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MacGregor & Collins, LLP is a highly respected criminal defense law firm, serving individuals throughout Orange County, California. Our attorneys have over 40 years of collective experience combining personal care with strong legal action, getting our clients the best possible outcomes.

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 California Sex Crime Registration: Penal Code 290

Sex crime registration can negatively affect a person's opportunities throughout their lifetime. Find out detailed information about California sex crime registration laws and what registrants must fulfill to stay compliant.

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 Domestic Violence: California Penal Code 273.5

California domestic violence law has changed a lot over the years. The author explains how things have changed as well as the influences that spurred changes.

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 Breathalyzers: Defects Then/Failures Still

Breathalyzers have had a long history of controversy over their effectiveness and validity when used as evidence in a court of law. The author details their history of failure and malfunction as well as their current problems.

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 Three Strikes Law in California

The history explanation behind the California Three Strike Law.

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 What Is BAC & How Is It Measured?

A short explanation on Blood Alcohol Levels.

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