-employed persons, and to set up undertakings, in particular companies, which they effectively control. Foreign companies can also do business in Albania through setting up subsidiaries and branches.

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 Expropriation Legislation in Albania

Law No. 8561, dated 22.12.1999, “On Expropriations and Temporary Posession of Private Property for a Public Interest” regulates the right of the state to expropriate or take for temporary use of a public interest the properties of physical persons or legal entities, as well as the protection of the rights and interests of the respective owners.

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 Requirements for Registration of Local Trademark in Albania

In case foreign entities wish to file a trademark in Albania they can do so only through an authorized local trademark agent registered with the Albanian Patent and Trademark Office.

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 Concessions in Albania / PPP in Albania

According to the assessment, the application of the laws of the PPP / concession in Albania is estimated to achieve "high efficiency" compared to international standards, the implementation of AML being a strong pillar and institutional frameworks and policy pillars were weak.

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 New Administrative Courts in Albania

Since May 2012 , the Albania Parliament adopted the law on the establishment and functioning of Administrative Courts in all three levels of the judiciary , including the Administrative College of Supreme Court .

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 Telecommunications and Electronic Communications in Albania

The electronic communications sector in Albania is governed by the Electronic Communications Law, 2008, as amended and supplemented by implementing regulations.

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 Energy regulation (electricity and gas) in Albania

Albania performs reasonably well overall with respect to the quality of its energy (electricity and natural gas) sector. The recent EBRD energy law reform dimensions assessment has shown with regards to the country’s electricity legislation that private sector participation and market framework are the key weaknesses, with regulatory independence being the key strength.

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 Registering property in Albania - Real Estate Purchase in Albania

Below is a detailed summary of the steps, time and cost involved in registering property in Albania. It assumes a standardized case of an entrepreneur who wants to purchase land and a building that is already registered and free of title dispute.

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 Liquidation Process in Albania

The procedure for the liquidation of an Albanian Company is described and specified in Albanian commerce law. The law provides the standard procedure for the liquidation of an Albanian Company.

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 Intellectual Property in Albania

Protection of intellectual property rights in Albania. Trademark in Albania.

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 Commercial Companies in Albania - Albania Company Formation (How to Form an LLC in Albania)

In order to perform a business activity in Albania, a foreign investor may choose to (i) set up a locally incorporated company (sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, joint stock company and joint venture) or (ii) establish a branch or representative office.

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 Debt Recovery in Albania

Debt collection is a legal procedure whereby the creditor fails to enable by the debtor a payment of a monetary obligation, which the latter has failed to perform wholly or partly on a defined deadline.

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 Debt Collection in Albania

In contrast to other countries, debt collection is mainly performed by lawyers and not by collection agencies in Albania. Consequently, lawyers in Albania undertake to perform the task of recovering debt for their clients; this naturally leads one to conclude that lawyers are skilled and experienced in the collection of debt.

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 A Computerized System That Expedites and Guarantees Real Properties Registration in Albania

Under the agreement between the Central Immovable Property Registration Office Albania (CIPRO) the Swedish company Lantmäteriet has brought to Albania a team of specialist who, in collaboration with CIPRO specialists will assist the project of the implementation of the computerized system property registration in Albania.

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Albania Company Formation - Albania Register Company

www.lpalbania.com info@lpalbania.com

LPA Law Firm Albania Ltd is the leading Albanian law office, situated in the capital Tirana. Today, the firm is considered to be the leading Albanian law firm in the fields of Business, Corporate Law, Energy Law, Intellectual Property and Commercial Real Estate.


Albania Register Company

The relevant legislation in Albania provides for different types of business entities operating in the market according to their sector of interest. Corporate entities acquire legal personality upon registration at the Commercial Registry held by the National Centre of Registration for Commercial Companies in Albania.

However, capital companies, such as limited liability companies (abbreviation in Albanian: SHPK) and joint stock companies (abbreviation in Albanian: SHA), are the most recognised forms of business entities which require attention when dealing with corporate governance issues. It is essential for them to set up accurate rules for their organisation, accurate functioning, the delegation of competencies and a good relationship between the shareholders and other stakeholders and the managing bodies of the entity.

Limited liability companies are the most extended form of business entities in Albania as the small- or medium-sized types of organisation in the market. They mostly take the form of a family business. Limited liability companies are incorporated by two or more shareholders (individuals or legal entities, domestic and foreign ones) with a minimum capital of EUR 10. Because of their growth not only in the market but also as businesses, these companies are of interest when discussing corporate governance issues.

Joint stock companies, on the other hand, operate in important sectors of the Albanian economy, and take an interest in building up modern and efficient corporate governance processes and procedures. Joint stock companies are established by two or more shareholders (individuals or legal entities, domestic and foreign ones) with a minimum capital of EUR 25,000.

Both types of companies are also allowed to have one shareholder; a fact that should be immediately disclosed.

As capital companies, both SHPK and SHA are characterised by the limited liability of their shareholders up to the value of their contribution in the registered capital of the company, but they differ in their organisational and functioning approach. The SHA has more interest when discussing corporate governance related to the organisational structure of this type of corporate entity, as there exists a greater distinction between the managerial bodies, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Concerning listed companies, Albania has not yet developed the stock exchange market, despite the fact that the legislation in this field is pertinent and modern.

In this context, the discussion of corporate governance issues shall be limited to SHPK and SHA.

The model of corporate governance introduced by Albanian commercial law is a modern and mixed approach of both Anglo-Saxon and German models of corporate governance. This mixed model of corporate governance is subject to rules set by the law and by those elaborated internally as a code of ethics or manual of operation by each business entity.

The main sources of the set of laws for corporate governance are considered:

Albanian commercial legislation, as mentioned above, is new and modern, and the changes introduced have not had any direct effect on corporate governance issues. As such, the topical issue of the moment is the independence of the management body. The practice followed by the capital companies of both types is the direct control over the management of the company by preventing professionalism in the administration and management of the company. On the one hand, the control should be limited. However, new trends are apparent in this topic, such as the decreasing of confidence for the management bodies of the company.

The loyalty and confidence between the shareholders and management bodies of the company will be reflected in the professional performance of the management and profit rise of the corporate entity.

www.lpalbania.com info@lpalbania.com

Energy Oil and Gas Attorneys in Albania - LEADING ALBANIA LAW FIRM


The oil and natural gas sector in Albania is regulated by Law No. 102/2015 “On the natural gas sector” (“Law 102/2015”), and the Regulation on Licensing, Amendment, Partial or Integral Transfer, Withdrawal and Renewal of Licenses in the Gas Sector, as approved by ERE with Decision no. 9, dated 11.02.2011 (“Regulation 9/2011”).

According to the Albanian law, all petroleum in its natural state is exclusive property of the Albanian State, represented by the Ministry of Energy and Industry (the “MEI”). MEI is entitled to conclude petroleum agreements with any contractor interested in the research and production of oil and gas, granting them the right to research and produce as per the terms and conditions of the petroleum in the relevant contract area.

The National Agency of Natural Resources (“NANR”) is an institution dependent on the MEI. NANR is entitled to negotiate petroleum agreements, prepare the necessary documentation and practices concerning the granting of the permits, licences and authorizations in compliance with the law which enables an applicant to enter into agreements and to perform petroleum operations.

The Albanian Energy Regulator Authority (“ERA”) is the regulatory authority in the sector of natural gas and electric power, with the exception of the exploration and production/exploitation of natural gas.

Albania Company Register

Company formation and registration services in Albania
Accountancy services including: payroll, bookkeeping, VAT and VAT refund services
Corporate banking introductions in Albania
Legal consultancy in Albania
Tax consultancy in Albania
Business start up services in Albania
Trust services in Albania


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