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Law Firm Overview

Mamo TCV Advocates, located in Valletta, Malta, provides legal services for its clients in all sectors of civil and commercial law, most notably banking and financial services, corporate, communications, media and technology, intellectual property & anti-counterfeiting, shipping & aviation, and litigation services. The firm being one of the largest legal practices in Malta enables it to provide, in essence, a ‘one-stop’ service to clients. One of the firm’s main aims is to provide timely and hands-on legal advice by combining its diverse specialist resources and expertise in the most efficient manner.

Mamo TCV is the legal firm of choice for a large number of Malta’s leading establishments, corporations, banks, consortia and other institutions, including government organizations, and has an extensive foreign client base. It is also the preferred correspondent in Malta for various leading law firms based in Europe, particularly those operating from the UK, Germany, France and Italy.

Year this Office was Established: 1961

Languages: English, Maltese, Italian, French, Spanish.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Distributorship; High Net Worth Individuals Rules; Employment Contracts; Lotteries; Anti-Counterfeiting; Collective Investment Schemes.

Areas of Law Description

MAMO TCV Advocates practices in the following areas of law:

- Corporate Law

The firm is a leader in all aspects of Corporate Law and advises local and foreign clients on all aspects related thereto. We offer the following services:

• Company Set-Up and Administration
• The Maltese Company
• Continuation of Companies
• Merger and Acquisitions
• Insolvency
• Joint ventures
• Privatization and Public Private Partnerships
• Trusts and Trustees

- Banking & Finance

The firm’s banking and finance team represents and advises clients in various capacities in relation to all forms of financing transactions, such as syndicated loans, refinancing operations and structured finance transactions. The firm prepares reviews and negotiates agreements, assists with the closing and execution of documents and provides legal opinions on all aspects of financing transactions and all forms of security matters. The firm also advises a number of banks on their regulatory requirements and assists in the formation and licensing of Banks or Financial institutions and or pass porting rights. Mamo TCV offers a full complement of legal services in the field of:

• Banking and Financial
• Investment Services
• Collective Investment Schemes
• Financial Markets
• Financial Institutions
• Insurance
• Prevention of Money Laundering

- Financial Services Law

The firm’s financial services team is actively involved in the setting up of investment funds, investment firms, fund management companies and financial institutions, and advises local and foreign clients operating in the financial services industry, including alternative investment funds, UCITS, fund managers, fund administrators, prime brokers, custodians, investment firms and payment institutions.

- Communications, Media and Technology

Mamo TCV is one of the leading firms in Malta in communications, media and technology law. The firm’s Communications, Media and Technology (“CMT”) Department brings together a group of lawyers with years of experience in this field. These lawyers combine their legal expertise in this field of law with their practical in-depth technical and business knowledge of the industry. Clients therefore benefit from legally sound and practical advice that enables them to carry on their operations efficiently and in full compliance with the sector's regulatory environment. We advise a number of film production companies on Malta-based films and on all aspects related to Filming Operations in Malta.

- Insurance

The firm advises some of the largest Maltese and foreign Insurance businesses and intermediaries on licensing and regulatory issues, insurance contracts, intermediary agreements, and claims. Services in relation to captives are also provided and MAMO TCV advises a number of large captive insurances established in Malta.

- Intellectual Property & Anti-Counterfeiting

Mamo TCV is regarded as one of the pre-eminent legal firms in intellectual property law with an established specialist intellectual property department. The firm acts for local and international manufacturers and distributors, licensors and licensees, franchisors and franchisees, media and telecommunications companies, broadcasters and production companies, suppliers, authors, artists and composers as well as information technology related companies. The areas of expertise in this field are:

• Trademarks – Registrations and Litigation
• Patents
• Designs and Models of Manufacture
• Copyright
• General Registration and Litigation in IP matters
• Licensing and Franchising
• Distributorship
• Know-How
• Technology Transfer
• Competition Law Issues Related to IP
• Taxation of IP

- Shipping

This is one of our traditional specialist areas. Our commitment and dedication has proved successful and banks, other financial institutions and ship-owners frequently consult us seeking the most effective and advantageous financing. Our services in this area include:

• Flag and ship registration under Maltese flag and overseas and dealings with formalities related thereto
• Bareboat charter registrations
• Ship owning and ship management company incorporation
• Marine mortgages and other form of securities
• Discharging of mortgages
• Ship sales and purchases
• Ship finance
• Chartering and leasing
• Syndicated bank loans
• Generally advising financing institutions on security and mortgage enforcement matters as well as on other Maltese maritime law matters

- Aviation

The Aviation Department within Mamo TCV has considerable experience in the major aspects of aviation law. The firm acts for a number of aviation companies and provides wide ranging legal services in the field, including the following areas of practice:

• Registration, certification, sale and purchase of aircrafts
• Financing and securitization
• Charter and lease agreements
• Maintenance, repair and servicing agreements
• Claims against carriers
• Operational structures and tax planning

- Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

The litigation department of the firm services the litigation requirements of numerous clients, both local and overseas, and is fully equipped to assist corporate clients when recourse to the Courts or alternative dispute resolution is required. The heart of the litigation practice is commercial and civil litigation, involving a wide variety of commercial disputes, before the courts of justice, various administrative bodies and before arbitration panels. The areas of practice in the litigation sphere include general commercial disputes, insurance, admiralty and shipping, cargo claims, aviation claims, immovable property, debt collection, employment, public procurement and the enforcement of foreign judgments in Malta.

- Gaming & Lotteries

The firm specializes in the complex area of Gaming Law. Our size and organizational structure allows us to react swiftly to changing situations and to provide the highest standard of quality service to our clients. We are confident that given our expertise and proven track record, our Gaming Unit will professionally assist and advise you in all aspects of Gaming Law including license procurement, compliance, operations, corporate law, banking, international tax and intellectual property.

- Competition & European Law

The firm’s competition law department is entrusted with the drafting and vetting of agreements for its clients in order to ensure that such agreements are not in breach competition law. It is also responsible for handling merger notifications on behalf of clients, actions in front of the Competition and Consumer Affairs Appeals Tribunal, and the preparation of opinions which are competition law-oriented (including State aid, merger control and liberalization). The firm’s EU law specialists advise private and public sector bodies on the transposition, implementation and application of the acquis communautaire in Malta and carries out research for other departments within the firm.

- Employment & Labor

The firm assists clients with ensuring compliance with various laws affecting all aspects of the employer/employee relationship, including how employers must treat employees, former employees, and applicants for employment. Advice is given to employers on how to ensure that all their procedures are kept in line with changing legislation and that their risk of employment litigation is minimized as much as possible. The firm is also in a position to represent and advise employees seeking the enforcement of their rights before the Maltese and foreign Courts, and the local Industrial Tribunals. Our services cover the following principal areas:

• Employment contracts
• Contracts for services
• Termination of employment/unfair dismissal
• Compromise agreements
• Other services, including client assessments to ensure employment law compliance such as in the sphere of transfer of undertakings

- High Net Worth Individuals Rules

The treatment under Maltese law of foreigners that wish to take up residence in Malta depends on nationality of the person concerned: nationals of an EU or EEA Member State benefit from rules that must ensure (and regulate) their freedom of movement within the European Union, whilst other persons, so-called Third Country Nationals, are subject to a more restrictive regime in line with the Schengen acquis.

- Real Estate & Development

The firm offers its services to clients involved in real estate projects and developments in the leisure, travel and tourism hotels sector in relation to a plethora of issues including project finance, acquisition and disposal of immovable property, corporate, licensing, banking and tax law, employment health and safety, environment and planning. We represent and advise clients on planning permission issues and act for clients in planning appeals and representations with the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA).

- Trusts and Estate Planning

The firm offers all services concerning trusts and estate planning. Our practice in these matters cover all legal services in relation to structuring personal trusts, commercial trusts, private or purpose foundations, to suit personal and estate planning needs of our clients. Through our licensed trust management company, TCV Management and Trust Services Limited, we are able to provide a ‘one stop’ service to our clients, offering a wide range of trustee and fiduciary services, in complete confidence.

- Tax

Our firm provides a comprehensive range of legal services in relation to all aspects of taxation law, ranging from advice on tax-efficient international structures, to advise high net worth individuals in relation to their personal tax. Through our own in-house Accounting and Tax Unit, TCV Management and Trust Services Limited, we provide both corporate and personal tax compliance services.

- General Commercial

With increased regulatory and compliance requirements, arising not only from Maltese law but also from EU legislation, the needs of businesses today are not the same as those of the past. This results from a number of factors such as increasingly complicated contract drafting processes and the need for a business to ensure that its activities are compliant with a number of complex legislative instruments. The firm is actively engaged in the following areas of general commercial practice:

• General commercial advice
• Compliance and regulatory assistance and advice
• Assistance leading to the setting up of a business in Malta
• Assistance rendered in the identification of a business’s name, including that of its brands
• Contract drafting and negotiations
• Negotiations on corporate and private settlements
• Licensing, franchising and distribution agreements

- Private International Law

Another important area of practice of Mamo TCV is private international law, particularly following the changes brought about in this sphere of law as a result of Malta’s accession to the European Union. The firm has a team of lawyers who have specialized knowledge of both the applicable European instruments such as the Brussels Regulation on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters, and the relevant provisions of domestic law. The firm has advised clients, both foreign and local, on matters of jurisdiction and choice of law for a number of years and it also has vast experience in the sphere of enforcement of foreign judgments in Malta.

• Competition and consumer law-oriented issues
• General commercial litigation


Joseph Borg Bartolo Dr. Joseph Borg Bartolo
Commercial Law, Competition Law, Financial Services Law, Insurance, Real Estate

Richard Camilleri Dr. Richard Camilleri
Aviation Law, Commercial Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Employment

Antoine Camilleri Dr. Antoine Camilleri
Commercial Law, Competition Law, Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property and Anti-counterfeiting

Joseph Camilleri Dr. Joseph Camilleri
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law, Litigation, Public Procurement, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Stephen Muscat Dr. Stephen Muscat
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law, Litigation, Civil Law, Employment and Labour, Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality

Andrew Muscat Prof. Andrew Muscat
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Financial Services Law, Insolvency, Insurance

Michael Psaila Dr. Michael Psaila
Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

Frank Testa Dr. Frank Testa
Commercial Law, Construction Law, Corporate Law, Employment, Estate Planning

David Tonna Dr. David Tonna
Admiralty and Maritime, Aviation Law, Corporate Law, Financial Services Law, Intellectual Property

Katya Tua Dr. Katya Tua
Banking and Finance, Investment Law, Investment Services and Funds

Nicholas Valenzia Dr. Nicholas Valenzia
Admiralty and Maritime, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Aviation Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law

Franco Vassallo Dr. Franco Vassallo
Admiralty and Maritime, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Aviation Law, Commercial Law, Litigation

Edmond Zammit Laferla Dr. Edmond Zammit Laferla
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Employment, Insurance, Corporate & Commercial

Of Counsel

Michael Borg Costanzi Dr. Michael Borg Costanzi
Of Counsel
Banking Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Investment Law, Corporate Law, Financial Services

David Grech Dr. David Grech
Of Counsel
Corporate Law, General Civil and Commercial, Real Estate and Development


Denise Abela Dr. Denise Abela
Admiralty and Maritime, Aviation Law, Employment, Shipping & Aviation Law, Corporate Law

Jonathan Abela Fiorentino Dr. Jonathan Abela Fiorentino
Corporate Law, Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, General Commercial Law

Stephanie Abela Medici Dr. Stephanie Abela Medici
Immigration, Immigration and Citizenship

Petra Attard Dr. Petra Attard
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Insurance, Corporate and Commercial, Insurance and Reinsurance

Annalies Azzopardi Dr. Annalies Azzopardi
Commercial Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Competition, General Commercial

Maria Bonello Dr. Maria Bonello
Capital Markets, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Law, General Commercial Law

Maria Lisa Buttigieg Dr. Maria Lisa Buttigieg
Construction Law, Divorce, Employment, Leisure, Litigation

Christine Calleja Dr. Christine Calleja
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law, Employment, Labor, Litigation

Mikiel Calleja Dr. Mikiel Calleja
Capital Markets, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Energy Law

Michael Camilleri Dr. Michael Camilleri
Litigation, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Warren Ciantar Dr. Warren Ciantar
Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property and Anti-Counterfeiting

Kevin Cutajar Dr. Kevin Cutajar
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Litigation, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Matthew Cutajar Dr. Matthew Cutajar
Investment Law, Litigation, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Corporate and Commercial

Dorita Debono Dr. Dorita Debono
Commercial Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Financial Services Law, Real Estate

Luigi Farrugia Dr. Luigi Farrugia
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Financial Services Law, Immigration, Investment Law

Ingrid Fenech Dr. Ingrid Fenech
Admiralty and Maritime, Aviation Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Gaming

Veronica Grixti Dr. Veronica Grixti
Commercial Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Financial Services Law, Insurance

Nicholas Micallef Dr. Nicholas Micallef
Employment, Leisure, Litigation, Real Estate, Investment Services and Funds

Claude Micallef Grimaud Dr. Claude Micallef Grimaud
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Litigation, EU Law

Luke Mizzi Dr. Luke Mizzi
Banking and Finance, Investment Law, Investment Services and Funds

Roberta Peresso Dr. Roberta Peresso
Banking and Finance, Corporate and Commercial, Trust, Foundations & Wealth Management, Insurance and Reinsurance

Simon Pullicino Dr. Simon Pullicino
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law, Litigation, Corporate and Commercial, Gaming and Betting

Louise Sant Fournier Dr. Louise Sant Fournier
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law, Litigation, Competition, Employment and Labour

Christina Scicluna Dr. Christina Scicluna
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Corporate and Commercial, Tax Law

Andrea Theuma Dr. Andrea Theuma
Banking and Finance, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate and Commercial

Jonathan Tonna Dr. Jonathan Tonna
Data Protection, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Telecommunications Law, Intellectual Property Law, Corporate,

Christian Tonna Dr. Christian Tonna
Immigration, Immigration and Citizenship

Giles Xuereb Dr. Giles Xuereb
Admiralty and Maritime, Aviation Law, Shipping and Aviation Law, Corporate Law, General Commercial Practice


  • Malta Chamber of Advocates
  • International Bar Association
  • Malta Maritime Law Association
  • European Communities Trademark Association (ECTA)

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 Protection of Employment for Those on a Minimum Wage in Malta

No substitution of employees upon expiration of a fixed term contract.

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 Employers in Malta Should Not Use Consent as a Legal Basis for Processing Employee Personal Data

On 8 June 2017, the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party ("WP29") adopted Opinion 2/2017 on data processing at work ("the Opinion") [1] . This authoritative document complements previous WP29 publications on similar issues [2]. The Opinion now takes into account new technologies that affect the processing of employees' personal data at work.

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 Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta

The Maltese Government has introduced the Individual Investor Programme to enable the state to grant citizenship, by way of a certificate of naturalization, to foreign individuals and families who contribute to the economic development of Malta.

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 Highly Qualified Persons Rules - 15% Flat Tax Rate on Employment Income - Malta

Malta’s position within the financial services, gaming and aviation sectors, is further bolstered by the newly introduced 15% flat tax rate on; income derived from employment in Malta, by persons not domiciled in Malta and working in either of the ‘eligible offices’ as defined by the HQP Rules. With a minimum annual tax payable of € 11,250, equating to a 15% tax rate being applied to an income of € 75,000, tax planning has become a lot simpler.

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 VAT and Aircraft Leasing Initiative – Malta

The VAT Department in Malta has issued guidelines relating to aircraft leasing. The guidelines which are based on the current yacht leasing measures, seek to mitigate the VAT impact on the purchase of an aircraft and its engines.

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 Condominium Issues in the Purchase of an Apartment in Malta – What to Look Out For

If you are considering purchasing an apartment in Malta, among your enquiries you should consider what to look out for as far as condominium issues are concerned. Although this note refers to ‘apartments’, it is worth noting that the Condominium Act uses the term ‘units’ ( or ‘tenements’) and not apartments. A condominium might include a shop or an office.

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 Manufacturing Opportunities in Malta for the Generics Drugs Industry: History and Legislative Framework

Without doubt Malta offers significant opportunities for the generics drugs Industry and the evidence for this lies in the pharmaceutical patenting history of the country and in its legislative framework. The following events have played a major role in the history of patenting in Malta, and have actually shaped the present scenario regarding generic drugs in the country.

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 Responsibility of Aerodrome Operators - Bird Strikes in Malta

Nicholas Valenzia (Mamo TCV Advocates examines the judgment in Air Malta plc and Shield Insurance Company (Guernsey) Limited v. Malta International Airport plc (by Justice Raymond C. Pace presiding the First Hall of the Civil Court ) : The author was involved in this litigation as a member of the plaintiffs’ external counsel team.

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 The Constitutionality of Mandatory Arbitration Proceedings in Malta in Light of Recent Case Law Developments

In a recent judgment delivered by the Maltese First Hall Civil Court, acting in its constitutional capacity, mandatory arbitration proceedings were declared unconstitutional for failing to afford litigants sufficient guarantees against potential infringements to their right to a fair hearing before an independent and impartial tribunal. This judgment, which is currently under appeal, is the latest jurisprudential episode in what has transpired to be a controversial and ever-changing legal saga…

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 The Consumer Complaints Handling Procedures in Malta

Pursuant to article 20 of the Malta Financial Services Authority Act (Chapter 330 of the Laws of Malta), the MFSA is required to appoint a Consumer Complaints Manager (“CCM”) empowered to investigate complaints from private consumers (as opposed to companies or enterprises) in connection with any financial services transaction involving a financial entity regulated by the MFSA...

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 Malta QROPS: A Success Story

Malta has come a long way since it first gained its Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes (“QROPS”) status from the UK HM Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) in 2009. Since then Malta has rapidly established a reputation as a safe and robust QROPS domicile. As will be seen below, various factors have proved pivotal in allowing Malta to benefit from a steadily growing slice of the QROPS market.

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 The 2011 Amendments to the Competition Act in Malta

Act VI of 2011 which enacted the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority Act (MCCAA Act) (Chapter 510 of the Laws of Malta) significantly amended the Competition Act (Chapter 379 of the Laws of Malta). This article attempts to summarize the most important developments in this regard.

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 Factors contributing to Malta’s success as a financial services hub, past and future.

Malta has established itself on the map of domiciles of choice for alternative investment funds and continues to build its reputation as a financial services hub – a brief overview of the key ingredients for Malta’s success.

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 The Procedure for Obtaining European Patent Validations in Malta

The European Patent Convention (EPC) of 1973[1] is a regional treaty that grants applicants the possibility of obtaining a series of national patents in contracting states to the EPC by filing an application to this effect at the European Patent Office (EPO).

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 The Exemption on Royalties Derived from Patents Rules - Malta

Legal Notice 429 of 2010 introduced the ‘Exemption on Royalties derived from Patents Rules’[1] (the Rules) issued (as subsidiary legislation) under the Malta Income Tax Act (Chapter 123 of the laws of Malta).

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