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May Law Group, L.L.C. is an immigration law firm with offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania plus another in New York City. The firm's expert attorneys stay current on immigration law of every kind so that they are always able to offer the most outstanding legal counsel possible, backed by solid knowledge and practical application. The firm strives to help immigrants assimilate successfully into the country and start lives with their families while establishing a clear legal standing. The attorneys of the firm guide businesses through the process of completing the necessary documentation for immigrant workers and ensuring compliance with all relevant laws. The firm is backed by a substantial record of success in preserving clients' rights in various matters of immigration.

Its team knows how difficult it can be to navigate the maze of papers and documentation that often accompany matters of immigration and citizenship. Its compassionate legal team knows how frightening it can be when disputes of citizenship or legal status arise. It is that understanding that leads the attorneys of May Law Group, L.L.C. in providing exceptional services that help immigrants overcome obstacles of all kinds through careful consideration of every detail, followed by prudent and assertive action.

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